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[personal profile] inmyriadbits and I have been catching up on Nikita finally. We were supposed to finish off the last season tonight, but Linds wussed out at midnight because, idk, she has to work at normal people hours tomorrow, or something. Pfft. :P

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Mar. 30th, 2013 01:44 am
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OMFG ignipes is writing a POI/Nikita crossover. Everyone go shower love and bribes on her to continue! (ETA: now also on AO3)

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For those of you in POI fandom on my flist who *don't* know Nikita, the fic totally functions as an outsider-POV story. The outsider just happens to be a sarcastic spy-assassin played by Maggie Q and her hilarious family ops team.

(also, you really should watch Nikita. It has a lot in common with POI, come to think of it: beautifully choreographed fight scenes, spysassin shenanigans, kickass fully-developed ladies, complex plot arcs, trust, betrayal, redemption, fencing, true love, miracles.... Actually, wait. There was a sword fight in that one episode. Cancel that strikethrough. Maggie Q is AMAZING.)
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Belated again, whoops. I got a little distracted by Person of Interest and my car dying and finally giving two weeks notice at the call center (starting off the new year right!). I wrote Nikita fic for [ profile] gothicgunslinger, a Birkhoff character study:

No Easy Walk To Freedom (1707 words) by Spatz
Fandom: Nikita (TV 2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Seymour Birkhoff, Percy, Amanda, Nikita
Summary: Hacking is 90% hardware and 10% software: 90% knowing how a thing works, and 10% figuring out the people who made it. It's the 10% that'll get you screwed – or save you.

The title is from a Nelson Mandela speech. I had a lot of fun coming up with backstory for Birkhoff, which was my recipient's sole request, and thankfully the show left me a lot of room to work with there. I did a partial rewatch focusing on the Birkhoff-heavy eps but didn't finish due to holiday busyness, which I'm a little sad about. I'd forgotten just how fast things go down on the show: it's narratively and emotionally intense, and awesome.

Weirdly, I think the part I enjoyed most about writing this story was remembering all the 'period' details about computers from the nineties, now fuzzy childhood memories. Made me all nostalgic. [Of course, now all I can think is how hilarious it would be to watch Harold Finch completely school Birkhoff. He offers to hack the Pentagon for lols when he's accidentally high and builds the world's most insanely advanced AI; you know he'd think Shadownet was adorable.]

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Seriously, all the people who are over in Avengers for badass spy ladies and found-family teams and redemption ~feels~ need to get their asses over to this fandom RIGHT NOW.

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On a less spoilery note: I was looking at the IMDB page for this show, and the gender equality is stunning. If we just look at the recurring characters that get character development (excluding long-dead people, generic muscle, and nameless techs), the female/male split is almost even at 9 to 10. In the main cast, i.e. the characters who appear in almost every episode, the split is EXACTLY even at 3:3. I honestly can't think of another show that has those numbers, and Nikita does it with consistent depth, complexity, and Bechdel-passing, with characters that kick ass and characters that win fights with their minds, characters that are flawed and strong, sometimes wrong and sometimes wise, with complex networks of relationships to everyone around them.

Seriously, check my math. warning: some mild spoilers for the series in terms of characters that are important )

This show does ensemble cast *right*.
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Stories other people should write for me:

1) a White Collar version of Chicago's Most Wanted wherein Neal... or no, wait. Wherein Peter gets amnesia while undercover and runs off to be a criminal mastermind! I want this like burning, people.

2) indulgent NCIS LA AU where Hetty adopted Callen as a child, and he turned out basically the same but much more competent.

3) Nikita and Phil Coulson are locked in a cell together and have to escape. Much dryly sarcastic ass-kicking ensues. (PROOF that this would be fucking awesome)

Which reminds me!

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Now I just have to find time to sit down with [ profile] inmyriadbits and catch up on the newest four eps. *sigh* Hopefully by Friday, so I can watch Nikita and Fringe live. Back-to-back kickass ladies! \o/!
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I have been noticing a lot of characters named Daniel who end up dead on the shows I watch. To wit:

1) Daniel Meade (Ugly Betty)
2) Danny Williams (H50)
3) Daniel Jackson (Stargate) (ETA)

1) Danny (Alias)
2) Daniel Monroe (Nikita)
3) Daniel Jackson (Stargate)

....The final example is going to screw the stats on this one, huh.
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Just started watching Nikita, and I have three thoughts so far:

1) This show is like Alias meets Pretender meets epic Bechdel Test passing. With sniper rifles. ♥

2) OMG WTF Stan Lee cameo?!? (Also, Devon Sawa recurring! My inner pre-teen just swooned. Though, seriously, that boy grew up niiiiice.)

3) Why have none of the people who pimped this show to me mentioned that Melinda Clarke was in it? FAIL, all of you.

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