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Doing this a little early today, since we're throwing a party later and I fully expect to be drunk until the wee hours:

1) Picked up my pull-list at the local comics store. My favorite cashier was sadly not there to check me out -- she is an adorable gawky button of a human being -- but another lady with purple hair took care of me. We agreed that Kamala Khan is The Best, and pondered the question of why Wolverine is always teamed up with teenaged girls. If you're not reading Ms. Marvel, YOU REALLY SHOULD because spoilers for Ms. Marvel #6-8 ) The art is amazing all around, especially the tiny background text jokes: just in #8, there was the Pedantic Monthly article they get assigned for homework, a "Blerf Alley Boxes" logo on a box in an alley, "Beware of Racoons" sign, a hilariously mislabeled classroom map, and a shirt that reads "Keep Calm, I am Persian Like The Cat". And that's in addition to the fabulous character work. ♥

Which reminds me, is anyone else reading She-Hulk? I was trepidatious when Javier Pulido took over as series artist because I hated his work on Hawkeye, but his style works really well on She-Hulk. Bizarre! And I find it interesting to see the contrast between Clint and Jennifer's approaches to their non-superhero work: where Clint is pathologically incapable of asking for help, Jennifer is constantly networking and calling in old friends and doing favors. At first I thought it was just making for some great cameos, but a few have turned plot-relevant and it looks to be a series trend. spoilers for She-Hulk #8 )

2) Lindsey's Miss Fisher Blu-rays came in the mail today. Everyone's faces in extreme high-def! :D

3) Om nom nom half-birthday cake made of deliciousness and fudge. I've managed to resist eating any before the party, but it sure *smells* good....
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One of my clients has a daughter named Becky Barnes. It was so hard not to crack up, because seriously, what is my life?

Never mind, I have no life. Bucky feels have taken over.

too old to die young now
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Bucky, Peggy, gen

"The dreams drive him to the Smithsonian six days after he dives into the Potomac after Captain America."
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I was googling "Captain America: Living Legend & Symbol of Courage" to see if I'd remembered the name of Steve's Smithsonian exhibit correctly, and discovered a) I was right and b) they apparently put the exhibit at Disneyland.

Don't get too excited: the internal content is not really the same, but they must have donated a few of the props from the movie because the entry sign is the same IIRC, and they have the skinny Steve/serum Steve holographic display.

OMG, NERDS. Film people are the best.

ETA: Wow, also just realized spoilers )

Cap2 redux

Apr. 11th, 2014 03:01 am
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I have now seen this movie three times in the space of a week. (I didn't have to pay for the second one at least? :D? Ugh, Marvel, just take out a lien on my paycheck, alright? Ya'll already own my soul.)

slightly more coherent thoughts this time around )

STILL have not seen SHIELD (LINDSEY I'M LOOKING AT YOU), but I'm liking this whole wild speculation, minor Cap 2 spoilers )

*shrugs* I am probably already jossed on both of these, but no one tell me yet!
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Okay, well, no, I resisted temptation and am making myself wait spoilers )

Hawkeye #3

Oct. 30th, 2012 12:44 am
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Oh, Clint Barton. Red-haired women, snarky banter, trick arrows, awkward but sincere heroics, and self-esteem issues. I feel like Matt Fraction has seen into my soul and pulled out everything I love about this character and is working his way steadily through the (long, very long) list. With bonus Kate Bishop being awesome and gorgeous action/art by David Aja. *glee*

Though, question: hat trick? )
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I am greatly amused by the idea of locking Stiles in a room with Seth from The OC and Peter Parker. I have no idea what they would talk about (other than something nerdy, obvs), but dear god, would they talk.

ETA: Alternately, Stiles, Veronica Mars, and Brendan Frye. Veronica and Brendan have the edge on intimidation factor, but Stiles has heightened resistance and mad research skills.
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Apparently, I cannot resist Avengers kissing memes now. The party's mostly died down over at [personal profile] such_heights's journal, but I ended up posting three fills, which rather startled me.

Pepper/Tony, bubbly )

Natasha/Thor, friendship )

Rhodey/Tony, suits )

TGIF meme

Jun. 8th, 2012 04:39 pm
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The rules:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

From my Avengers fic (almost 10K and therefore longer than any fic I have ever written, and still only maybe 10% done):

“I always miss that about New York when I’m in California,” she said, after an awkward pause. “No matter how many people live here, you always manage to run into someone you know.” She regretted the words instantly - how many people did the Captain even know in the city anymore?

Thankfully, the corner of his mouth turned up a little, changing his smile into something more genuine. “I missed that about New York, too.”

Pepper grinned back, relieved that she hadn’t stuck her foot in her mouth. “I was just heading uptown for a meeting - can I drop you somewhere?"
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-Kathryn Joosten, aka Mrs. Landingham in my heart forever, passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, awesome lady.

-I keep waiting for someone on Tumblr to post an image of Bucky with the lyrics to the little soldier boy song from Tales of Ba Sing Se, and thereby utterly break me.

-I think one of my favorite (other favorite? ALL THE FAVORITE) things about A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer is that after Coulson takes out the robbers, he pulls the donuts out of his pockets. Like, he put them there in advance. He sees guys with guns, sighs, and makes sure to stow his snacks so he doesn't have to go back for them. Now *that's* efficiency. ♥

-There are three Chris Hemsworth movies out in theaters right now: Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, and Snow White & the Huntsman. I should go see those other ones. Or maybe Avengers again.

-Oh, Tim/Kon, my old dear love. Have they even met yet in the New 52 reboot, or is Kon still wandering around fresh from his cloning tube?

-ARGH I AM SO BORED. This list was going to have ten things, and then I got bored, that's how bored I am. *sigh*
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It's no secret that Steve Rogers is my forever favorite Avenger, but my real Steve OTP is Steve/drawing. When I first fell into Avengers fandom back in 2010, that piece of canon was the first thing that really drew my attention to Captain America and made me realize that he was a hell of a lot more than Marvel's answer to Superman.

Steve was an artist before he was a warrior, and still is one - that change didn't erase who he was before, only enriched it. He's an idealist with a devious streak and a snarky sense of humor; a genuinely good person who can be impossibly stubborn and judgemental, but flexible enough to change his mind and admit he's wrong; adaptable enough to wake up in the future, having lost everyone he loved, and still build a new family and remain a hero. He believes in grand principles, but understands humanity well enough to be pragmatic about them - and that more than anything is why he can lead the Avengers, the world's most screwed-up, super-powered herd of cats.

I love him a whole lot.

And since it all started with Steve and his sketchpad, have some recs where Steve does art!

Sketches by spockside
Movie-verse, but no spoilers for the events of The Avengers, in which Steve asks the team to pose for him, individually. Lovely character work for everyone, and her Steve is the perfect mix of earnest and insightful and quietly snarky.

Luceat by [personal profile] dira
MAJOR spoilers for the movie, but also has a super awesome use of Steve's art and was generally an amazing coda.

Greyscale by [ profile] jazzypom
Despite everything that happened, his talent was still here, shifting under skin and at tips of fingers, ready to be called to service.
Comics-verse Tony/Steve UST. Steve starts sketching again after they restart the Avengers, and his artist's eye sees Tony anew. This was one of the earliest stories I read about Steve's art, and it's still lovely.

A is For Artist by [ profile] elspethdixon
Comics-verse. Adorable short about Steve and crayons, past and present.

64 Colors by [personal profile] musesfool
The focus is Darcy and crayons, this time, but Steve plays a big part, and mostly: TEAM BONDING VIA CRAYON. ♥ Movie-verse, written pre-Avengers so no spoilers.

Easel by simmysim
Comics-verse. Steve finds his old easel at a charity auction.

Scratched by garrideb
Comics-verse, established Steve/Tony. Steve talks Tony into a little graffiti for a good cause. I just about died laughing at Steve's devious methods of talking Tony around, and their comfortable banter together, and Tony using Extremis for sex-related purposes.
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This is a cleaned-up and slightly expanded version of a commentfic for [ profile] foxxcub's Avengers Kissing Meme. Before that, it was handwritten in my car and thus made me late to meet [ profile] katieupsidedown and [personal profile] drunkoffthestars. Sorry, ya'll! The title is a quote from the fake Zen tapes on Life.

See Yourself As Part of the World
[on AO3]
gen, Clint & Natasha friendship, no spoilers for the movie

For some reason, it was always robots in Amsterdam. )
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Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fryer
Notes: (on AO3) Many thanks to [ profile] inmyriadbits for assuring me this wasn't totally self-indulgent, to [personal profile] philomytha for the lightning-fast beta, and to [ profile] ignipes for the timely vocab assistance. They are not to be blamed for the title. Sorry y'all, I couldn't resist a pun that bad on this little sleep.

Getting ambushed at a McDonald’s in downtown New York was not the finest moment of Phil Coulson’s career. )
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Some days, you just want to read bakery AUs. Have some recs.

The Stars & Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop (Dresden Files) (also, 1/6 - the header lies)
Hallelujah, the WIP is complete! I never thought I'd like a normal-life AU for this fandom so much, but it's incredibly charming and deals with Harry's issues in a realistic, h/c awesome way, with the full ensemble as background. Plus, good Harry/Marcone is hard to find....

New Beautiful Things Come (XMFC)
In which Erik runs a kosher bakery and Charles is an activist, but not in the way you think. Gorgeously atmospheric (made me miss New England falls something fierce. Not the winters, though *g*), and does interesting things with the mutation-as-metaphor-for-minorities trope.

I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (Inception)
Pretty sure the entire fandom has read this now, but who can resist Arthur twisting himself into knots of denial and Eames soothing his pain with massive amounts of espresso? Hilarious and heartfelt, often in the same breath, and such a comfort re-read.

Buy Handmade (bandom/MCR)
Warm, lyrical, and set in the early days of Etsy, Frank decides to make a career change from tech support to baker. My heeeeeart. Especially lovely to read it again as someone who just spent a year in massage school while working at a call center.

..and what the hell, a couple of stories where people play Never Have I Ever. (if you ever meet me while drunk and want to make me happy, suggest playing this game. I am so weak for it.)

I Never (comics!Avengers)
In which a bunch of sleep-deprived Avengers drink diet soda and mock each other. ♥

An Ancient and Noble Game (The Eagle)
In which Marcus and Esca play the game in the very traditional mode of 'trying to figure out if your crush likes you'. Also, *smoking* hot.
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Catching up on comics via Wikipedia is sort of like catching up with people via Facebook...crossed with a high school reunion. There's a lot of "when did that happen?!?" and "they're doing *what* now?" and "Awww, they finally got together!" and "oooh, nice outfit!" (or "LOL, what were they thinking") and "I remember that!"

Except with 100% more resurrections and saving the world in spandex. Yay comics!

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