Sep. 27th, 2011 10:07 pm
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I've been a bit busy (only days without work or school since Sept 1st = Labor Day + today; total days off since Aug 1st = 6), but Monday was my last class of massage school! Just 28 internship hours and a few tests and I can get my license!

Lindsey and I are celebrating by catching up on Fringe. I always forget just how fucking awesome Olivia Dunham is until she comes on my screen again, but seriously: Anna Torv's performance(s) in S3 hit it out of the damn park.

In other news, can I just say how incredibly fucking glad I am that DADT has been repealed?

Tangentially - Sean Maher opens up about his sexuality: 'This is my coming out ball':

The role for which Maher is probably most well-known is Dr. Simon Tam [...] on the cult TV series Firefly and follow-up feature Serenity, both created by Joss Whedon. Maher remembers those projects as some of his best — even though his personal life was still off-limits during that time. “Looking back, on Firefly for instance, I do wish on day one I had told them because these are some of the most amazing people who are still like family to me,” Maher says. “I am so grateful for that show because they saved me. I was so unhappy and lonely and to come to work everyday with that group was wonderful. It really was all I had at that point in my life.”

♥ Firefly cast & crew, forever and ever. ♥ Too bad that his new show The Playboy Club looks terrible and has been getting similar ratings, but good for him on a personal level.
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Since it's now officially summer, irony tells me that I've procrastinated enough to dump some spring cleaning here.

First off, anyone want an AO3 invite? I thought I'd sent all of mine out, but I have another. First come, first serve.

Secondly, I cleaned some monstrously dusty plot bunnies out of my WIP folder, so it's time for a little amnesty:

Evil Scientists convention (Grey's Anatomy/multiple) )

evil genius (Firefly) )

Wendy Watson vs Professor Moriarty (Middleman/Sherlock Holmes 2009) )

....and Castiel vs pancakes (SPN) )

....Heh. One of these things is not like the others.


May. 20th, 2010 01:32 am
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So at work today, we ended up talking about Firefly, randomly.

DUDE: So, what was up with Mal's ex wife in the movie?
ME: Um.... you mean Saffron?
DUDE: Who?
ME: Our Mrs Reynolds? With the whole fake wedding thing?
DUDE: Huh?
ME: Wait, who did you mean?
DUDE: Oh, yeah, I never saw the TV series. The lady at the temple?
ME: Oh, Inara!

He thought Inara was Mal's ex-wife, y'all! LOLing forever.

There was also unintentional tomato innuendo. These things happen.

(Not very often, though. Only 10 more days at this job, thank god!)


Oct. 2nd, 2009 02:23 pm
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A few links of awesome for [ profile] celli:

-A collection of funny protest signs: I think the first one is still my favorite.

-Hilarious analysis of response rates to online dating messages: I am especially amused that using the word "zombies" has a 40% response rate (above average).

-Information is Beautiful: a blog that analyzes information in pretty ways, or collects graphics from elsewhere. Like time travel in pop culture.

And to kill time before I have to start cleaning again, this week's [ profile] fannish5: What 5 series would you resurrect if you could?
1) Firefly. Yes, I am still bitter, and probably always will be.
2) Life
3) The Middleman
4) Jake 2.0
5) Sports Night
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Meme from [ profile] trollprincess and [ profile] taraljc:

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

Indulge me. I just spent 10 hours straight editing my documentary, fueled only by peanut butter crackers and a thunderstorm. I can't tell if I have a crush on Final Cut Pro or Stockholm Syndrome. The doc turned out well, but I'm too tense-tired to fall asleep. I remember the last time I was this tired: I started making fun of myself for not going to bed, only to stop halfway through and go, "Wait, what?"
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Except for [ profile] crack_impala, because that's how I found out about [ profile] sevenfists's Firefly/Supernatural crossovers: Weight and Motion, Wild and Unwise, and Core and Rind, in that order. Holy shit, it's awesome. All the character voices are wonderful, which is damn hard with Firefly, and Dean is perfect from word one. I love the way she writes Mal, who hides from even himself. Dean's struggle to adjust is heartbreaking, subtle, and something that isn't shown enough in crossovers with such disparate worlds.

Seriously, I could write an essay about this damn fic. Wow. When did it get to be so late? Maybe I should start that Spanish essay....
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The Blue Sun Fanfiction Awards are up for voting! They used to be called The Strawberries, and somehow Shrift's Big Damn Zombies is not winning by leaps and bounds, so you should all go vote for it ;) Karen, there are some good fics on there if you're still getting started on your search.
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Muahahahaha!!! I have hooked another unsuspecting friend on Firefly. Marta spent the night, we watched the first three eps, and I sent her home with the Firefly box set. I'm a bad woman...She did say she's going to lend me TWW box set in revenge, though.

I remembered something I read, back after Firefly was canceled. Someone posted a script for an episode, numbered 1.06, which obviously was never filmed. Does anyone know the story behind why it was never filmed? More FOX interference, or Joss' decision?


Also went to the Citywide Garage Sale today, which always has wonderful vintage stuff. I got a beautiful book (the first I've ever bought mostly for being shiny): green leatherbound replica of a 1906 diary, written by an English lady. It's full of poetry quotes and watercolor drawings of flowers, birds, and leaves. I also found some jewelry for Lindsey, which seems to happen rather often: I find it, it's perfect for her taste, so she ends up spending waaaay more money than me. Again, I'm a bad woman ;)


I'm such a fandom whore (so much fun!). I started watching Highlander episodes just for Methos, because that man is far too intriguing for his own good. I mean, who doesn't love a 5000-year-old snark machine who was friends with Socrates and used to be evil? This is one of the cases where fanfic is better than the show, however delicious Peter Wingfield's accent is. The main character, Duncan MacLeod, is sweet in a chivalric, Clark Kent-ish kinda way, but doesn't fascinate me. I like the sneaky survivalism of Methos and Amanda (a catburglar and Immortal friend of Duncan's) much more. For an excellent example of this, read A Lytell Geste, by Catherine Boone, wherein the three of them get bored, and hilarity ensues.

Coming soon: a long-ish post on [ profile] fandom_scruples and my beliefs on NC-17.
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I got the Firefly DVD for Christmas. Yeah, bet it's a mystery where this post is going.

I HATE FOX. Cursing that I wasn't sure would offend someone unexpectedly. Apologies to those who prefer their pejoratives uncensored. ) Ahh, I feel better. Peace.....

Okay, that didn't work. Why did a bunch of stupid, nearsighted, vision-lacking idiots have to be in charge of this show's fate? I know all ya'll on my flist watch Buffy, because it says so in your interests, but none of you seem to have seen Firefly. You really, really *should*. Joss really had something with this show, and if he manages to pull off the movie deal he's working on, I am going to pimp the damn thing to the best of my ability.

In fact, let's start now. *wiggles fingers hypnotically* Go watch Firefly. Joss says it's shiny. You are feeeeeling verrrry fannish. Plus, pretty guys in tight pants (and/or sexy vests) and gun holsters. And kickass women (well, really just Zoe with the warrior woman thing, but Kaylee's the universal little sister, in the best possible way, and River is all kinds of wonderful crazy [Think Drusilla, but not homicidal, less well-dressed, and more sympathetic]). And wacky fun. And the best damn spaceship since the Millennium Falcon. Serenity is a strange girl to love, but she's got a special charm that sneaks up on you. Okay, lost track of the whole hypnosis thing, but go watch it. I know it sounds like a weird idea. I mean, really, why would anyone want to watch a futuristic space western with an ensemble cast set on a rickety ship? That'd be like a fantasy drama starring a teenage girl destined to fight the forces of evil, who stops apocalypses with her best friends and a stuffy English man.

Oh, wait....

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