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I had a dream last night where I made out with Lucy Liu...except she wasn't really into it.

*sigh* Stupid brain.
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1.) Twenty imaginary dollars to whoever can guess the source of my subject quote! The ladies who saw it with me tonight are not allowed to play, sorry.

2.) What is with the sudden spate of people watching The Mentalist? It's totally bizarre, and I blame [ profile] inmyriadbits ;) I've seen a few eps with her, since she keeps stealing my laptop before I wake up to watch, and the best part of each has been Cho totally pwning someone with his magical powers of deadpan. And his arms. (Preferably both at the same time.)

3.) Supernatural continues to stealthily gnaw at my brain. I wrote a coda for 5x22, but I'm still blocked on two parts, which is driving me mad. I'll probably just post in frustration soon. My last day of work was Friday (yay!) and I slept in on Saturday morning. I have a tendency to doze after I wake up, and my brain comes up with the *weirdest* shit in that state. Which, naturally, I feel compelled to tell Livejournal. ;)


Who I would cast as the Impala if she was turned into a human )


Dean would make a great Princess Anastasia )

"No shame" is still the fannish motto, yes?
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This weekend has been one of extended outings. I want to sleep, but of course I am plagued by homework.

Lo, the saga of Katie's weekend )


On the (slightly) more entertaining side, I had a whacky dream last night. Initially, I was a character in a group that got sucked into a parallel universe, except we were from a sort of steampunk universe. The new universe was more traditionally medieval, so we found a castle where some sort of murders had taken place, and it was haunted and the lighting was very Supernatural-esque. I kept getting chased around and there were military factions and whatnot. The story strayed from realism at that point, and the culprit looked like the Nightmare Before Christmas guy (Jack Skellington?) and there was some sort of bomb about to go off? Yeah.

The dream shifted at that point: the first section was a new book by [ profile] marthawells, and I was in a seminar led by [ profile] researchgrrrl, which was located in my Austin bedroom for some obscure reason (any ideas, Kim? *waggles eyebrows*). I was sitting where the closet is - WTF? I can't remember what we discussed, but Kim had two large books in front of her: one on alchemy and one on explosives *g*. I do remember thinking that we both knew Martha (and were Texans?) and that should be included in the discussion, but we were both being discreet, or something.

My brain is weird, ya'll.


In other news, my history professor is adorable and I have a brain-crush. His teaching style and philosophy is reminiscent of my favorite high school teacher, and he's like a cross between David Tennant's Doctor and Marc on Ugly Betty - catty/dorky/hilarious with eyebrows that jump around like grasshoppers.
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For Karen, if you're in the mood (yaysogladyouarehookednow!):
Divergence, by [ profile] butterflykiki.
This story made me want to hide under the covers. I liked it muchly. (I was more coherent in my review, but I'm lazy now. Just go read it, for Pete's sake.)


Hah, I am such a nerd. I got home Wednesday night, slept for a decent amount of time, and then-- guess what? Went to see Spider-Man 2. (no spoilers ensue, don't worry)

*swoons* I'm in love. I'm in love!!! I loved the first one, but this one is better in every possible way. The plot! The character development! The villain! The fight scenes! The special effects! The dialogue! The kissing! The subtle meta of Aunt May! The acting (especially Harry, thank god)! The adorkableness of Peter, who just could not get a frigging break!

*twirls* My allowance is going to be totally shot, but I'm seeing this movie like 16 more times.


Flying west over the Atlantic takes a really fucking long time. 9 hours and 35 minutes. Then 2 hours in Memphis airport, which was still barely enough time to get through Customs (bloody paranoid inefficient *mumbles*). However, I got to watch 2 movies on the long flight that I normally wouldn't have. Guilty pleasures, both: Agent Cody Banks 2, and Miracle. I adore silly kid action movies (remember Mastermind, anyone?), and sappy team sports movies (The Big Green, The Sandlot, etc, etc).

Plus, Cody Banks was too adorable. I really want to write a story where he goes on a mission with Sydney Bristow and gets some lovely emotional scarring. Wouldn't that be fun?


Fandom deprivation gave me very strange dreams in Austria. The first week, no dreams. Then, BAM, two nights of fandom-intense wacky things. Alfred discussed the purpose of superheroes with Batman with glowing insight, but I remember only a few half-phrases. Then Batman discussed the same thing with Diana, in a scene laden with UST. Curse my brain.

The next was a strange mishmash of post-apocalyptic X-Men and Harry Potter, with guest appearances by Faith from Buffy and Taura from the Vorkosigan books. It was really fun and twisted, with tunnels, dormitories full of mutant trainees, conspiracies in France in the rain, and a few badass fight scenes.

Then I had a dream which gave me an idea for an original novel. This is the second novel idea I've gotten from a dream, so that's nifty.


I've been reading comic books all day and being moody. *whines* I need to curl up under the covers with lots of chocolate. I do have massive quantities that I brought back from abroad, so that's possible. I'm also trying to find post-Chosen Buffy fic to read, so any recs will win you lots of slobbery kisses.
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I 'ship ships. Seriously. Jack/Black Pearl, Mal/Serenity, Han/Millenium Falcon, Wedge and his X-Wings. Whether elegant, cantankerous, deadly, worn-in, swift, beloved, there's something oddly endearing about these guys and their ships. I think it's the way they seek freedom with them, and the ship becomes a character unto herself in the process.

Perhaps I'm just strange. That's always a valid possibility.


I have a wonderful way of dreaming. I dream long adventures, sometimes self-insertion, sometimes in 3rd person. I dream in color, though people say you can't. I have a vivid memory of dreaming, where I came out of a building and rode up the side on one of those lifts with no side, and a glowing butterfly was hovering in midair all the way up, with everything a green garden behind. It always irritates me so that I can't remember them better, because they're like good stories: witty dialogue (my brain accomplishes things I can't, it seems), plot twists, ensemble casts, and "thrillin' heroics." This is probably why I don't wake up well ;)

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