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The day did not dawn auspiciously - I lost my fangirl badge for thinking the midnight release was Saturday night rather than Friday night, then we tarried too long at my uncle's dinner and I had to resort to driving to a 24-hour HEB at 11 PM, where I finally secured their second-to-last copy. I returned home triumphant and finished reading about half an hour ago, in the same chair where I read the first book - a chance pickup by my father at the library when I was 12, thinking I would like it. I certainly did - I couldn't put the damn thing down until I finished, and then made Lindsey read it rightawayOMG.

Spoilers for Deathly Hallows )


Apr. 25th, 2007 08:28 pm
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I read this article about possible plots and arcs for Supernatural (nothing spoilery past Hollywood Babylon), and started thinking about stories I'd love to see on the show. Ones that are, y'know, remotely plausible.

1. Haunted Train )

2. Cage Match )

3. New Blood )

4. Curses )

5. War Stories )

I just gave myself a bunch of plot bunnies, didn't I? *sigh*

ETA: I can't believe I forgot bodyswapping and Bruce Campbell as a guest star.

Something else I wish for: the second half of [ profile] mistful's one-shot from this morning. I'm deeply addicted to her Drop Dead Gorgeous universe, because she takes a crack!fic plot (Harry is part Veela! No, *really*) and writes very believable characters, reactions, and dynamics in a post-war world. Maya has this unique mixture of insanity and pathos in her writing that really gets to me - I'll cackle one second and feel like I got punched in the heart the next, and there's fantastic running UST that doesn't let up. It's been a while since I haven't been impatient/annoyed by an unrequited crush plotline, but that feeling dragged me into fandom six years ago and I'd forgotten how much I love it.


Apr. 5th, 2004 08:40 pm
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I've just been converted. Damn those fanfiction writers!
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I'm not spoiling any of this for you, so go read this story *right now* or you will regret it. If you like McGonagall, you'll like this even more. If you *don't* like McGonagall, you will after you read this. It's got action, romance, humor, friendship, Quidditch, audience-friendly winks, Peru, and horses. How could anyone resist?

A Distinctly Different Manner of Finding Prince Charming

*makes shooing motions*
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First, everyone should go read Stealing Harry, a HP AU that is so adorable, I want to wrap it in a blanket and feed it hot chocolate.
You have to manually change the chapter number in the URL, up to chapter 12, but it's worth it. Fluffy and cute and wishful, but also contains thought-provoking characterization, as interesting AUs often do.

The newest snippet is up here, and you should leave a review while you're there. (I'm on a reviewing kick, so watch out)


I greatly prefer cheap chocolate to gourmet chocolate. Dove and Hershey's is simply better than Godiva in my opinion. Don't bother smiting me! My sisters will do so any minute now...


I reviewed a Simon/Jayne fic earlier today, which would have been infinitely better if it had been left as friendship-only. It literally felt like the author stuck the sex onto the end to satisfy her own pairing inclinations. It saddens me, because I've enjoyed several other fics written by her and I know she sees the subtleties of these characters. In fandom, this happens far too often for my liking, as people fall prey to slashy subtext, the urge for pretty boy sex, and the idea that fighting=unrequited lust.

H/D is an especially heinous offender. I can't read any of the long fics I've got bookmarked because I'm sick to death of the fanonization of Draco. I love And I Get By by Silvia Kundera because the boys make friends without Draco losing his innate bastardly behavior, without Harry abandoning Ron and Hermione, without Rival!Love Syndrome, and without other assorted fandom cliches.

That is why I will continue reading the Draco Trilogy until it ends. She has singlehandedly turned Draco into a leather-wearing sex god, mauled Hermione's character and confidence, given the characters Mary Sue-like powers, mistreated Ron, and I have this horrible sick feeling in my stomach that it will end up slashy... But. The boys have such a gorgeous, intense, real friendship that I can't give it up.

That is why I love The Care and Feeding of Hobbits so much. I have been worn thin by passion and subtext and love that can't be. I want the quiet moments, the random conversations, the unspoken comprehension, the loves that bind but do not sneak off into the bushes for a quickie.

That is why Fall On Me makes my heart ache.

That is why I remember Legolas Shall Be For The Elves, despite the Frisbee of Anachronism Hell.

Help me out, ya'll. Where are all the friendship fics hiding? Surely I'm not alone in this...

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