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When [ profile] inmyriadbits gleefully abandoned me for her vacation, I sent her off with some of the fluffier end of Avengers/Captain America fandom, since she's been avoiding the angst fest in favor of Les Mis fandom. IRONIC I KNOW. But that fandom's all about the denial AUs, apparently. I don't judge, but I do try to kidnap her back into my current addiction. Because that's what sisters do, right?

Post-Winter Soldier stories

Clint Barton’s Home for Wayward Mind Wiped Assassins (gen)
In which Clint rents one of his apartments to a guy who's clearly a traumatized ex-assassin trying to go straight, but fails to connect him to Steve's missing friend Bucky. If it was any other Marvel character, this would not work, but Clint's unique mix of being a good guy and being painfully clueless at human relationships makes it perfect. It's also not cracky, as I initially thought - Bucky doesn't just show up at Clint's by coincidence, and the story deals with both of the boys' grief and trauma quietly and well - but it is funny and sweet as hell. (ETA: there's now a second chapter that is a little cliffhanger-y and abrupt? avoid as your taste desires)

Oasis (gen)
In which Bucky takes up rooftop gardening at Stark Tower. Oh my god, I need a million more stories where Bucky and Pepper make friends over being involuntarily experimented on, and choosing to create things instead of destroying them.

Bucky And Mister Rogers (gen)
Bucky accidentally becomes a surrogate brother to half the neighborhood, purely via the power of PBS. Right in my Bucky-as-protector feels, plus I know how most of ya'll feel about well-written small children.

Strike (gen)
Steve, Bucky and Sam take a break on their roadtrip to the Grand Canyon to go bowling. Any fic that takes sniper!Bucky and defies-the-laws-of-physics-regularly!Steve and applies both of them to bowling is just comic genius to start with, but it's also got a hysterically funny and perceptive Sam POV.

AUs of adorable

The Coffee Bandits of Greater Manhattan (Clint/Coulson)
I often get bored reading AUs where everyone has normal jobs, but this one has the great twist of Clint and Natasha being rogue unlicensed food truck operators in NYC, being chased by food inspector Phil Coulson, who really really believes in heroes good food. Adorable and well-written with some fun use of the background ensemble (Tony as high-tech parking mogul and coffee patron particularly kills me), and the Clint-Natasha friendship is just as important as the slash, which is important to me.

You Were Standing There (Steve/Bucky)
PTSD-suffering vet!Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk, and meets Steve Rogers, Natasha's seemingly-perfect neighbor. Hit right in the sweet spot of 'Bucky thinks he's worthless' and 'Steve is quietly fucked up' for me. Plus, the writing is vivid and atmospheric without being out of character for Bucky. (This annoys me a lot in the CATWS fandom, when people shovel their lyricism onto a character who's traumatized and has a lot of depth, but is fundamentally a practical, direct sort of person. It's that all-important distinction between 'observant sniper' and 'sounds like a hipster poet'. YMMV.)


And a couple of utterly adorable Leverage vids, since I just re-watched the series and know some of ya'll are also enjoying the whole shebang being up on Netflix now. Spoilery for the whole run of the show, FYI:

Long After You're Gone (team)
Team vid of delight and warm fuzzies, with just a touch of OT3. Some uncut diegetic sound in a couple of places -- technical issues? deliberate choice? It's annoying but minimal, anyway. And I love how it encompasses the relationships, the competence and con shenanigans, *and* the failboat dorkiness of the characters, plus a dash of meta at the end. ♥

Parachute (OT3)
OMG YES. The song is perfect (can any other show match I don't need a parachute, baby, if I've got you to so many actual clips of people jumping off things and having trust moments? I think not), plus fantastic editing, structure, and full of delight. Ugh, I love their faces, Parker/Hardison/Eliot is the best fictional threesome, hands down. I will fight you. (Don/Cosmo/Kathy from Singin' in the Rain are a close runner-up, but they're not word-of-god canon)
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I don't develop "personal canon" the way I've seen many writers do - all the little details like favorite color, first kiss, number of pets, etc., that are interesting and fun but never come to light. I usually start with core principles and canon details and go from there, reinventing the personal details to suit my purposes (for fic or meta or whatever).

But there's an exception: character sexuality.

When I develop an opinion about a character's sexuality, I will stick to it. I supposed a dramatic event in canon could theoretically change my mind, but it hasn't happened yet. It's weirdly opposite to my approach in real life, where I usually don't try to figure people out unless I'm deciding if I want to flirt with them. For many characters, I don't have a *conscious* idea of their orientation, but odds are I can give you an answer if you give me 30 seconds to consider it. For some, I've got very strong opinions.

Take Charlie Crews, for example. My fanon evaluation of him: straight. I used to read (and still enjoy) Charlie/Ted, but by the end of S1 I was convinced that Charlie just *loves* women, platonically and romantically. Any homosexual activity in his past was situational (i.e., prison) [and possibly not consensual], and while he's not going to have a freak out about it, he's not going to seek out male partners now that he's free.

On the other hand, Dean Winchester = bisexual, though he skews way more to the hetero end of the spectrum. I've considered him bi since well before Castiel ever showed his pretty face. If he wants to get laid, he'll usually pick up a woman, but sometimes he goes for guys - like the difference between craving a bacon cheeseburger and a double decker. Dean may be the type of guy who's very concerned with the trappings of masculinity, but I figure sex is sex is sex to him. (Falling in love, though -- that's a whole different barrel of monkeys, regardless of gender.)

Emily Prentiss: prefers women. I don't have much evidence for my opinion, and I don't think she's been in many relationships (if any) because repression thy name is Emily, but it's very clear in my mind. Hotch and Reid are both firmly heterosexual, though Reid doubtless knows reams of studies about sexuality and would be suprised-but-chill if he were ever attracted to a man.

Neal Caffrey: so very bisexual. He has strong tendencies towards clever people and committed-but-open relationships - the 'open' part being a necessary condition of his profession, where being able to seduce anyone is an advantage. If he met any aliens, he'd definitely pull a Jack Harkness and give it a try, and he's cool with polyamory.

Parker: bisexual. Obviously not shy about her sexuality, considering she hit on Nate's ex-wife in front of him, though she's as unlikely to talk about it as give away money.

Sherlock Holmes: nearly asexual, a state reinforced by his (self)conscious pursuit of logic, but he's got a weakness for people who admire him and who he considers an equal. However, in such rare events, he would only start a relationship with someone he trusts (*cough*Watson*cough*), and then only after overcoming his own self-imposed "love is a danger to logic" principles. After jumping all those hurdles, a metropolitan student of humanity like Holmes is not going to be concerned with something minor like gender.

Do any of y'all have this sort of personal canon? Want to test my opinions by throwing characters at me, or just argue with me about one of the above characters? Bring it!
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There's been an uptick in bandom activity lately - more fic being posted, more Twitter/pic squee, with corresponding blog posts/music releases - but I appear to have drifted out of primary fannishness without noticing. I'll read flist fic and recs, but I don't go out looking for stories anymore. I dunno, new albums might spin me back into the fervent heights of fannishness, but the first blush is gone.

It lasted a good year and a half, though! Starting when Lindsey showed me the video for But It's Better If You Do and tempted me into reading Forever, Now and Star Shaped back in January 2008. I've met scads of cool people, in RL (*waves to Texas crew*) and online, and how could I ever regret Gerard Way? ;)

The end of an era is always a little sad, though.


Lindsey is at a bartending job and I don't want to wash dishes, so have some links while I procrastinate and catch up on LJ:

Discussion about female masturbation: I am a big fan, both of the act and the talking about it ;)

Houston elects openly gay mayor: yay Texans!

Leverage 2.5 promo: can I just say spoilers )

Holy shit! When I was younger, I read this wonderful pair of books that was both an Arthurian legend twist and a post-apocalyptic setting (on reflection, my love for Dark Angel and Merlin make more sense). APPARENTLY THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! Dude, 20-years-later-sequels are to be respected.

AND! A movie version of another childhood favorite (with awesome explosive-guerilla-warfare and teen drama), Tomorrow, When the War Began is being released next year! As a bonus, one of the main characters is being played by Rachel Hurd-Wood, who was Wendy in Peter Pan. ([ profile] gingerwall, we are going to see this together. You cannot escape.)
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I have been hiding from real life by reading massive quantities of Magnificent Seven fic. Some of it was deeply, deeply bad, but I cannot stop myself.

However, I have a compelling list of reasons for hiding.
1) On Wednesday, a student at my school was shot and killed at her job in the campus bookstore. The shooter was at large until late last night, and the campus was on lockdown because they thought he might go after more Wesleyan students. I didn't know her, and I really don't know how I feel right now - it's still so surreal. I've barely left the house for a week.

2) I have three papers left to write. One is days late, and the other two are due on Monday. I have not written a single page. I am soooo fucked, and I'm having trouble caring.

3) I am graduating from college. My only current solid plan is going to the Bahamas for two weeks in June.

Some things that have made me smile recently:
1) Ryan Ross playing with animal horns (not like that!) and Brendon Urie quoting 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
2) Maine legalizing same-sex marriage. If New Hampshire joins, we'll have New England almost covered. Let's hope it spreads, like a zombie plague of awesome.
3) The shenanigans over at XKCD. I am frequently irked at how media and fiction portray fans as crazy in a bad way; Randall Munroe is one of us, and pokes fun at Firefly/general fandom in a way that neatly avoids any irkage on my part. Plus, there's a perfect dig at FOX, which I ALWAYS love.
4) Picturing the ATF-verse Mag7 meeting the Leverage gang. I mean, aside from imagining Ezra and Sophie's delightful verbal duels when they meet undercover, or how badly Parker would scare Buck, I like to picture Vin and Eliot in the same room, and all the separated-at-birth jokes that might follow.

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