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So I finally saw the Back to the Future trilogy (I know, I know -- all thanks go to the Paramount for showing them as a marathon today), which was delightful and funny and clearly the master of recycling in-jokes in a way that all subsequent franchises have failed to replicate.

But also about halfway through the first movie I just went, Wow, John Sheppard suddenly makes so much more sense. Because *really*.
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1. Treated myself to breakfast today, since it's my day off. A local diner with strong notes of hippie has this dish called the Paris, Texas platter (after the town), which consists of french toast and migas. Om nom nom, and there's always leftovers.

2. Went to see Maleficent finally - not a great movie by any standard, but Angelina Jolie with wings was *very* good for me. I stifled the urge to rewrite the entire narrative to make the pacing not suck. Upon checking AO3, I was happy to see that half of the fandom *also* ships Maleficent and her oddly-hot shapeshifting raven servant, and this modern magic AU was quite darling. ([ profile] arsenicjade, I think you'd like it once the series is finished - all about a couple of emotionally fucked-up people becoming friends and rescuing each other in quiet ways and falling in love. Plus, the raven shapeshifter fellow likes to feed Maleficent, because raven courtship is the best. :D)

3. ...helped my friend with her migraine? We have a standing practice session to help me learn shiatsu, but she couldn't drive today so I went over to her and tried out a few migraine techniques to help. I guess it's a positive thing that she felt better when I left, but I just don't like seeing my friends in pain.

I have to stop posting these after midnight. Maybe tomorrow-- Today! I mean today. *facepalm*

Cap2 redux

Apr. 11th, 2014 03:01 am
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I have now seen this movie three times in the space of a week. (I didn't have to pay for the second one at least? :D? Ugh, Marvel, just take out a lien on my paycheck, alright? Ya'll already own my soul.)

slightly more coherent thoughts this time around )

STILL have not seen SHIELD (LINDSEY I'M LOOKING AT YOU), but I'm liking this whole wild speculation, minor Cap 2 spoilers )

*shrugs* I am probably already jossed on both of these, but no one tell me yet!
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Okay, well, no, I resisted temptation and am making myself wait spoilers )
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Today was a really good day.

I woke up to a long AO3 kudos notification, which told me that a specific someone left kudos on over half the stories I've written. Sometimes, kudos can be frustrating because writers like words and therefore comments, but I love when someone clearly liked a story enough to go read everything I've ever done.

Then I went to work. Thursday is one of my short shifts, so I only had two clients, but the first was a favorite client who was, in fact, the first person to ever request me as a therapist when I started, and I love working on her. The second was new, but she was great. Most people I see are like brick walls of chronic tension, which is an interesting challenge but you do sometimes feel like you've been repeatedly ramming yourself into a wall at the end of the day. But this lady just...melted like butter. It's rare, and very satisfying. Plus, she wanted foot work, which I am awesome at thanks to practicing on [ profile] inmyriadbits.

(I did somehow managed to make it all the way out to the car after my shift still wearing my lotion holster. Sexy.)

After that, I wandered over to see Life of Pi in 3D before it left theaters, but I was early, so I sat in the parking lot for half an hour and wrote Finch/Reese porn. Yup. (almost done with the Louis Pasteur PWP! whoo!)

I don't want to get into the details of Life of Pi in this post, but it was an utterly gorgeous movie. More than that, it was the kind of rare piece of storytelling where I stopped thinking about anything else and just watched the movie. Usually, my brain is playing the song currently stuck in my head and thinking about fannish things or critiquing the film from an academic standpoint or being annoyed at the gender politics or a million other things. But today, I was just sitting in a room with a good story and a sense of wonder, and came out feeling very peaceful. That's some damn good filmmaking.

So I went home and watched the sunset, which was gorgeous, and Lindsey made me tea because she magically got home 30 seconds after me, and she gave our neighbor a poster she'd found that she thought was for his lost cat, and then we cracked up laughing at a jogger with a flashing Rudolph-the-Reindeer butt light on our way to the grocery store, and then she answered an important and tragically belated email while I made salad, and then we watched Elementary (from a few weeks ago) and then I gave her a massage.

It was a good day.
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*sigh* Looks like the computer might be down for the count permanently. At least everything is backed up, save a few notepad files, and I rescued my Yuletide fic (such as it is) to Google Docs shortly before the end.

So, having been forcibly freed from my laptop, I went to see Cloud Atlas and Lincoln, and read Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, finally. Cloud Atlas and Lincoln were both beautiful, though I came out desperately wanting fic for Cloud Atlas, and having a few thoughts in that direction - after Yuletide, maybe.

As for Captain Vorpatril's Alliance )

Yeah, that's all I got. Time for my brain to go to bed, I think.
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Dear Chicago people on my flist:
Do you know anyone who's looking for a roommate in the Chicago area circa January and would be okay with a dog + a cat? A good fannish friend of mine is relocating from California and is looking for a place.


*sigh* My computer harddrive is creeping gently towards that good night again, alas. Checkdisk has been working up til now, but I've had to repair the system files a few times to get it to start up this week, and today the screen started getting streaky. Also, I can't use sleep mode because it inevitably crashes, and the poor thing gets very hot when I leave it on. Fortunately, we got a cold front in today, so a warm laptop is more comfortable for my legs. :)

However, *I* am feeling less creaky, yay. I learned a stretching technique in my deep tissue class that's relieving the problem with my left levator scapula. I doubt anyone wants to read my feelings about PNF and CRAC stretching (much less PIR and RI), but I am excite, ya'll.


I went to see Skyfall with [personal profile] inmyriadbits before she had to work it, and I have Opinions. Mostly negative. )
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I went to see Avengers (again), which prompted me to upload even more shiny icons. I don't think I've ever had this many from a single fandom uploaded at once before - I'm usually much more multifannish. I, in fact, went back to a paid account for LJ just so I could put up all the ones I wanted. *facepalm*

Anyway, the movie about superheroic friends with very nice butts is still my favorite. Some observations from Round 3 )

I...have not run out of things to say about this movie, actually. I may never run out of things to say about this movie. I just need to sleep at some point.
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For Father's Day, I made my dad rhubarb pie (success! except for scorching the top slightly when reheating it, and maybe a tad too much salt in the pastry) and we went to see MIB 3 (MIB III? no).

The movie was basically a showcase for Josh Brolin doing an eerie Tommy Lee Jones impression, Will Smith making terrible-yet-endearing jokes, and some serious fridge logic, but since it was fun and kinda stupid and Kay and Jay were super married, [ profile] inmyriadbits and I inevitably left wanting fic. spoilers )

And now to bed! Pie kept me up until the wee hours, and I be virtuously tired.
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The Paramount is in full swing with its Summer Film Classics series, so I went to watch a Buster Keaton double feature. They were adorable, though I think I was a bit spoiled seeing The General first, because you can't beat that. I watched a couple of Chaplin films last week (The Great Dictator: waaay less funny after the Holocaust. It's like one long pre-war Holocaust joke. Modern Times was pure delight, though), and Keaton and Chaplin are an interesting contrast. For all that Keaton is nicknamed "the Great Stone Face", he actually conveys an AMAZING amount of emotion with his physicality and use of his gaze (double-takes, widened eyes, confused squints).

Go West had a lot of excellent cow shenanigans, but I was delighted to discover that Seven Chances is the movie that originated the "I must get married or I won't inherit this large fortune left to me by a sadistic relative!" trope. I doubt Keaton would ever have predicted fandom's pining/fake relationships/epic angst take on that, considering he used his storyline to enable an epic chase scene whose highlights included a stampede of women taking out a football team and an avalanche. *laughs* Someone write that slashy version of that, now.
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So the Fred & Ginger fest continues, with considerably less success this round....

Carefree )

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle )

In conclusion, my mom and I decided that "Fred and Ginger" would be a good name for a cocktail. Like, ginger...something and champagne.
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Dear Internal Organs )


I watched Shall We Dance again with Lindsey today - for context, I am watching my way through all the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies in chronological order - and picked up a few more things. For instance, during the famous, adorable dance on roller skates to "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off", they are wearing those old-fashioned skates - you know, the ones that are just strips of metal on wheels strapped over your shoes - and Ginger is wearing them over heels. Modest heels, but seriously, how the fuck did she not break her neck? Damn, girl.

more on Shall We Dance )

Follow the Fleet )

Swing Time )

Anyway, I'm a little sad there's only three movies left, but at least I haven't seen any of these before! I'm especially curious about The Barkleys of Broadway, which they made after ten years working with other people.
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I neglected to do this last month, but in the wake of Delicious's fail!reboot, it seemed time to do some old-fashioned recs.

I often feel like everyone has read everything before me,but as I pointed out to a friend the other day: *I* love reading what others have to say about good stories, even if I've already read them. So hopefully you'll enjoy these!

Best long: Freeport (Gundam Wing)
Confession: I have never seen Gundam Wing. I scanned one primer and googled some images before reading this epic, and I could have even skipped that step, because this story is practically original scifi. AWESOME original scifi. The premise: several years after an interplanetary civil war, two men reluctantly team up to [fight crime] track down a threat to the fragile peace. The setting: a battered former-prison space station full of criminals and outcasts. The characters: two former teenage terrorists who spent most of the war struggling to do the right thing, and being hated and feared by both sides. Wufei is a stiff-necked martial arts expert and former scholar whose entire clan blew themselves up rather than surrender during the war; he now works as a specialized law enforcer and believes in Justice, though he lives thoroughly in shades of grey. Duo is an ex-street rat/thief with survivor's guilt who is cheerful, anti-authority, cocky...and oh yeah, nicknamed the God of Death. They have Major Issues, and are extremely competent.

Loved the casefile, loved the complex worldbuilding, loved the action and the investigation writing; loved the romance and the slow build of character arcs and revealed history and shared ground. The story is very accessible to a newbie, since only 2 of the 5 canon leads appear in 95% of the story and the characters don't know a lot about each other's past, despite having a powerful connection from the war. As in a lot of good scifi, the anarchic society of Freeport is a touch implausible, but Maldoror grounds it in humanity and everyday details that make it work. This fucker is LONG, too, and was polished up from the original version several years later. Take a long Saturday afternoon, and enjoy the read.

Best short: The Sincerest Form of Flattery (multifandom)
Clever five-things fic that points out the influence of Sherlock Holmes on modern procedurals by pairing quotes from the books with scenes from Due South, Numb3rs, House, Psych, and Castle. Fabulously true character voices, investigative shenanigans, and an inspired cameo of pineapples in the Psych bit, all suffused with fondness for the original canon and the inimitable Watson & Holmes.

I almost had a fit of but-I-beta'd--this ethics and recced A Week in the Life (Avengers, Coulson fic), but no. This was my favorite.

Best re-read: Crown of the Summer Court (Merlin)
I think I reread this at least once a year, and I still love it endlessly. Elves in Camelot! With that hilarious-yet-epic tone that is my favorite thing about Merlin! Happy ending that warps canon in lovely ways! Scorchingly hot sex! This story really does have everything.

Best crossover: Captain America's Art Crawl Adventure (Captain America/Middleman)
*keels over laughing* Best. Wake-up call. Ever. Lindsey literally came in and woke me up to read this, and I didn't even mind! The image of Wendy Watson and Steve Rogers fighting a glue monster at Art Crawl is the most genius idea. For added hilarity, the Middleman is totes a Cap fanboy, and the tone/POV is perfect. Art Crawl! \o!

Best gen kink-meme fill: Floor 37 (Suits)
Mike's last three days of indentured servitude to Louis (and whoever Louis farms him out to) are spent in the service of an elderly lawyer named Jack. You'll probably guess Jack's identity in about 3 seconds, but he's a charming OC, and the story does a lovely job opening up the world of the show and looking at mentoring. I really wish this was an episode.

Best slash kink-meme fill: Boden's Mate (XMFC/Inception)
Epic XMFC/Inception AU of Epic Awesomeness! If you have not read this yet, for the love of god WHY? The story has intrigue and clever, intense dreamsharing action sequences and pining and awesome universe-shifting of the characters and a sequel! (Possibly more than one someday!) I had this thing stalker-pinned and *still* couldn't stop myself from clicking over to the thread at least once a day in hopes of an update.

Best TV: Fringe
THIS SHOW. I wish I had something coherent to say about catching up (13 eps in 3 days! \o/), but I'm stuck on OLIVIA OMG and YAY.

Most ridiculous: Resident Evil
Lindsey and I have decided to start having "let's get drunk and marathon shitty movies!" nights every once in awhile. The Fast & the Furious series went down more smooothly with a case of Corona; we were going to drink Bloody Marys for Alice, but did not have any vodka. Alas. For such a DEEPLY ridic franchise, there are shocking numbers of awesome ladies - at least two in each movie, passing the Bechdel test and kicking ass and generally being the best survivors. They are wearing skin tight outfits most of the time, but, uh, my principles were muted by the booze.

Most fail: Delicious
And the fannish diaspora continues, as everyone runs to find an alternate bookmarking site that won't betray them. *sigh* I have started adding bookmarks again out of sheer perversity, which of course is harder than it used to be to find/remember tags, and I feel very alone because no one else I keep track of is doing so, but it works. I'm curious about Pinboard (that Pinboard/Fandom fic made my week), but I don't really have the money/time to explore.

And of course, I posted Open Secret, Simon/Alys UST fluff written for [personal profile] philomytha's birthday. ♥
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Best of July: recs and opinions )

And the best of all, [ profile] ersatzemma arrived yesterday for a visit! *waves*

And now for a meme!
Give me a pairing (canon or fanon) and I will tell you at least two of:
1. What they most commonly do during sex
2. Who has prettier hair
3. What they argue about most often
4. Who'd cope best if the other one died
5. The happiest plausible happily-ever-after I can think of for them.

So married

Jul. 1st, 2011 12:41 am
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SO, [ profile] inmyriadbits was watching X-Men when I got home. I sat down to watch Hugh Jackman in a cage fight, and ended up watching the whole movie. Y'know, as you do. (Damn, that boy is pretty.)

Then she made me a drink and we watched X2. (what? I'm easy!)

And then this conversation happened:

brainwashed!CYCLOPS: *shoots laser beams at Jean*
JEAN: *makes shield and breaks the dam. And her leg.*
SCOTT: *wakes up and dashes over* Jean, are you okay?
JEAN: I thought I'd lost you!
TWINS: *keel over laughing*

This may seem odd! But let me illustrate with a conversation from The Eagle:

ESCA: *appears to betray the dude who owns him as a slave*
MARCUS: *feels betrayed* I will kill you!
ESCA: *waits until bad guys are asleep*
ESCA: So, you wanted this golden eagle thing, right? This is our only chance, while they're asleep.
MARCUS: I thought I'd lost you....

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Dear anyone who was planning to go see Sucker Punch:

Don't go see Sucker Punch.

Seriously. Don't.

It's exactly as problematic as the trailers suggest, with bonus triggers for anyone who's a survivor of rape or abuse. And all the special effects in the world (and the movie had ALL of them) can't make up for the dreadful script. People were actively laughing at the dialogue, y'all. Spare yourselves the pain.

Someone who thinks the best part of movie was the Captain America trailer
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I have to say, the bad reviews of The Last Airbender have reached such *epic* levels of scorn that I'm almost tempted to sneak into a screening with my flask and a drinking game, just for the LOLs.

Then I remember I have the whole series on DVD, and that life is too short to watch bad CGI, and sanity returns.
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Sure sign that you're addicted to a fandom #51: tracking down other roles played by the lead actors and watching them, regardless of quality or content.

I seem to be in that position for Alice - what can I say? Andrew Lee Potts is adorable. So far, I've committed the following acts of fannish pursuit:

1) Stranded

This TV movie had such a promising premise: basically, The Swiss Family Robinson, except with an extra child who gets separated from the family in the initial wreck and is subsequently raised by pirates. Jesse Spencer (now Chase on House) played the eldest boy, the girl who plays Ginny on HP was the (non-canonical) daughter, and Andrew Lee Potts got raised by pirates. Sounds awesome, right?


How did it all go so wrong? )

2) Primeval

This British TV show started off as Torchwood-lite, but I'm getting kinda fond of it. [ profile] inmyriadbits and I made it through Season 1, and Season 2 is shaping up to be loads better. Basically, holes in time are opening up all over and creatures are coming through from other times - dinosaurs, dodos, diabolical future beasties, etc. Our Team is responsible for saving the day.

Season One was boring up until 1x04 )


Nov. 1st, 2007 02:43 am
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So, I just got back from a midnight screening of The Exorcist, which I had never seen.

That... might have been a mistake. Y'know, timing-wise. *twitches*
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When I saw Transformers on Friday, I think one of the things that made me happiest was when the secret section government agent was played by Ron Butterfield from West Wing.

Soon, I will post pictures of drunken "Pin the Kiss on Michael Bay" from my roommate's birthday party. It's covered in lipstick and snarky Sharpie sketches and awesomeness.

Why am I up so late when I have to summarize the influence of melodrama on the action genre for study group tomorrow? Other than swing dancing and playing Apples to Apples for two hours....

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