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So I completely failed to reveal what I wrote for Yuletide this year --

stumble to prevent a fall
written for [ profile] mskikiiv
gen, post-canon
2200 words

The first thing Dani says after Bodner pulls the car over is, “Crews, you're an idiot. What the hell were you thinking?”

--before posting a little something yesterday that I co-wrote with Lindsey:

see a church by daylight
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
co-written with [ profile] inmyriadbits
explicit, established relationship
2300 words

Perhaps Dot’s decision to ignore Phryne’s advice to elope had a bright side after all.

...possibly my next fic should NOT be titled in five lowercase words starting with the letter 'S'. Huh. And before that it was two six-word titles starting with 'T'! o_O
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This year, I wrote Precession, a Life post-finale fic for [ profile] vialethe. Despite getting sick in the final days of editing, my recipient (♥) and other people seem to think it came out pretty well, which is always lovely. (And apparently it is the only fic on AO3 which has Seever tagged as a character, which is just... a terrible wrong I am happy to right.)

Because the YuleGods think they're funny, the *other* Life fic this year was written by [ profile] inmyriadbits, the hilarious and sweet Taking the Stairs, in which Charlie, Ted, and Tidwell get stuck in an elevator. It's been a Very Damian Lewis Christmas in these parts.

I'm probably going to post a slightly edited version on LJ in a few days, but first I have my licensing exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Fic: Here

Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:43 pm
spatz: Dani Reese in profile against a sunlit wall (Life Dani sunlight)
Life. Post-series finale, gen, 825 words. Thanks to [ profile] gingerwall for the lovely beta. Archived at AO3

Dani lay in the quiet of Crews' guestroom and tried not to feel exposed. )

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