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I finally got off my ass (or, er, on it, rather?) and read A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan, and then discovered to my delight that the sequel comes out tomorrow. \o/!

Universe, this totally makes up for the spoiled milk in my cereal and tea this morning. I forgive you.

I have to say, aside from my soul-deep 'You are my people!' response to Isabella's mix of nerdy mindset, intrepid adventuring, and amusing narration (her 'demented practicality,' as she puts it), it was SO GREAT to read a novel that was basically Jane Goodall a la a Victorian-esque fantasy world with dragons, wryly reminiscing as an old lady about her youthful adventures.

(I should probably confess here that I was such an enormous Jane Goodall fan that I convinced my GT group in third grade to write a play based on her life for a class project. It was never performed, thankfully, but we did manage a truly awful filk of 'George of the Jungle', which is preserved somewhere in my files along with the neon-highlighted, handwritten-on-notebook-paper script. I was also planning to be Jane Goodall for Halloween that year, but I couldn't find appropriate shorts, IIRC.)

To sum up, my inner third-grader was ecstatic, and my current feminist brain wants to buy four copies for my cousin and grab any passing fangirls to gush about the unsentimental romance in the novel. So many hearts.

I also want to re-read Emilie and the Hollow World now, since the sequel for *that* ALSO comes out tomorrow. I already asked for it for my birthday, so I can't buy it myself. Hmph. Poor planning on my part.

I neglected to talk about it when I originally read it since I was in Chicago for VividCon, but that book is also highly recommended. I made the silly mistake of bringing it with me on the trip, forgetting that Martha Wells is a ninja master of relentlessly paced, edge-of-your-seat action sequences, so I stayed up late to finish it after my flight.

Fortunately, it's a YA novel, so I was only up until 1 AM instead of 3 AM. :D

Emilie was a delight - far more of a natural adventurer than science-driven Isabella - and apparently grows up to look like Lyndie Greenwood, for the Sleepy Hollow fans out there. I'm looking forward to more of her getting into trouble. ♥
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What are you reading now?:
Busman's Honeymoon, the last of the Lord Peter Wimsey books. (Well. Last written by Sayers. I have not read the Jill Patton Walsh books on...everyone's recommendation.) I've been re-reading all the Harriet books this month -- mostly for Gaudy Night, which continues to be one of my favorite books and romances of all time but does require all of Peter and Harriet's rich history to be fully appreciated. I always end up slowly working through Busman's Honeymoon once I reach it, because it starts off slow and meandering and sweet, and I know it's the last one ever.

What did you just finish?:
Cinder, by Marissa Meyer. Alas, slightly disappointing despite the premise (post-apocalyptic cyborg Cinderella!), partly because I didn't realize it was actually the first in a quartet and therefore cliffhangs, argh, and also because the politics were annoyingly facile, especially in contrast to the complex emotional dynamics of Cinder's stepfamily. Cinder herself was awesome, so I'll probably pick up the others to see what happens to her. And I'm totally a sucker for spoilers ) And cyborgs. And no-nonsense mechanics. And fairy tale retellings.
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*sigh* Looks like the computer might be down for the count permanently. At least everything is backed up, save a few notepad files, and I rescued my Yuletide fic (such as it is) to Google Docs shortly before the end.

So, having been forcibly freed from my laptop, I went to see Cloud Atlas and Lincoln, and read Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, finally. Cloud Atlas and Lincoln were both beautiful, though I came out desperately wanting fic for Cloud Atlas, and having a few thoughts in that direction - after Yuletide, maybe.

As for Captain Vorpatril's Alliance )

Yeah, that's all I got. Time for my brain to go to bed, I think.
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Oh, god, all the busy. Got sick over Thanksgiving weekend (thanks a lot, [ profile] inmyriadbits), then the call center job went insane post-Black Friday, as per usual - at least they feed us for free now that they've taken away our lunch breaks? - and I realized that I am technically working 7 days a week at three separate jobs (call center, employee massage, private practice massage). SO TIRED.

But on Sunday, I finally got a chance to sit down and read my copy of [personal profile] marthawells's The Siren Depths! I've had it since the 17th (delivered while at RenFest, not funny, universe), but I knew I'd want an open night because, as usual, I sat down and didn't stop reading until I was done. I kept getting up for water/snacks and it felt like the clock was a time lapse photo - 9:16pm, 10:34pm, 12:40am. Whoops.

For those of you who haven't read the Books of the Raksura: they're awesome. Moon, the main character, is a shapeshifter was orphaned at a young age and doesn't know who or what he is at first. When The Cloud Roads (go look at the gorgeous cover, trust me) starts, he's spent most of his life hiding in his humanoid form, but the rest of the time he looks like this. LOOKIT THOSE WINGS. Pretty, right? Unfortunately, he resembles a race of horrible sociopathic predators called the Fell, so he's forced to hide who he is and has been systematically betrayed, abandoned and attacked since he was a child. Despite this, he is an utter sweetheart. Well, underneath all the trust issues and paranoia and habitual lying and superior combat skills. I'm really fond of his disembowling talons. Shut up.

The first two books involve Moon finding his people, the Raksura, and his continuing adventures with the colony. The Raksura are a wonderfully alien race while still being entirely relatable, with a tendency to be as crotchety and opinionated as they are communal and gossipy. The world is filled with a huge array of other weird and wonderful races who tend to put their settlements in odd places. Cities aren't built next to waterfalls, but on them, or carved inside ancient statues and into giant trees, or set on the backs of sea monsters.

I really really want to live in a mountain-tree. Not that that's relevant. But I really do.

Martha writes a hell of an action scene, and does, repeatedly, but I love all the emotional hell she puts Moon through over the series, and his slow and never-easy adaptation to living with other people and - so help him - eventually trusting and falling in love with some of them. It's all the emotion hurt/comfort and found family you could want, with awesome world-building and badass action to round it out.

And shit went *down* in this last book.... )

Shit, now I want to go re-read the whole series. Noooooo, I need to sleep....
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I got rickrolled by the fucking radio today. Not cool, oldies station. Not cool at all.


Even since I moved (did I mention that here? Oh, yeah, I moved into a sublet in a house in north Austin. It's super adorable, pictures will happen eventually), I've been reading like a fiend. My roommate has GoogleTV and lets me use it, so I have Netflix and internet streaming but no live TV, plus moving always reminds me of all my favorite books I haven't read in forever. So I reread a lot of things and a few new ones. My incredibly deep thoughts on the latter:

The Serpent Sea, by Martha Wells
I literally read the opening paragraph, LOL'd and said, "Oh Moon, I *missed* you". The lines were: Read more... ) Basically, I enjoyed the heck out of it, and cannot wait to read the third book. (whoo, now officially titled The Siren Depths, coming January 2013!)

The Hunger Games Trilogy
I'm still working through my feelings and issues with this series. I did love it, in many ways. I blasted through the entire series in two days, and Katniss was complex and devious and tough, and I love me some gladiatorial deathmatchs, but.... Read more... ) Anyway. Yuletide request, maybe? We'll see.

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