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*cackles madly* I'd forgotten how much it fun it was to be actively writing in a fandom with ridiculous spy organizations, where Lindsey and I can legitimately brainstorm shit like 'attack cheetahs' and 'flirting with your rescuer whilst high on interrogation drugs' and 'our heroes steal part of a moving train' and 'the secret bad-guy base is at Disneyworld'.

Plus, we realized that all of Lindsey's most recent stories featured either detectives or spies or both. With The Man From UNCLE and the next Mission: Impossible movies coming out this summer, I anticipate this trend continuing. :)
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Love and Marriage (POI) by [personal profile] astolat
In which Reese and Finch get married for financial reasons - except really not, as anyone might guess. I am deeply amused that they *never* actually talk about the whole 'oh hey, we're in love' thing, and yet it's super obvious. I love this show. Also, the scene in the Rose Garden *killed* me in the best way.

The Incident of the Fellow in the Fellow's Garden by azdak
Pitch-perfect crossover between the Lord Peter Wimsey novels and The Man From UNCLE in which Peter is invited to Cambridge in 1955 to investigate a suicide that might be murder, and Illya Kuryakin is the prime suspect. The author nails Peter's piffle and insight in equal measure.

Death Star was an inside job
Star Wars video parody of Loose Change, a 9/11 conspiracy video. *Hilarious*, and I'm irresistably reminded of Holmes' hobby on Elementary.

It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being 'It'
A group of friends have been playing a game of tag for 23 years. And the WSJ wrote an article on it. Yessssss, delicious comedy. An illustrative scene:
Mr. Konesky tiptoed toward Mr. Dennehy's bedroom, burst through the door and flipped on the light. A bleary-eyed Mr. Dennehy looked up as his now-wife yelled "Run, Brian!" Mr. Konesky recalls. "There was nowhere for Brian to run."
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Ahahahaha oh god. /o\


On a completely unrelated note, I've been re-reading bunches of Man From UNCLE fic (sadly, not eligible for Yuletide). It's funny to think that Stan Lee probably named SHIELD after UNCLE, since the show started in 1964 and SHIELD's first appearance was 1965. Unless there's some other ridiculously acronym'd spy organization that preceded MFU. I am inordinately amused by this.

Also, Illya and Natasha stuck in a room together: instant hilarity, or swift death? Either way, they're in for a lot of Russian jokes.

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