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So, confession: I stopped watching NCIS in S7, and have no idea if this got jossed or not. Since it looks like there's an episode called Baltimore, I'm guessing yes, but fuck it. Once upon a time, this snippet was part of a longer story about Gibbs and Callen from NCIS:LA, before I failed out of both shows. This was the only part I still like and I decided it could stand alone. Unbetaed.

Yellow Tape
Gibbs, Tony, gen
490 words

Gibbs slid out of the car and looked around the near-empty lot. He'd lost Foster on I-95 again. )
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Ten in Ten Day 4! I swear I didn't mean for this challenge to start off so 'torturing beloved characters in Asia' themed, it just happened. /o\

Sixteen Hours
Person of Interest
John Reese, gen, warnings for torture
312 words

All they wanted was his name.
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Ten in Ten Day 3: victorious! I even made soup and cilantro rice for [ profile] inmyriadbits, who is home sick, poor kid. Thanks for the beta: above and beyond the call of duty, my dear! ♥ The title is from Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum est.

the old lie
Person of Interest
John Reese, gen, 371 words

'Your country needs you, Sergeant,' the man tells John, standing over his hospital bed. )
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So, to give myself a break from all the fic I've been writing, I decided for Day 2 to teach myself how to make GIFs...with middling success. I understand most people use Photoshop, but I don't have it and don't want to pirate it, so on the recommendation of Gizmo Freeware Reviews, I tried GifApp. It's a nice simple program, but not ideal for fannish purposes.

the result, from POI 1x12 )

*sigh* Anyway, I'll have to try again with a different program. Maybe this method, though it sounds needlessly complicated.

Any of ya'll have recommendations regarding freeware or tutorials for this? There's about a million out there, and I'd love to hear from someone with actual experience.

ETA: now [ profile] inmyriadbits tells me she has Photoshop Elements. Thanks, Linds. :P
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My first Ten in Ten story! I swear it was completed on the 17th, but is being posted slightly after midnight because titles are hard. (this one is from Macbeth, for the curious) Many thanks to [ profile] inmyriadbits for the title and reading it over.

balm of hurt minds
Temeraire series
Warnings contain spoilers for Blood of Tyrants: torture

'Tenzing,' Laurence said, and Tharkay opened his eyes. )

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