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guess I need a Lewis icon now

All of you people who talked to me about Lewis and Endeavour on my last post are on notice for not warning me about:

1) Endeavour S2 ending on a cliffhanger! With no new eps until NEXT YEAR! GRRRRR.

2) Hathaway. OMG HATHAWAY. Please lean on things and furtively smoke cigarettes and deadpan snark a little harder while making delighted hearteyes at Lewis and magically getting him to laugh at your nerd jokes. ♥ We're only through 2x05 but Linds has mildly spoiled herself by reading fic, and she tells me he has EVEN MORE tragic backstory lurking in the wings! :D

([personal profile] philomytha, please also join me in convincing Linds to write a Lewis/RoL crossover, because Peter + Hathaway being lanky nerds and atypical coppers at each other would be hilarious.)

I am slightly disappointed but not surprised that Lewis is too big to be a Yuletide fandom this year. I am *slightly* behind the curve on this one, I'm afraid.

However, I did get my YT nominations in early this year, prompted by an anon plea on Tumblr:
-B13 (as usual; also the subject of said anon plea)
-Political Animals (I NEED fix-it fic for TJ's...entire life, basically), and
-the Mission Impossible movies
Although no one has nominated Books of the Raksura yet, so I may change that last one. (hint hint)
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There desperately needs to be a Lewis/RoL crossover! I tried to write one, but it got stalled on OMG PLOT and went to join the large pile of other WIPs that I'm not making any progress on. But oh yes please to Hathaway and Peter snarking and geeking at each other. Lewis and Nightingale have more in common than I thought at first, too: despite the class thing, I can see them both watching the rugby with a pint while Hathaway and Peter roll their eyes fondly.
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♥ Hathaway is adorable and would absolutely hate to be called adorable. I also think he's a very good example of a cop character who hates being a cop, and is often the smartest and/or most educated person in the room but generally only uses it to punch upward, i.e. against people in positions of power who deserve it. It's not something we see often, because TV is full of clever cop characters who romanticize their jobs and treat almost everybody with contempt. It delights me to no end every time some snobby Oxford academic underestimates him because he's a police officer.

Plus there's all the tragic backstory. I suspect fanfic gives the impression the show provides a lot more detail than it actually does. :) If you're only on 2x05, you have ALL the tragic backstory to come. I think? I don't understand how this show's episodes are numbered.

You can also look forward to the episode in which Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod Crane is a writer of derivative epic fantasy novels, which isn't special in any other way, but it does make me laugh.
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I was a little sad that Hathaway came back too, although obviously that's the show, because they really did make a good argument that being a cop was bad for him, or at least bad for him the way he was doing it. But I have to admit I laughed a little bit at the story of his not-a-pilgrimage: got most of the way there, changed his mind, came back. OF COURSE HE DID.

Yes, I've watched the three new eps, whatever season they're in. I enjoyed them!