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I meant to post this for the last day of [ profile] 14valentines, but I got home somewhat later than planned after dinner, and it is now just past midnight. But not for the west coast! *shifty eyes*

Anyway: there's a common misconception that women can't be funny, which is obvious nonsense. So here, have a small mix of songs sung by women which never fail to make me crack up.

seven songs, in chronological order )

download from Mediafire (RAR file, 21MB)
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...It is perhaps indicative of my state of mind that writing the subject made me go, "Oooh, scrambled eggs!" -- that is, very very scattered.

Point the first: I woke up an hour late for work this morning.

Point the second: I want to read comfort fic, but also kind of want to finish a story.

C: I should probably eat real food today.

Fourth: Watching The Fast and the Furious on Netflix is starting to look appealing, but I just spent 15 minutes compiling a spreadsheet of social networking stats to try and see how Empires is doing in that Rolling Stone contest.


Empires is in a competition with 15 other unsigned bands to be on the cover of Rolling Stone!
If they win, they will be the *first* unsigned band to grace that space, and get a recording contract and obviously lots of publicity. You can vote for them here by clicking on the five stars. You can only vote once, so be careful. If you want to go on to vote 1 star for all the other bands, please feel free. :D

For those of you who are still here because you haven't heard of Empires: they are AMAZING. You should vote for them anyway, because it will please me endlessly and they deserve it. They put their first album up for free and won themselves a huge (for an unsigned band) international fanbase, because it is an awesome album. They put out an EP afterwards, which was amazing in different ways and even better as a whole, and they ROCK live - I will be attending all their SXSW shows if I have to cut a bitch to get in. Seriously, go download Howl (still free!) and I dare you to disagree with me. And VOTE!

Last: ...scrambled eggs. Still a good plan. *facepalm*

ETA: I am now eating scrambled eggs. Success!
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Have started a new job that, combined with massage school, gives me zero days off, so I am at least two weeks behind on everything (including Fringe! *bitter tears*). However, I managed to get the new MCR album and listened to it while painting. Victory is *so* fucking mine.

First impressions: relentless, and relentlessly awesome. I am going to have Na Na Na stuck in my head for the next century, but it was worth it, and worth the wait. I can't wait to see them live finally, because this album is the danciest ever. \o/!
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Ah, the notorious linkspam: native to the wilds of LiveJournal, this common beast ranges from the Gleeful Highlands to the Ranty Deserts, with varying acceptance from the local population.
  • XKCD mocks action movies (again!) The Core (again!) movie posters! *giggles helplessly*

  • Empires put up a new single, Bang, for free download at

    For those of you unfamiliar with Empires, they are TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME. Their first album is still up for free download here. (I particularly recommend it for Supernatural fans - every other song seems to reference apocalypse, war, demons, and/or blood. Someday I will make a Sam/Ruby vid to I Want Blood, because really.)

  • Interesting interview with a Castle staff writer. What she says about the writers getting to see each episode through the production process is unusual, and might be a contributing factor to Castle's particular brand of meta and fan-friendliness.
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It was a dark and gloomy afternoon, and so as I was listening to The Hush Sound on the drive back from my granny's, I decided that the world really needs a comprehensive playlist of all the creepy songs that either deal explicitly with stalking and bloody murder, or end up being stalker-y/homicidal under the delusion that they are "romantic". (I feel this latter list will be especially long)

Some definite contenders:
The Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
The Beatles - Run For Your Life
The Hush Sound - Sweet Tangerine
Ludo - Go-Getter Greg
Ludo - The Horror Of Our Love
Police - Every Breath You Take

I'm considering Amanda Palmer's I Google You, but I only heard it the one time in concert, so I can't remember if the lyrics are more creepy or wistful.

Anyone else have suggestions? [anyone? anyone? Eryn? ;)]
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I have been amiss in my fannish duties: I must fangirl about Abigail Washburn, an amazing banjo player and singer/songwriter who recently visited Wesleyan. She's fluent in Mandarin and incorporates Chinese with bluegrass music in some of her songs.

About the concert )

As a temptation, I've zipped up three songs from her solo album, Song of the Traveling Daughter. The title song is an interpretation of an old Mandarin poem, with Abigail's Appalachian twist (lyrics and translation). "Coffee's Cold" makes me tap my feet, while "Sometimes" is just lovely and joyful. I should have included one of her traditional recordings (I adore "Nobody's Fault But Mine"), but I cut myself off at three. You can check her out on iTunes, or listen to clips at her homepage. Even her website is gorgeous.
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First of all: I turn 19 today! Happy birthday, [ profile] inmyriadbits! Soon, I shall be in NY, and the city will tremble in fear....

Reason #2023 I Love My Westerns Film Course: While writing an essay on High Noon, I get to write, "The conflict set up at the beginning, however, requires Kane to chose to fight evil in the form of Frank Miller...."
Which is waaaay funnier if you are familiar with DC Comics and who these men are in relation to Batman, but if you don't know, I'm not revealing the depths of my nerdiness.

In music news, (I know, Lindsey, I have music news! *gasp*) I won a free CD through the power of Google. This group called The 35th Parallel came to Wes for a concert, and I signed up for their mailing list. They held a competition to see who could figure out the source of their new CD title, Crossing Painted Islands. It has to do with road markings, actually, but I got a free CD and I like their music, so: sweet! (Happy birthday to me ;) )

Also, I went to a Tuvan throat singing concert. Very cool.

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