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[personal profile] inmyriadbits and I have been catching up on Nikita finally. We were supposed to finish off the last season tonight, but Linds wussed out at midnight because, idk, she has to work at normal people hours tomorrow, or something. Pfft. :P

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POI 3x09

Mar. 4th, 2014 11:43 am
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We caught up through The Crossing this weekend.

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So I have a very long list of awesome shows people tell me that I need to watch (Orphan Black, Hannibal, The Fosters are the top three right now), shows I need to catch up on (Nikita, Teen Wolf), and even some shows that have ended and I still haven't finished (sorry, Fringe).

Instead, [ profile] inmyriadbits and I started watching Arrow.

It's not the smartest show, but sometimes summer hiatus means wanting a damaged superhero who likes to walk around shirtless and have traumatic flashbacks involving a shipwreck, torture, and getting locked in a cage, and his crime-fighting partners who like to call him on his bullshit.

(also, he's a morally ambiguous vigilante with trust issues, and an archer: both things I am super easy for.)

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I think my brain just turned itself inside out.

In an AWESOME way.

I have to start a roadtrip to Atlanta in 8 hours, so I have to sleep, but can someone help me figure out what happened in a specific scene? Texas decided a fucking tornado watch was in order tonight, and when they interrupted the broadcast we missed about 2-3 minutes after the commercial break that followed Read more... )

In the meantime, I have to figure how badly jossed all my fics are. Except the regency one, that's fine. And the terrible one I just started this morning. Oooh, I think the Ordos AU is going to be way better, though....
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I'm too tired to talk about the serious stuff in this episode, and I suspect things are just gonna turn upside down on Thursday and leave us screaming in agony all summer anyway, at which point I plan to flail extensively, BUT. I can't be the only one who noticed Read more... )

*sits back with popcorn and waits for Thursday to explode*
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Anyone who wants a look at what [ profile] inmyriadbits and I talk about after episodes should visit her post about 2x16, because it is pretty representative. Also, since she's talking about POI vs Batman, I thought I should link to this article: Why Person of Interest is a Superhero Show Done Right

now let's talk about Sarah Shahi being awesome )

Anyone who didn't come out of that episode with the urge to watch/rewatch Life: GO WATCH LIFE. I love Shahi's Dani Reese even more than John Reese, and you can watch Damian Lewis loom over her in a similar albeit far more ginger-and-Zen fashion. And there's a lot of parallel exploration of redemption/vengeance, and difficult slow-build partnership, and surviving trauma but having to live with the broken pieces, which POI fans should enjoy.

I always wish I was more fannish about Life, but the show gave me almost all that I wanted from its ending (best finale ever, still), and I got out the rest I needed with Precession. So now I just kinda sit back and think about it with a warm fuzzy feeling, and go, "yep, I'm good." It's fun, and somewhat unique in my fannish experience.
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So, [personal profile] inmyriadbits and I just watched all of Person of Interest, and OMG LOVE. I actually started it last year, but only made it through the first two episodes before drifting off due to, IIRC, 'the two leads monotoning at each other'.

It's cool, I can admit I was wrong.

...Well, okay, they are pretty monotone, but their FACES and INFLECTIONS are so excellent, and the show grew a sense of humor starting with 1x03, so fortunately Lindsey made me try again with her. I do think this is a show that rewards being fannish about it, because often the moments are so small, but VERY SIGNIFICANT. This is a show where recommending the eggs benedict is a pivotal gesture of trust and affection, okay? It's good to have someone to grab and go "OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?"

Person of Interest 1x01-2x12 )

Ha, whoops. Apparently I had more to say than I thought. So who else watches POI around here? Anyone? Bueller?
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Seriously, all the people who are over in Avengers for badass spy ladies and found-family teams and redemption ~feels~ need to get their asses over to this fandom RIGHT NOW.

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On a less spoilery note: I was looking at the IMDB page for this show, and the gender equality is stunning. If we just look at the recurring characters that get character development (excluding long-dead people, generic muscle, and nameless techs), the female/male split is almost even at 9 to 10. In the main cast, i.e. the characters who appear in almost every episode, the split is EXACTLY even at 3:3. I honestly can't think of another show that has those numbers, and Nikita does it with consistent depth, complexity, and Bechdel-passing, with characters that kick ass and characters that win fights with their minds, characters that are flawed and strong, sometimes wrong and sometimes wise, with complex networks of relationships to everyone around them.

Seriously, check my math. warning: some mild spoilers for the series in terms of characters that are important )

This show does ensemble cast *right*.
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Just watched ALL of The Unusuals in one sitting with [ profile] inmyriadbits. Actually, I'd already seen the first five, but um....Jeremy Renner's face? I have no excuses. And I've been a fan of Amber Tamblyn's for many years, so I was pretty confident I'd enjoy the show.

spoilers for the entire series )

In conclusion, very fun and short watch, with excellent Jeremy Renner and a strong ensemble, if somewhat wobbly on the writing. If you do watch, make sure to track down the 10th episode, which is on Hulu but NOT on Netflix.
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Stories other people should write for me:

1) a White Collar version of Chicago's Most Wanted wherein Neal... or no, wait. Wherein Peter gets amnesia while undercover and runs off to be a criminal mastermind! I want this like burning, people.

2) indulgent NCIS LA AU where Hetty adopted Callen as a child, and he turned out basically the same but much more competent.

3) Nikita and Phil Coulson are locked in a cell together and have to escape. Much dryly sarcastic ass-kicking ensues. (PROOF that this would be fucking awesome)

Which reminds me!

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Now I just have to find time to sit down with [ profile] inmyriadbits and catch up on the newest four eps. *sigh* Hopefully by Friday, so I can watch Nikita and Fringe live. Back-to-back kickass ladies! \o/!
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It was a fabulous Fringe night at Chez Twins - [ profile] duia came over and watched the pilot and 1x02 with us. She enjoyed the "extra dead" corpses in the pilot, Olivia's BAMFiness, and Peter's coats, so I'm comfortable in calling her hooked. Sadly, she was called off to work before we could start the one with the bus, so Lindsey and I watched this week's episode.

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Just started watching Nikita, and I have three thoughts so far:

1) This show is like Alias meets Pretender meets epic Bechdel Test passing. With sniper rifles. ♥

2) OMG WTF Stan Lee cameo?!? (Also, Devon Sawa recurring! My inner pre-teen just swooned. Though, seriously, that boy grew up niiiiice.)

3) Why have none of the people who pimped this show to me mentioned that Melinda Clarke was in it? FAIL, all of you.

Fringe 4x03

Oct. 8th, 2011 02:18 am
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Also a poll, because I can:

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What should Lindsey and I watch next?

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the last 6 episodes of Prison Break (almost done!)
1 (100.0%)

How To Train Your Dragon (whee)
0 (0.0%)

Jane Eyre (Fassbender version, mmmm)
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Nikita (assassins!)
0 (0.0%)

The Good Wife (lawyers and PIs!)
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0 (0.0%)

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I can't stop thinking And he was amazed to discover that when he was saying "Book 'em, Danno", what he meant was, "I love you."

Seriously, SO MARRIED. This show is made of slashy partnership/found-family JOY. With bonus rainbows, just for kicks. And equal-opportunity eye candy. And NCIS:Gay-levels of ridiculousness.

Lindsey and I have managed 1x01-1x06 in between me working 47 hours last week (my inner Alias fan was amused, in an exhausted way) and her working at completely uncomplementary times, and we hope to catch up to current by tomorrow. More then, I expect.

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Okay, every year I decide I'm going to keep up with Doctor Who as it airs, and I always end up getting sidetracked and marathoning it after the season ends.

I have decided this is actually a good thing, because this season would have given me a HEART ATTACK.

spoilers for Doctor Who S5 )

I cannot wait for next season. \o/!
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I'm waiting for Lindsey to get out of the bath so we can watch SPN 5x18, so I'm posting my thoughts about 5x11 through 5x15, which we marathoned Tuesday night. Apparently I had a lot to ramble about, and the squee-to-critique ratio is all over the chart. Castiel episodes do have a higher degree of squee, since my affection for him is *off* the chart. ;)

SPN 5x11 Sam, Interrupted: bleh, mediocre )

SPN 5x12 Swap Meat: can I just take a minute to groan in appreciation of that wonderfully bad title pun? )

SPN 5x13 The Song Remains The Same: go Team Free Will! )

SPN 5x14 My Bloody Valentine: obscure JA resume references also=valid title choices, apparently )

SPN 5x15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid: but Winchesters do! fallacy in the very title! (yes, I know it's a movie ref, shhh) )

5x16-18 will follow when I write them. Probably tomorrow.

OMG LINDSEY HURRY UP. (Can you guess which character I am channeling in my icon right now? *g*)
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Sure sign that you're addicted to a fandom #51: tracking down other roles played by the lead actors and watching them, regardless of quality or content.

I seem to be in that position for Alice - what can I say? Andrew Lee Potts is adorable. So far, I've committed the following acts of fannish pursuit:

1) Stranded

This TV movie had such a promising premise: basically, The Swiss Family Robinson, except with an extra child who gets separated from the family in the initial wreck and is subsequently raised by pirates. Jesse Spencer (now Chase on House) played the eldest boy, the girl who plays Ginny on HP was the (non-canonical) daughter, and Andrew Lee Potts got raised by pirates. Sounds awesome, right?


How did it all go so wrong? )

2) Primeval

This British TV show started off as Torchwood-lite, but I'm getting kinda fond of it. [ profile] inmyriadbits and I made it through Season 1, and Season 2 is shaping up to be loads better. Basically, holes in time are opening up all over and creatures are coming through from other times - dinosaurs, dodos, diabolical future beasties, etc. Our Team is responsible for saving the day.

Season One was boring up until 1x04 )
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I've been catching up on the last month of LJ and putting the finishing touches on my secret project, so I'm full of fannish love. Fortuitously, this very appropriate meme is going around:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then repost this [if you like] and spread the love.


In the continuing saga of how [ profile] inmyriadbits and I are hopeless couch potatoes, we have been watching old episodes of The Pretender, and it's a little surreal how much I imprinted on this show and its characters. )

I'm looking forward to revisiting the longer plot arcs, which I remember as having enough retcons to make even DC Comics blush; also, Jeffery Donovan playing Jarod's brother Kyle should be a crazy blast from the past.

Southland tonight! *points to icon* Everybody watch!

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