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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing fic in this tiny fandom for me! Here's some information about me, my general likes/dislikes, and specific ramblings and prompts for my requested fandoms if that will help you.

General )

Requested fandoms )
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[personal profile] ignipes tagged me for this meme: The rules: during the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

I meant to do this before midnight, so let's just pretend it's still Tuesday:

1) As I discovered on my way to work. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks! I was very well-caffeinated today.

2) I have several clients tell me how they were feeling better from my massages -- long-term, not just the usual staggering out of the room looking blissed out, which is also nice but much more common. Massage is a very rewarding job. :)

3) Watched the second episode of Endeavour with [personal profile] inmyriadbits, which was recced to us by a friend when Lindsey pimped Miss Fisher at her this weekend (said friend has been binge-watching period BBC dramas, apparently). Morse continues to be an endearingly awkward turtle with deadly cheekbones, full of obscure nerdery and occasional indignation that overcomes his quietness -- exactly how I like my detectives. His mentorship by Thursday is so great and gruff, and I could listen to Thursday's lovely resonant voice for ages. Plus, there are massive quantities of Oxford rooftop cinematography porn. I am easy.

Wondering a bit if I should check out Lewis, since I remember that having a tiny fandom recently. Anyone of ya'll watch that?

ETA: whoops, forgot to tag people. Um, [personal profile] inmyriadbits, [personal profile] philomytha, and [personal profile] icepixie!
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Naturally, just as I was about to respond to a bunch of AO3 comments and clear them out of my inbox, the archive goes down. *pats AO3* Oh, well.

...I completely forgot what else I was going to say. I'm very tired. I could rec something, but the archive's down, so that would be mean. I haven't seen POI or Sleepy Hollow from this week or Elementary from last week yet, but tomorrow's my day off, so hopefully that will happen. I've still only seen the pilot for Agents of SHIELD and judging by people's reactions, I suspect my lack of enthusiasm for seeing the next two is not going to improve. *sigh* I love Coulson a lot, but unless the rest of the crew starts leveling up, I'm worried.

The Arrow premiere is on October 9, and I am looking forward to that - Felicity! Summer Glau as a new character! Ridiculous vigilante shenanigans and a high probability of shirtless men with very fine musculature! :D After that, it's a bit of a dry stretch until Almost Human on November 4th. I guess I could check out Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, but I'm already side-eying the show for changing its name three times and I'm very picky about my Alice in Wonderland remakes. We'll see.
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Okay, what were the odds of two separate BNFs each writing 15K+ asteroid-on-a-collision-course-with-Earth fics in two completely unrelated fandoms set in New York City, all within a week of each other?

...Better or worse than the odds of an asteroid *actually* hitting Earth?

I haven't read [ profile] yahtzee63's Death Before Dusk (Elementary) yet, but [personal profile] astolat's A Really Private Person (POI) was awesome and epic as hell.
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[as [personal profile] inmyriadbits set up to watch another episode of Leverage]

Lindsey: Let's go steal ourselves some Leverage! Oh, wait, we already did that.

me: You did *not* just say that.

Lindsey: I'm going to go get myself a tasty beverage for Leverage!
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Dear Awesome Person,

Wow, we have so much more time this year! And yet I still did things at the last minute. /o\ Sorry for any and all sleep-deprived babble in my submission details. Hopefully this post will help? If you don't want details for the fandoms, I've included some general likes and my lone hardline squick below, and then you can do whatever you like.

The Basics )

If you DO want more details, I'm happy to provide! Step into my parlor )

Most of my requests this year are nicely small in terms of canon, so if you get stuck on whatever we matched on and feel adventurous, that's a plus - B13 is two movies, Men in Black is three movies, Bletchley Circle is three episodes. (The Millenium trilogy is not so easy, alas - 3 books, 4 movies, and counting! But well worth the time, IMO) I hope you have fun (especially if it's your first time with Yuletide), thank you so much for your time and your passion for these small fandoms. Hopefully this post will be useful to you in making the process easier.

Previous Yuletide letters, which may have helpful details:
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....Yeah, no one is surprised. But everyone is happy! *twirls*
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I am greatly amused by the idea of locking Stiles in a room with Seth from The OC and Peter Parker. I have no idea what they would talk about (other than something nerdy, obvs), but dear god, would they talk.

ETA: Alternately, Stiles, Veronica Mars, and Brendan Frye. Veronica and Brendan have the edge on intimidation factor, but Stiles has heightened resistance and mad research skills.
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There are many things I love about Primeval:
1) dinosaurs!
2) hot people with guns!
3) how it killed off a very annoying character I hated!

So naturally, I encouraged the shit out of Lindsey when she decided to combine those things by killing off *another* character I hate, Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami, in this delightful little drabble she wrote in chat for me.

If you are unfamiliar with Horatio: watch this and tell that Horatio does not deserve to die. Terrible puns! Cosmic justice via giant prehistoric lizard! Becker facepalming! ♥

Also, apparently CSI: Miami has been canceled. Her timing is impeccable.

*cackles and reads again*

ETA: 100% improved if you picture the croc spitting up those damn sunglasses afterwards, which she told me about in chat but sadly did not fit into the ficlet. Heeeee.
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I have been noticing a lot of characters named Daniel who end up dead on the shows I watch. To wit:

1) Daniel Meade (Ugly Betty)
2) Danny Williams (H50)
3) Daniel Jackson (Stargate) (ETA)

1) Danny (Alias)
2) Daniel Monroe (Nikita)
3) Daniel Jackson (Stargate)

....The final example is going to screw the stats on this one, huh.
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I neglected to do this last month, but in the wake of Delicious's fail!reboot, it seemed time to do some old-fashioned recs.

I often feel like everyone has read everything before me,but as I pointed out to a friend the other day: *I* love reading what others have to say about good stories, even if I've already read them. So hopefully you'll enjoy these!

Best long: Freeport (Gundam Wing)
Confession: I have never seen Gundam Wing. I scanned one primer and googled some images before reading this epic, and I could have even skipped that step, because this story is practically original scifi. AWESOME original scifi. The premise: several years after an interplanetary civil war, two men reluctantly team up to [fight crime] track down a threat to the fragile peace. The setting: a battered former-prison space station full of criminals and outcasts. The characters: two former teenage terrorists who spent most of the war struggling to do the right thing, and being hated and feared by both sides. Wufei is a stiff-necked martial arts expert and former scholar whose entire clan blew themselves up rather than surrender during the war; he now works as a specialized law enforcer and believes in Justice, though he lives thoroughly in shades of grey. Duo is an ex-street rat/thief with survivor's guilt who is cheerful, anti-authority, cocky...and oh yeah, nicknamed the God of Death. They have Major Issues, and are extremely competent.

Loved the casefile, loved the complex worldbuilding, loved the action and the investigation writing; loved the romance and the slow build of character arcs and revealed history and shared ground. The story is very accessible to a newbie, since only 2 of the 5 canon leads appear in 95% of the story and the characters don't know a lot about each other's past, despite having a powerful connection from the war. As in a lot of good scifi, the anarchic society of Freeport is a touch implausible, but Maldoror grounds it in humanity and everyday details that make it work. This fucker is LONG, too, and was polished up from the original version several years later. Take a long Saturday afternoon, and enjoy the read.

Best short: The Sincerest Form of Flattery (multifandom)
Clever five-things fic that points out the influence of Sherlock Holmes on modern procedurals by pairing quotes from the books with scenes from Due South, Numb3rs, House, Psych, and Castle. Fabulously true character voices, investigative shenanigans, and an inspired cameo of pineapples in the Psych bit, all suffused with fondness for the original canon and the inimitable Watson & Holmes.

I almost had a fit of but-I-beta'd--this ethics and recced A Week in the Life (Avengers, Coulson fic), but no. This was my favorite.

Best re-read: Crown of the Summer Court (Merlin)
I think I reread this at least once a year, and I still love it endlessly. Elves in Camelot! With that hilarious-yet-epic tone that is my favorite thing about Merlin! Happy ending that warps canon in lovely ways! Scorchingly hot sex! This story really does have everything.

Best crossover: Captain America's Art Crawl Adventure (Captain America/Middleman)
*keels over laughing* Best. Wake-up call. Ever. Lindsey literally came in and woke me up to read this, and I didn't even mind! The image of Wendy Watson and Steve Rogers fighting a glue monster at Art Crawl is the most genius idea. For added hilarity, the Middleman is totes a Cap fanboy, and the tone/POV is perfect. Art Crawl! \o!

Best gen kink-meme fill: Floor 37 (Suits)
Mike's last three days of indentured servitude to Louis (and whoever Louis farms him out to) are spent in the service of an elderly lawyer named Jack. You'll probably guess Jack's identity in about 3 seconds, but he's a charming OC, and the story does a lovely job opening up the world of the show and looking at mentoring. I really wish this was an episode.

Best slash kink-meme fill: Boden's Mate (XMFC/Inception)
Epic XMFC/Inception AU of Epic Awesomeness! If you have not read this yet, for the love of god WHY? The story has intrigue and clever, intense dreamsharing action sequences and pining and awesome universe-shifting of the characters and a sequel! (Possibly more than one someday!) I had this thing stalker-pinned and *still* couldn't stop myself from clicking over to the thread at least once a day in hopes of an update.

Best TV: Fringe
THIS SHOW. I wish I had something coherent to say about catching up (13 eps in 3 days! \o/), but I'm stuck on OLIVIA OMG and YAY.

Most ridiculous: Resident Evil
Lindsey and I have decided to start having "let's get drunk and marathon shitty movies!" nights every once in awhile. The Fast & the Furious series went down more smooothly with a case of Corona; we were going to drink Bloody Marys for Alice, but did not have any vodka. Alas. For such a DEEPLY ridic franchise, there are shocking numbers of awesome ladies - at least two in each movie, passing the Bechdel test and kicking ass and generally being the best survivors. They are wearing skin tight outfits most of the time, but, uh, my principles were muted by the booze.

Most fail: Delicious
And the fannish diaspora continues, as everyone runs to find an alternate bookmarking site that won't betray them. *sigh* I have started adding bookmarks again out of sheer perversity, which of course is harder than it used to be to find/remember tags, and I feel very alone because no one else I keep track of is doing so, but it works. I'm curious about Pinboard (that Pinboard/Fandom fic made my week), but I don't really have the money/time to explore.

And of course, I posted Open Secret, Simon/Alys UST fluff written for [personal profile] philomytha's birthday. ♥
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I think if Donna Moss, Donna Noble, and Donna from Suits ever happened to be in the same room, the universe might just explode from sheer awesome.

After being ruthlessly organized, put back on schedule, and cowed into submission, of course.


Jun. 3rd, 2010 06:53 pm
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So, Lindsey and I have been watching Hikaru no Go on Hulu - oh, the drama! oh, the epic, destined gay love eternal rivalry! oh, the awesome (of playing a boardgame)! ♥

Sadly, I made a dreadful mistake. Hulu only has the first 56 eps up for viewing, and *ahem* the usual suspects have failed to provide more. I don't suppose anyone could help a girl out? It'd be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... ;)
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1.) Twenty imaginary dollars to whoever can guess the source of my subject quote! The ladies who saw it with me tonight are not allowed to play, sorry.

2.) What is with the sudden spate of people watching The Mentalist? It's totally bizarre, and I blame [ profile] inmyriadbits ;) I've seen a few eps with her, since she keeps stealing my laptop before I wake up to watch, and the best part of each has been Cho totally pwning someone with his magical powers of deadpan. And his arms. (Preferably both at the same time.)

3.) Supernatural continues to stealthily gnaw at my brain. I wrote a coda for 5x22, but I'm still blocked on two parts, which is driving me mad. I'll probably just post in frustration soon. My last day of work was Friday (yay!) and I slept in on Saturday morning. I have a tendency to doze after I wake up, and my brain comes up with the *weirdest* shit in that state. Which, naturally, I feel compelled to tell Livejournal. ;)


Who I would cast as the Impala if she was turned into a human )


Dean would make a great Princess Anastasia )

"No shame" is still the fannish motto, yes?
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[ profile] fannish5
List the 5 series (tv, book, or movies) that best kept their quality, from beginning to end.

I didn't let myself consider any TV still on-air in case I jinxed it, so this is what I ended up with:

1) Avatar: The Last Airbender
Far and away the TV show that never let me down

2) Vorkosigan saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Let me tell you how much I love this series and how it shaped me as a person. No, it is too much, let me sum up: MADE OF AWESOME.

3) Due South
So awesome it still has an active and recruiting fandom after two cancellations, a lead actor switcheroo, and 15 years gone

4) The Thief series - Megan Whalen Turner
Not only is the world fascinating and the characters human and complex, but each book pulls off some sort of insane narrative innovation on top of an amazing plot.

5) Ouran High School Host Club
A delightful little gem of cracktastic adorable, all the way through.

Hmmm. It's interesting that 2 of the 3 TV shows I chose are animated. I wonder if that has to do with the amount of preplanning that animation requires, and how it effects the continuity of the show.


May. 20th, 2010 01:32 am
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So at work today, we ended up talking about Firefly, randomly.

DUDE: So, what was up with Mal's ex wife in the movie?
ME: Um.... you mean Saffron?
DUDE: Who?
ME: Our Mrs Reynolds? With the whole fake wedding thing?
DUDE: Huh?
ME: Wait, who did you mean?
DUDE: Oh, yeah, I never saw the TV series. The lady at the temple?
ME: Oh, Inara!

He thought Inara was Mal's ex-wife, y'all! LOLing forever.

There was also unintentional tomato innuendo. These things happen.

(Not very often, though. Only 10 more days at this job, thank god!)
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I have read in quick succession today:
It's a day for cliches, apparently.


I've also been trying to figure out a riddle related to the Sharpe series. I started watching the TV adaptations because Lindsey is reading the Temeraire books for the first time, and then I stumbled onto this delightful Sharpe/Temeraire crossover ficlet, and my dad conveniently has copies of the whole bloody series - all 14 episodes.

Sharpe, for those who are unfamiliar, is basically Horatio Hornblower on land, in a rifle company, with bonus impoverished-and-abused-orphan backstory. The TV series stars Sean Bean, who wears his uniform half-unfastened all the time and gets beat up a lot. I feel I need not explain more.

Anyway, the author has posted a riddle about Sharpe's unknown father which is taunting me with its apparent simplicity. )

I don't suppose any of you care to try? :D
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Let me tell you about a little show named Southland and why you should all start watching it on TNT at 9pm CST tomorrow.

Southland is a really fucking awesome ensemble show about cops and detectives in southern LA, featuring Ben McKenzie (The OC), Michael Cudlitz (Band of Brothers, memorable guest spots on Criminal Minds and Life) and Regina King (Badass, M.D.). It is realistic and well-written, focusing on day-to-day pressures and absurdities rather than dramarama. It has a great ensemble cast. It was critically acclaimed. It has POCs and 3-D women who pass the Bechdel test and a REALLY kickass character (who just happens to be gay). Cooper, Sherman and Lydia all took up residence in my brain even though only 7 episodes aired on NBC. So, of course, it was canceled last October before its second season even went on air, because NBC are a bunch of cheapskate morons who'd rather air a billion hours of Jay Leno than good television.

Like every fangirl's dream, TNT picked up the series, but there's a catch: they will air all the produced episodes in order, and MIGHT order more IF they do well.

So please, give the show a try! If you liked Band of Brothers or Life or Homicide: Life on the Streets, or if you like odd-couple cop partnerships, or even if you just thought Ben McKenzie was hot on The OC, I bet you'll like this show.

Look at this face icon: would Lydia steer you wrong?
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First off, I made myself an icon! It's from that recent XKCD strip, and I needed to trade out my fall icon for a winter one anyway.


I have fangirled Zoic Studios, the special effects people who did Firefly, for awhile now. I knew they were my kind of people when I saw the Battlestar Galactica miniseries and a little Firefly-class ship flew by in the background of an early scene. So when I heard they'd started a blog, rather creepily named I Design Your Eyes (apparently a Blade Runner reference?), I went over to explore.

I was scrolling past a fundraiser notice for an LA theater group, and went, "Hey, is that Wendell from Bones?" In tights and hilarious plaid shoes? And indeed it was! LOLtastic, right?

But even BETTER, there were pictures from *another* production last year that apparently had the scorchingly hot combo of Chris Pine and Jamie Rae Newman.

Barefoot. Bedheaded. Shirtless.

Don't say I never did nothin' for ya. :D
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This week's [ profile] fannish5:
Name 5 characters whose wardrobe you would love to have.

1) Penelope Garcia: Do I really need to justify this? *pervs on Kristen Vangsness*
2) Morgana: Rowr, gowns with pretty bodices and clean lines. (Though I expect Gwen's wardrobe would fit me better)
3) Sydney Bristow: All the wigs and stilettos I never knew I wanted to wear.
4) The Doctor: Fashion from across time and space, enough to fill a spiral staircase storage area. *wistful sigh*
5) Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief

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