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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing fic in this tiny fandom for me! Here's some information about me, my general likes/dislikes, and specific ramblings and prompts for my requested fandoms if that will help you.

General )

Requested fandoms )
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Dear Yuletide Author,

I am SO sorry for putting this up late! You are clearly an awesome person who shares the same love for the same tiny fandom(s) as me, so I'm extra embarrassed. Hopefully this letter will be helpful to you, however belated!

General )

Requested fandoms )

Good luck, author anon! Thank you for writing for me, and have fun!
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So I completely failed to reveal what I wrote for Yuletide this year --

stumble to prevent a fall
written for [ profile] mskikiiv
gen, post-canon
2200 words

The first thing Dani says after Bodner pulls the car over is, “Crews, you're an idiot. What the hell were you thinking?”

--before posting a little something yesterday that I co-wrote with Lindsey:

see a church by daylight
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
co-written with [ profile] inmyriadbits
explicit, established relationship
2300 words

Perhaps Dot’s decision to ignore Phryne’s advice to elope had a bright side after all.

...possibly my next fic should NOT be titled in five lowercase words starting with the letter 'S'. Huh. And before that it was two six-word titles starting with 'T'! o_O
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! You share one of these tiny fandoms with me, so I already like you and will be delighted by whatever you choose to write for me -- but if you like knowing more about my tastes or the particular things I like/want for these fandoms, read on! (or, if you've hit the 'oh god what have I done' stage of getting your assignment, I've included some plot bunnies to kick your brain out of the panic zone ♥)

An incomplete list of things I like )

Banlieue 13 )

Political Animals )

Books of the Raksura )

Temeraire )

Rivers of London )

You're Next )
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All of you people who talked to me about Lewis and Endeavour on my last post are on notice for not warning me about:

1) Endeavour S2 ending on a cliffhanger! With no new eps until NEXT YEAR! GRRRRR.

2) Hathaway. OMG HATHAWAY. Please lean on things and furtively smoke cigarettes and deadpan snark a little harder while making delighted hearteyes at Lewis and magically getting him to laugh at your nerd jokes. ♥ We're only through 2x05 but Linds has mildly spoiled herself by reading fic, and she tells me he has EVEN MORE tragic backstory lurking in the wings! :D

([personal profile] philomytha, please also join me in convincing Linds to write a Lewis/RoL crossover, because Peter + Hathaway being lanky nerds and atypical coppers at each other would be hilarious.)

I am slightly disappointed but not surprised that Lewis is too big to be a Yuletide fandom this year. I am *slightly* behind the curve on this one, I'm afraid.

However, I did get my YT nominations in early this year, prompted by an anon plea on Tumblr:
-B13 (as usual; also the subject of said anon plea)
-Political Animals (I NEED fix-it fic for TJ's...entire life, basically), and
-the Mission Impossible movies
Although no one has nominated Books of the Raksura yet, so I may change that last one. (hint hint)
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Yuletide reveals are up, yay! I wrote gimel for [ profile] donutsweeper, a quiet little Arrow team story about Oliver and Diggle crashing Felicity's Hanukkah celebration. Many, many thanks to [personal profile] inmyriadbits for the beta job of awesome, and to [ profile] arsenicjade for doing a last-minute Judaism-pick for me. ♥

I got three awesome stories this year, which was a new and delightful experience!!!

gifts: Lockout, B13 )

I also beta'd three fics this year, all of which were awesome.

betas: Bletchley Circle, Arrow, & Curse of Chalion )
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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, I am SO sorry it took so long to write this for you. I have two people and a whippet camped out in my living room, and none of them are fannish, so finding space to write this has been difficult. :D

Secondly, hi! Yuletide is here, and I am so happy you're writing for me! Clearly, you have awesome taste in fandoms :) I'm incredibly easy-going, so if prompts are not something you find useful or inspiring, feel free to ignore any and all of the rambling below or my prompts in the sign-up. My only hardline request is that you not write incest. It's my one cast-iron squick, and I would not be able to read the story.

An incomplete list of things I do like )

Banlieue 13 )

Lockout )

The Wolverine )

Books of the Raksura )

Fast and the Furious series )

Temeraire )
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Oh god, apparently I am now that fan who starts a fight in the comments of the Yuletide rules post, thereby causing a panic and harshing everyone's squee. *headdesk* I imagine the spirit of Yuletide will prevail; I just wish people weren't misunderstanding the new rule as DQ'ing all the sub-fandoms, just that the mods *may* rule one ineligible. (Also, I wish Elementary wasn't disqualified. D:)

...I suppose since, as of next month, I will have spent over half my life in fandom, it was about time I got my BOFQ membership card. It still comes with a 'get off my lawn you kids' stick and free dialup, right?

I'm trying to decide it would help or not to suggest that they just eliminate the If the character is in the main character in the fandom, the fandom itself may be ruled ineligible part of the new rule but keep the 'no characters are eligible with over 2000 works' part, thereby allowing people to request the permutation fandoms but only with minor characters. You'll still have a problem if you want to request, say, Holmes/Watson fic for A Study in Emerald, or Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot fic for Arthurian legend, or a Joan Watson character study, but you could get around a lot using the optional details. *eyes comment thread warily* Maybe in the morning.


To encourage me to keep on track with my POI Big Bang:

Word Count: 7,076 / 10,000 minimum
Scenes to complete: 2
Training montages Segues to write: 4
Scenes to write wholesale: 2, including the climactic balcony scene, so help me.
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Wow, people are getting very upset about the proposed changes to Yuletide nominations. I totally understand the reasoning, I'm just... confused because I thought that was already the rule. *shrugs* Go Yuletide, way to be more rare-fandom-y than I knew. Let's hope they do reconsider, as the post has been ETA'd to indicate.

Also: shit, time to start winnowing down my choices. Ack!


Still a bit hungover from going to a David Bowie cover show with [ profile] katieupsidedown and [ profile] rainy_day, so naturally I agreed to go drinking again after work today. I am an adult! Mmmm, but alcoholic milkshakes are so good.


Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 30: Dana )

Definitely eyeing the new September-exclusive t-shirts and this coffee mug covetously. Maybe a glow cloud t-shirt (all hail the glow cloud!), but I'm not sure I'd wear it.


I'm liking this whole posting every day thing that people are doing! As much as I love Tumblr, it's hard to feel like a community there. Yes, you can make friends (*waves at POI people*), but I was just re-reading one of those fic AUs where everyone is in fandom (Merlin, this time), and was thinking: how could someone do this with Tumblr being the primary fannish place? Which is a fairly ridiculous litmus test, but still. It made me think about it.
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Belated again, whoops. I got a little distracted by Person of Interest and my car dying and finally giving two weeks notice at the call center (starting off the new year right!). I wrote Nikita fic for [ profile] gothicgunslinger, a Birkhoff character study:

No Easy Walk To Freedom (1707 words) by Spatz
Fandom: Nikita (TV 2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Seymour Birkhoff, Percy, Amanda, Nikita
Summary: Hacking is 90% hardware and 10% software: 90% knowing how a thing works, and 10% figuring out the people who made it. It's the 10% that'll get you screwed – or save you.

The title is from a Nelson Mandela speech. I had a lot of fun coming up with backstory for Birkhoff, which was my recipient's sole request, and thankfully the show left me a lot of room to work with there. I did a partial rewatch focusing on the Birkhoff-heavy eps but didn't finish due to holiday busyness, which I'm a little sad about. I'd forgotten just how fast things go down on the show: it's narratively and emotionally intense, and awesome.

Weirdly, I think the part I enjoyed most about writing this story was remembering all the 'period' details about computers from the nineties, now fuzzy childhood memories. Made me all nostalgic. [Of course, now all I can think is how hilarious it would be to watch Harold Finch completely school Birkhoff. He offers to hack the Pentagon for lols when he's accidentally high and builds the world's most insanely advanced AI; you know he'd think Shadownet was adorable.]

and now, that Yuletide retrospective meme everyone else did back in December but I never got around to )
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Yay, Yuletide!

I received a lovely, plotty Millenium Trilogy fic called And Stamp On The Pieces, in which Mikael is a damsel, Lisbeth copes with having people in her life, and there are a plethora of awesome ladies. And bears. :D It was long and delightful and totally worth making me late to the airport to pick up [ profile] ersatzemma. Thank you, anon! ♥

Hilariously, [ profile] inmyriadbits also got a Millenium Trilogy fic, which makes this the third year in the row that we had Yuletide fandoms in common: we both received Study in Emerald stories in 2010, we both wrote Life stories in 2011, and this year, we received from the same fandom again. (We should really work on our spread, but we're always obsessed with the same things!)

And now, some recs:
Four married couples, three childhood fandoms, two with snappy banter, and one noir fairy tale retelling. )
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Hurrah for successful Yuletide upload! I managed to get my computer working in safe mode, thank the merciful computer gods. And thankfully Yuletide is on AO3 now, because I had to edit for typos twice immediately after posting. *sigh* Also, I uploaded about 30 minutes before deadline and the archive didn't even blink or slow down at all. Nice.

Then I got all anti-nostalgic about the year they had to put up the low-graphics version of all the stories on a separate server to keep everything from crashing, went to read through the Fanlore entry, and discovered Ghost Soup Infidel Blue. Ahahahaha. ♥
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Ahahahaha oh god. /o\


On a completely unrelated note, I've been re-reading bunches of Man From UNCLE fic (sadly, not eligible for Yuletide). It's funny to think that Stan Lee probably named SHIELD after UNCLE, since the show started in 1964 and SHIELD's first appearance was 1965. Unless there's some other ridiculously acronym'd spy organization that preceded MFU. I am inordinately amused by this.

Also, Illya and Natasha stuck in a room together: instant hilarity, or swift death? Either way, they're in for a lot of Russian jokes.
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Yuletide! \o! Whoo, assignments! I finally posted my Yuletide letter, and I matched on something that I'm excited about, and I'm about to start doing canon review. Right now it feels like we have so long, though I'm sure the delusion will quickly fade.

Other fannish things:

1) A dude named Derek Wolf is STILL on backorder at the call center where I work. Poor Derek Hale, doomed to never catch a break. Maybe he should have used a better alias.

I am also constantly amused by things like:
-people who live in Waverly, IA
-massage clients who happen to be named Clint
-callers who are named Watson

2) Missed two anniversaries in October: my 9 year LJ-versary, and my 12 year fandom anniversary. Unlike many people, I can actually date it to a specific night: the premiere of Dark Angel on October 3, 2000. I wandered in on the last bit, involving two very pretty people smoking up the screen in leather and a wheelchair respectively, whilst wandering around a dystopian cityscape and kicking ass (all things I am still easy for, btw), and went online to track down a recap of the episode.

I found the recap, and screencaps, and transcripts, and then a forum, and started talking to people who had no idea I was 13 and therefore treated me as the adult I could write like, and then fanfic and friends and Firefly and LJ and the continuing adventures of everything.

Good times.

3) For my reference more than anything, the trope meme ficlets I wrote back in late September, one of which turned into a full story:
(Avengers) Clint/Coulson telepathy not!fic for [personal profile] ignipes
(B13) Damien/Leito secretly-a-virgin speculation for [ profile] inmyriadbits
(Avengers) All Elbows for [ profile] neery, Clint/Coulson 'forced to share a bed'

4) Pretty sure I've read all the Clint/Coulson fic at this point. Like, ALL of it. Even the bad stuff. I'm so desperate for decent fic that I've started re-reading my own stories, which is a course of action that can only end in tears, and I've started to lose perspective on what is good, which is making my writing stagnate. Time to step away for a bit. Or try, anyway.

Yuletide review: just the ticket!
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Dear Awesome Person,

Wow, we have so much more time this year! And yet I still did things at the last minute. /o\ Sorry for any and all sleep-deprived babble in my submission details. Hopefully this post will help? If you don't want details for the fandoms, I've included some general likes and my lone hardline squick below, and then you can do whatever you like.

The Basics )

If you DO want more details, I'm happy to provide! Step into my parlor )

Most of my requests this year are nicely small in terms of canon, so if you get stuck on whatever we matched on and feel adventurous, that's a plus - B13 is two movies, Men in Black is three movies, Bletchley Circle is three episodes. (The Millenium trilogy is not so easy, alas - 3 books, 4 movies, and counting! But well worth the time, IMO) I hope you have fun (especially if it's your first time with Yuletide), thank you so much for your time and your passion for these small fandoms. Hopefully this post will be useful to you in making the process easier.

Previous Yuletide letters, which may have helpful details:
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For Father's Day, I made my dad rhubarb pie (success! except for scorching the top slightly when reheating it, and maybe a tad too much salt in the pastry) and we went to see MIB 3 (MIB III? no).

The movie was basically a showcase for Josh Brolin doing an eerie Tommy Lee Jones impression, Will Smith making terrible-yet-endearing jokes, and some serious fridge logic, but since it was fun and kinda stupid and Kay and Jay were super married, [ profile] inmyriadbits and I inevitably left wanting fic. spoilers )

And now to bed! Pie kept me up until the wee hours, and I be virtuously tired.
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Secret Agent Calvin and Hobbes: Meet Dr. Robin

(ooh, bonus motorcycle chase!)


Here, have some links to people being awesome in low-tech ways that they came up with because they loved something:

Tiny libraries around the world

Florida guy who runs coral reef nurseries

Giant rats trained to detect landmines...and tuberculosis

Nine-year-old boy builds a handmade arcade out of cardboard


I'm going to go read ridiculous h/c now. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be much obliged.
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This year, I wrote Precession, a Life post-finale fic for [ profile] vialethe. Despite getting sick in the final days of editing, my recipient (♥) and other people seem to think it came out pretty well, which is always lovely. (And apparently it is the only fic on AO3 which has Seever tagged as a character, which is just... a terrible wrong I am happy to right.)

Because the YuleGods think they're funny, the *other* Life fic this year was written by [ profile] inmyriadbits, the hilarious and sweet Taking the Stairs, in which Charlie, Ted, and Tidwell get stuck in an elevator. It's been a Very Damian Lewis Christmas in these parts.

I'm probably going to post a slightly edited version on LJ in a few days, but first I have my licensing exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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Yuletide is here! I got an amazing story for the film Weekend, which about a man named Russell having a one-night stand with a man named Glen, that turns into something more. It's a stunning little film, far and away my favorite of the twelve movies I saw at SXSW this year - now available on Netflix streaming, thank goodness, because it doesn't have DVD distribution in the US yet.

My gift was you cannot conquer time and it is GORGEOUS post-movie fix-it fic that somehow perfectly captures the characters and the tone of the movie (which I can barely believe the *movie* did, sometimes). Basically: 15,000 words of exactly what I wanted. *g* Yuletide Author, you are the best!


Other awesome stories so far:

Taking The Stairs (Life)
Charlie, Ted, and Tidwell get stuck in an elevator together. I mean - the concept *alone*, right? But it's also a hilarious combination of Charlie in full-on Zen babble mode and some lovely character moments. ♥

The Team Player (Sports Night)
In which Kim is a PR ninja and everyone should worship her in awe. Why are there not already a million fics of this? It's basically canon.

A Madcap Proposal (Lost in Austen)
Post-miniseries, Caroline Bingley and Wickham team up and have Heyer-esque shenanigans in London. All the hysterically catty comments and engagement-of-convenience a girl could want!

In Uniform (B13)
Leito has feelings about Damian in his police uniform. JFC, awesome study of how violence and passion are intricately intertwined in their relationship. And fucking hot.

give me courage not to fear no one (Attack the Block)
Four weapons Moses used, and one he didn't. Why hello there, pitch-perfect Moses voice.


Hey internet, can you recommend some good scifi books of the more lyrical/attention-to-prose/well-written vein? My sister [ profile] ersatzemma was asking for recs for her boyfriend, but we basically came up with Ursula LeGuin. :| Ya'll can do better than that, I'm sure! He likes the beat poets, if that helps narrow it down any.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

You are awesome! And terribly brave! (This is my second year doing Yuletide, but so far as I can tell, the appeal seems to lie in the adrenalized combination of writerly terror and fannish glee.) I hope my prompts have not scared you with their detail or number of exclamation points. Perhaps this post will reassure you.

Follow the white rabbit.... )

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