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XMFC space assassin AU
I have a vague memory that this started as a dream, but then I wrote the opening scene and had nothing else.

In retrospect, it's very Erik-as-the-Winter-Soldier, but IN SPACE! :D )

Snow White & the Huntsman
Wow, I memory of writing this. Apparently I liked the movie enough to want to write fic, which must have lasted all of a week. Warnings for...overly poetic and euphemistic cunnilingus?

breathe )

SPN post-S5 coda
I think I wrote this scene of Dean unpacking his duffel bag at Lisa's right after the S5 finale, and then never a) posted it or b) watched the S6 premiere. So, you know, caveat lector. Prettty sure it's been jossed.

I literally just titled the draft 'coda'. Original of me. )
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As ever, I am late, but here, have 5000 words of an XMFC no-powers AU loosely based on Notorious that I am no longer invested enough in the fandom to finish. (also Yahtzee is posting her own take on that, so I don't have to!) I'd written all the fun bits, anyway. It's a darker take on the film, so warnings for blackmail, emotionally unhealthy but consensual hate!sex, mentions of child abuse, and violence.

c&p wholesale from the draft, so pardon the random timeline notes )
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Since it's now officially summer, irony tells me that I've procrastinated enough to dump some spring cleaning here.

First off, anyone want an AO3 invite? I thought I'd sent all of mine out, but I have another. First come, first serve.

Secondly, I cleaned some monstrously dusty plot bunnies out of my WIP folder, so it's time for a little amnesty:

Evil Scientists convention (Grey's Anatomy/multiple) )

evil genius (Firefly) )

Wendy Watson vs Professor Moriarty (Middleman/Sherlock Holmes 2009) )

....and Castiel vs pancakes (SPN) )

....Heh. One of these things is not like the others.

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