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I don't develop "personal canon" the way I've seen many writers do - all the little details like favorite color, first kiss, number of pets, etc., that are interesting and fun but never come to light. I usually start with core principles and canon details and go from there, reinventing the personal details to suit my purposes (for fic or meta or whatever).

But there's an exception: character sexuality.

When I develop an opinion about a character's sexuality, I will stick to it. I supposed a dramatic event in canon could theoretically change my mind, but it hasn't happened yet. It's weirdly opposite to my approach in real life, where I usually don't try to figure people out unless I'm deciding if I want to flirt with them. For many characters, I don't have a *conscious* idea of their orientation, but odds are I can give you an answer if you give me 30 seconds to consider it. For some, I've got very strong opinions.

Take Charlie Crews, for example. My fanon evaluation of him: straight. I used to read (and still enjoy) Charlie/Ted, but by the end of S1 I was convinced that Charlie just *loves* women, platonically and romantically. Any homosexual activity in his past was situational (i.e., prison) [and possibly not consensual], and while he's not going to have a freak out about it, he's not going to seek out male partners now that he's free.

On the other hand, Dean Winchester = bisexual, though he skews way more to the hetero end of the spectrum. I've considered him bi since well before Castiel ever showed his pretty face. If he wants to get laid, he'll usually pick up a woman, but sometimes he goes for guys - like the difference between craving a bacon cheeseburger and a double decker. Dean may be the type of guy who's very concerned with the trappings of masculinity, but I figure sex is sex is sex to him. (Falling in love, though -- that's a whole different barrel of monkeys, regardless of gender.)

Emily Prentiss: prefers women. I don't have much evidence for my opinion, and I don't think she's been in many relationships (if any) because repression thy name is Emily, but it's very clear in my mind. Hotch and Reid are both firmly heterosexual, though Reid doubtless knows reams of studies about sexuality and would be suprised-but-chill if he were ever attracted to a man.

Neal Caffrey: so very bisexual. He has strong tendencies towards clever people and committed-but-open relationships - the 'open' part being a necessary condition of his profession, where being able to seduce anyone is an advantage. If he met any aliens, he'd definitely pull a Jack Harkness and give it a try, and he's cool with polyamory.

Parker: bisexual. Obviously not shy about her sexuality, considering she hit on Nate's ex-wife in front of him, though she's as unlikely to talk about it as give away money.

Sherlock Holmes: nearly asexual, a state reinforced by his (self)conscious pursuit of logic, but he's got a weakness for people who admire him and who he considers an equal. However, in such rare events, he would only start a relationship with someone he trusts (*cough*Watson*cough*), and then only after overcoming his own self-imposed "love is a danger to logic" principles. After jumping all those hurdles, a metropolitan student of humanity like Holmes is not going to be concerned with something minor like gender.

Do any of y'all have this sort of personal canon? Want to test my opinions by throwing characters at me, or just argue with me about one of the above characters? Bring it!
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This week's [ profile] fannish5:
Name 5 characters whose wardrobe you would love to have.

1) Penelope Garcia: Do I really need to justify this? *pervs on Kristen Vangsness*
2) Morgana: Rowr, gowns with pretty bodices and clean lines. (Though I expect Gwen's wardrobe would fit me better)
3) Sydney Bristow: All the wigs and stilettos I never knew I wanted to wear.
4) The Doctor: Fashion from across time and space, enough to fill a spiral staircase storage area. *wistful sigh*
5) Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief
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I'm back from backpacking with only minor injuries (hurray!) and I have skinny dipping pictures of [ profile] inmyriadbits at 11000 ft that I can't show anyone, because she has skinny dipping pictures of *me* at 11000 ft.

Hmmph. This blackmailing business is hard.


I seem to have missed wishing [ profile] liketheroad happy birthday, but I hope you had a lovely day, and will have an awesome week and month and year, because you give other people so much happiness and these things should balance out. <3

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] marthawells! I'm on time for this one, happily. May the Texas sun be not-so-scorching for you today, and may you have a wonderful time. I'm going to celebrate by re-reading bits of your awesome Ile-Rien series. Er, again.

(If anyone on my flist hasn't read Martha's books, she writes awesome female characters in fast-paced, plotty fantasy with really cool world-building and plenty of humor, so why *haven't* you read them yet?)


In the past couple of days, I've read so many awesome crossovers that I have to rec some. If I didn't know better, I'd say the internet missed me.

This River's Full of Lost Sharks (SPN/Veronica Mars): Dean and Sam go to Neptune at Missouri's urging, and find zombies and tiny blonde trouble. Solid casefile that digs up a lot of past issues (on *both* sides) in a subtle, interesting way, top-notch banter and good use of both casts. (the author's style is *so* familiar, too, and it's driving me crazy that I can't place them. Grrr, anonymity.)

This Bitter Earth (SPN/Criminal Minds): The BAU team and the Winchesters investigate a series of murders on a southern plantation. Worth the price of admission for Hotch's interrogation of Dean alone.

Vertigo (MCR/Batman): Opens with Bob dangling off a building with a bomb attached to his ankle, while Batman tries to save him. AWESOME. Also, good follow-up on Bob's emotional state afterwards, and ends with cuddling.

Write A New Apocalypse (SPN/Good Omens): Castiel goes to Aziraphale for advice on avoiding apocalypses. Smoothest merging of these universes I've seen yet, and interesting insights on Cas by Aziraphale.

That Kind of Crazy (Iron Man/West Wing): In which Pepper is friends with Donna, and she rants about Tony. Adorable, with Perry's usual insight and humor.

Ghost in the Machine (and sequel, linked at bottom) (SPN/Iron Man): Ahahaha, how did I miss this? Hilarious story where Dean and Sam help exorcise the suit.
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1) I have watched eight movies this week (one of which I've seen before), plus about 3 hours of short films from 1895-1906ish. I feel like my eyes are going to turn into movie reels if this keeps up. Once my Silent Cinema class hits feature films, I will be watching a MINIMUM of 7 movies a week. Yeaargh.

2) I found an old meme from my old computer (I've been going through my files and ruthlessly organizing them. I'm starting to feel a little OCD.), and wanted to post it. I'm particularly amused by the last item, which was clearly written before winter break:
Fandom Fling meme, gender-neutralized for your viewing pleasure )

3) My brain keeps composing parts of a Criminal Minds 5 things fic while I'm not paying attention. The thing is, there must be plenty of fics out there that posit alternate fates for the BAU team, right? It's an on-going subtext on the show that our profilers are only separated from the unsubs by a thin line of circumstance and choice, yet I haven't *seen* any around. Have any of ya'll spotted them? Am I just looking in the wrong places?


Jan. 14th, 2009 03:57 pm
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Things that are new for me:
1) Er, 2009 (obviously)

2) Shiny, lovely Dell XPS laptop! My old darling died during finals week - stupid motherboard - which capped off a rough semester of getting mono and being forced to drop classes I really liked. Yay.

3) Fandoms! Lindsey and I are insane marathon girls, so we have watched all of Merlin (dorky yet wildly attractive heroic boys with no resemblance to legend! And the sassy women who are more competent and better dressed than they are! Most excellent.) and are mid-season 2 of Criminal Minds (dark content, subtle characterization, and mindfuckery FTW). (minor sidetracks into West Wing, Psych, and Numb3rs, but it doesn't count if we haven't done a whole season yet *g*)

4) Friends! *waves to [ profile] arielchan and [ profile] mercurybard* I don't post often and I suck at keeping in touch, but I definitely think you're awesome ;)

And... I have no deep thoughts to conclude. Back to the marathon I go.

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