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Apr. 4th, 2017 02:21 pm
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Just a heads up to everyone that I deleted my LJ, so those old crosspost links are now defunct! Presumably there's some way to remove them, but I'm gonna give myself some time before investigating, since I just erased 14 years of my fannish history (even it is all backed up here).

If anyone wants to know why, I reblogged details about LJ's new bullshit TOS over on Tumblr.
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I've been terribly distractible lately, and keep dumping myself into new fandoms despite it being a really unwise idea. I did fail to do my usual SXSW marathon -- I only saw 3 films this year, being sadly curtailed by me starting a new job (yay) + not being able to take any more time off after my surgery (boo).

So far this month, I have spent way too much mental energy bouncing between:
Check, Please! (this is the closest I am ever getting to hockey fandom, though)
The 100 - EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE and I love it
World War Z (wow the book is nothing like the movie, the zombies don't even work the same. glad I read the book second, so I didn't have any expectations for the film, which a totally solid and completely unrelated Hollywood zombie thrillfest)
Foxglove Summer/rereading the series via Kobna Holbrook-Smith's magical audiobook readings (re-listening?)
return of The Walking Dead -- CAROL OMG

Also, I can't believe I didn't realize that 616 Bucky Barnes has the same birthday as me and [livejournal.com profile] inmyriadbits. Like, 91 years apart, but who's counting?

Coming not-very-soon-but-eventually by popular request: a photo documentation of my healing incision. And by 'popular request', I mean [livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown. :D
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I'm going through a stretch of Pinboard bookmarking - which for me involves going through my carefully sorted browser bookmarks of 'fic I liked', re-reading them, and then deleting the ones that don't hold up on the second run. I started doing this because a) binge reading upon joining a fandom often drives me to bookmark dozens of subpar stories in that first fandom flush of infatuation, and b) too much 3AM reading. It's a good set of filters for me, but it does mean I tend to tuck stories away in my bookmarks folder for several years. (finally finished through 2009 last year, whoo!)

Which means I just now finished going through my bookmarks for The Eagle and Hawaii 5-0, and have just started into Dresden Files. The Eagle fic held up fairly well, but I ended up keeping only ten out of about sixty H50 stories, and wound up re-reading some wank that went down in Dresden back in 2011 when I binge-read the whole series.

Which got me thinking about how we critique canons that are problematic but keep consuming them anyway, and how 'so just stop watching it!' seems to be the first defensive response when we do that.

There's a good reason we call it 'breaking up with a fandom' when we leave, because it *is* a love affair. And like many relationships, marriage or domestic partnership or whatever, we commit and fall in love and create spaces and memories, but we still have issues. Nobody's perfect. Your girlfriend leaves her towels on the floor. Your showrunner makes inappropriate jokes in a public interview. You hate the colors your husband chooses for his clothing.

And everyone has a different breaking point. Your significant other wants to have children. Your show kills off your favorite, or triggers you and doesn't see the problem. Your partner cheats on you, or hits you. Your show does something unforgiveably racist/misogynist/___phobic.

You make the choice to leave, or separate. It doesn't mean there weren't good things; you may still see each other; it may not even mean you don't love them anymore. But it's gonna hurt, it's gonna be ugly, and it's gonna be different for everyone involved.

Anyway, tl;dr. Going through my H50 fic felt like going through that box of crap your douchebag ex left behind and alternating between feeling like I should be using tongs and just not caring anymore. Except every once in a while there was an awesome memory, or something shiny, so I had to keep going until I was done. And Dresden Files was like that fling where you find their number in your phone and realize you haven't heard from them in three years, and maybe you should call them, or check their Facebook? Except, fuck, what if they start acting awkward and sketchy and making sexist jokes again -- but otoh, they were funny, and the sex was really great. Hmmm.

FANDOM LIFE. I have a lot of feelings.
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As some of you might have guessed from my last post, I fell face-first back into Avengers fandom recently (hahaha, typoed that as 'feel face-first', also accurate). Partially, this is an attempt to finish a WIP that's been sitting around since May 2012 and partially because I was getting a little crazy about Person of Interest. (I broke down in insane tears of frustration over something very stupid involving codecs, and decided to take a break. Basically.)

Tonight, I spent literally an hour trawling through Samuel L. Jackson's IMDB page to play six degrees of separation with the Avengers cast and every other comics movie ever. I was having so much fun that I did not even realize it was taking that long until I looked at the clock.


....But for the record, Samuel L. Jackson is totally in the lead in that game.
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Naturally, just as I was about to respond to a bunch of AO3 comments and clear them out of my inbox, the archive goes down. *pats AO3* Oh, well.

...I completely forgot what else I was going to say. I'm very tired. I could rec something, but the archive's down, so that would be mean. I haven't seen POI or Sleepy Hollow from this week or Elementary from last week yet, but tomorrow's my day off, so hopefully that will happen. I've still only seen the pilot for Agents of SHIELD and judging by people's reactions, I suspect my lack of enthusiasm for seeing the next two is not going to improve. *sigh* I love Coulson a lot, but unless the rest of the crew starts leveling up, I'm worried.

The Arrow premiere is on October 9, and I am looking forward to that - Felicity! Summer Glau as a new character! Ridiculous vigilante shenanigans and a high probability of shirtless men with very fine musculature! :D After that, it's a bit of a dry stretch until Almost Human on November 4th. I guess I could check out Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, but I'm already side-eying the show for changing its name three times and I'm very picky about my Alice in Wonderland remakes. We'll see.
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Ugh. I was vaguely sick all weekend (again, thanks to inmyriadbits - how it is that she's giving all the viruses to me when I'm the one who works in a service industry?) with a sore throat and fatigue, and finally hit the point yesterday where I needed to call in. I was actually only awake for 8 hours yesterday, in between Nyquil dosings.

Anyway. I ran across A Beginner's Guide to Pinboard yesterday, and started thinking about how I bookmark, which is very very different from that person. From a lot of people, probably. and now I will ramble about My Process if anyone cares. Probably just the other bookmarking addicts. )

That's about it, and now 'bookmarking' has started to look like a fake word, so I'm off to sleep in front of the TV or something. Wish me luck.


Sep. 4th, 2013 01:29 am
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As deadlines loom, a fan's thoughts naturally turn to... getting distracted by other shiny challenge signups. So far I've resisted the siren call (except for Yuletide, but that's a given at this point), but if anyone else is interested:

[community profile] fan_byproducts - a Welcome to Night Vale gift exchange with a name that made me LOL, because I enjoy bad jokes. Signups are open until September 8th!

Idyll Challenge - okay, technically I'm still eyeing this one because it's open-ended like Canadian Shacks. Who doesn't like stories "in which the characters are stuck in a peaceful, comfortable, well-stocked place, usually with some kind of swimming available"? Good decision, fandom.

Small Fandom Big Bang - signups are open until October 31st. (hmmm. Actually. Linds, I think MI4 is eligible. Should we?)

I have definitely *not* resisted the siren call of [community profile] pofinterest_chat, which I think was a good life choice. More people should come play! *pokes everyone*
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I swear I'm going to have an actual recaps of Chicago/Vividcon at some point, but this discussion and meeting people at VVC made me want to ask: how do you pronounce your username?

For myself, 'spatz' is actually German (meaning sparrow) and should be pronounced 'schpots', roughly. However, I am a Texan and gleefully mispronounce it 'spats', like the formal footwear. Back when I was [livejournal.com profile] thespatz, I had several people think it was said like 'thespian', which I got a kick out of hearing.

Some of y'all are easy ([livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown, [livejournal.com profile] doitninetimes/[personal profile] drunkoffthestars, [livejournal.com profile] dotfic, [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade), but I'm still not sure if I'm saying [livejournal.com profile] ignipes correctly. (at least I know how to say Kali right? *g*)
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I COMPLETELY forgot to say anything, but I am going to VividCon in Chicago this weekend! If any of y'all are going and/or would like to hang out outside of the con, say hi in comments? I'm going to be visiting [livejournal.com profile] junebug_waltz before and after the con, so I will be there from Wednesday through Monday afternoon. I am totally house-trained and adorable, I promise. :D
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I'm still a little surprised at my own obsession with Person of Interest, sometimes. Like, I've been obsessed with fandoms like this before, right? But they were either passing flings that I see again once a year or so, or something like Supernatural and Avengers, which are both HUGE fandoms. It felt like it made more sense to be so crazy when you had that much backup. Whereas POI is pretty darn small -- small enough to be in Yuletide for two years running (though definitely not next year! go fandom!).

I think it's the way that most of the people who watch the show end up casual fans, and then there's the small minority that end up sobbing over references to eggs benedict, and laughing hysterically at the boys and their inappropriate lack of stalking boundaries, and debating AI sentience or the morality of vigilante justice vs the government playing Big Brother.

And I love it.

I'm just saying: it's a little disconcerting to have a fandom this small eat my brain so hard.
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So with the news about AO3 making TIME's best 50 websites list, I was thinking about how the site is bound to get some tourists wandering through, which made me wonder if there were any stories on the archive that had inflated hit counts from outsider linkage (the way [personal profile] sam_storyteller's Trying to Communicate went viral because lolcats).

It doesn't look like it: most of the ten stories with hits over 200,000 are behemoth chaptered fic in popular fandoms that were posted as WIPs.

But then there's a few *complete* outliers, all from SGA fandom: gen fic of mediocre quality and short length, all by different authors. They all have low comment/kudos numbers, except one that has 7500 guest kudos and like five personal kudos, and a truly egregious misspelling in the title.

I am VASTLY curious what happened there.
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Hurrah for successful Yuletide upload! I managed to get my computer working in safe mode, thank the merciful computer gods. And thankfully Yuletide is on AO3 now, because I had to edit for typos twice immediately after posting. *sigh* Also, I uploaded about 30 minutes before deadline and the archive didn't even blink or slow down at all. Nice.

Then I got all anti-nostalgic about the year they had to put up the low-graphics version of all the stories on a separate server to keep everything from crashing, went to read through the Fanlore entry, and discovered Ghost Soup Infidel Blue. Ahahahaha. ♥
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Yuletide! \o! Whoo, assignments! I finally posted my Yuletide letter, and I matched on something that I'm excited about, and I'm about to start doing canon review. Right now it feels like we have so long, though I'm sure the delusion will quickly fade.

Other fannish things:

1) A dude named Derek Wolf is STILL on backorder at the call center where I work. Poor Derek Hale, doomed to never catch a break. Maybe he should have used a better alias.

I am also constantly amused by things like:
-people who live in Waverly, IA
-massage clients who happen to be named Clint
-callers who are named Watson

2) Missed two anniversaries in October: my 9 year LJ-versary, and my 12 year fandom anniversary. Unlike many people, I can actually date it to a specific night: the premiere of Dark Angel on October 3, 2000. I wandered in on the last bit, involving two very pretty people smoking up the screen in leather and a wheelchair respectively, whilst wandering around a dystopian cityscape and kicking ass (all things I am still easy for, btw), and went online to track down a recap of the episode.

I found the recap, and screencaps, and transcripts, and then a forum, and started talking to people who had no idea I was 13 and therefore treated me as the adult I could write like, and then fanfic and friends and Firefly and LJ and the continuing adventures of everything.

Good times.

3) For my reference more than anything, the trope meme ficlets I wrote back in late September, one of which turned into a full story:
(Avengers) Clint/Coulson telepathy not!fic for [personal profile] ignipes
(B13) Damien/Leito secretly-a-virgin speculation for [livejournal.com profile] inmyriadbits
(Avengers) All Elbows for [livejournal.com profile] neery, Clint/Coulson 'forced to share a bed'

4) Pretty sure I've read all the Clint/Coulson fic at this point. Like, ALL of it. Even the bad stuff. I'm so desperate for decent fic that I've started re-reading my own stories, which is a course of action that can only end in tears, and I've started to lose perspective on what is good, which is making my writing stagnate. Time to step away for a bit. Or try, anyway.

Yuletide review: just the ticket!
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There are a lot of things I love about Avengers fandom, but I'd forgotten how much a fandom this size can make you feel insignificant.

It's like -- with very small fandoms, you might be shouting into the void, but there are a few people out there who will eventually hear you, and they'll be really happy to hear you.

Large fandoms are like big parties, except everyone's talking at once and you always seem to show up when the interesting conversations are wrapping up. Or you open your mouth and forget all the clever things you meant to say and it's all blah, or when you do say something, no one really responds.

So you wander over to the buffet, and you brought some pie to the party, because you love pie, everyone loves pie, and you just started baking but it seems like it's going well - maybe a little too much salt in the crust, but it's still delicious pie. But everyone's off eating the elaborate, delicious three-tier cake down the way - and it's good cake, that's fair, you ate some too, but now all anyone's talking about is the cake and the one they made for the last party and the cake they're making for the next one. And you're left with this pie that you're pretty proud of that maybe a couple of people tried, and maybe one of them left you a nice note and that's awesome, it really is, but pie is meant to be shared. You can't eat a whole pie by yourself.

So you try the garden to see if anyone's interested, and everyone's running around in pretty costumes and masks and giggling like crazy, and you're impressed! Everything's so shiny! But you never learned how to do that sort of thing, and when you try to talk to anyone, they're talking half in pantomime and half in code, and you kinda just want to sit down and have a conversation in complete sentences with someone who likes pie.

Those people are probably somewhere at the party - on the landing, or in the kitchen, or maybe hiding out in the library with the good tequila - but you can't find them, and you have a sneaking suspicion that even if you do find them it'll be a terrible replay of your last attempt to talk to people.

Eventually, you catch up with the people you came to the party with, and they're all oh hey, we're heading off to this other fandom party now, are you coming? But you're not quite ready to leave yet, so you tell them go ahead, because you *do* want them to have fun, really. You just also kinda wish that at least one person's idea of fun was staying and talking to you.

And then you end up on your own, gorging yourself at the buffet until you're sick of everything, and wondering how, after a decade of going to parties, you still suck at them so much.

...Wow, this turned into a super self-pitying lament about metaphorical pie that I will probably regret in the morning.
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The Paramount is in full swing with its Summer Film Classics series, so I went to watch a Buster Keaton double feature. They were adorable, though I think I was a bit spoiled seeing The General first, because you can't beat that. I watched a couple of Chaplin films last week (The Great Dictator: waaay less funny after the Holocaust. It's like one long pre-war Holocaust joke. Modern Times was pure delight, though), and Keaton and Chaplin are an interesting contrast. For all that Keaton is nicknamed "the Great Stone Face", he actually conveys an AMAZING amount of emotion with his physicality and use of his gaze (double-takes, widened eyes, confused squints).

Go West had a lot of excellent cow shenanigans, but I was delighted to discover that Seven Chances is the movie that originated the "I must get married or I won't inherit this large fortune left to me by a sadistic relative!" trope. I doubt Keaton would ever have predicted fandom's pining/fake relationships/epic angst take on that, considering he used his storyline to enable an epic chase scene whose highlights included a stampede of women taking out a football team and an avalanche. *laughs* Someone write that slashy version of that, now.


Jun. 9th, 2012 03:40 pm
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I've seen mentions in a few places that the AO3 waitlist is super long and slow right now, so if you or someone you know wants an invite, I've still got one! I think most of ya'll don't need one (which is why I've never used it), but first come first serve.
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Three random fannish things:

1) Today, I was behind a car with the custom license plate "007PPK" and immediately went, "Wow, someone's a James Bond nerd."

In retrospect, that someone was obviously me. *facepalm*

2) My housemate just copied me on an email to our landlord titled "Snakes on a drain". ♥

3) While browsing Tumblr (which I am never allowed to get an account on, because I would never leave), I happened upon a picture of Anna Torv followed by a picture of Jeremy Renner and went, "Dear God, someone put them in a movie together so we can all die from awesome intensity and BAMFery." (the sheer hotness goes without saying)

...I may have also developed a Theory about how Jeremy Renner ~= Michael Biehn in his ability to co-star in a platonic manner with awesome ladies who are genuinely kickass and convince me that he respects and likes them.
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Some days, you just really need to vanity browse Pinboard and go, "Hey, someone tagged my story as 'awesome'! I feel like a worthwhile human being again!"

...I also tried with Delicious, but the search timed out. Classy.


Mar. 19th, 2012 09:37 pm
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I just signed up for Pinboard after a long internal debate, and thank god. Very clean and simple compared to the hideous filler-content mess that Delicious turned into. I also think there's been fiddling since the Epic Fandom Feedback GoogleDoc of Doom happened, because there are tons of features that I've been longing for:

1) First and foremost, the global bookmarks page (i.e., the "231 saves" link that gives you a page with everyone else's reviews and tags in chronological order). I didn't know the site had this because it's not available to the public, but it magically appeared in the settings page and I clicked that tickybox so hard it hurt.

2) tag autocomplete!

3) listing tags in the order I added them, not REVERSE order FUCK YOU DELICIOUS THAT WAS WHAT BROKE ME.

4) tag clouds that don't suck and nest cleanly!

4) I figured out a way to export my Firefox bookmarks and upload them in batches by fiddling with the exported HTML file, which works with how I bookmark and pairs very nicely with...

5) the Organize function, which comes with a preview frame. So I can upload my monthly batch of newly-reads with timestamps from Firefox, then select the 'untagged' filter, click 'Organize', and flick through while I reread/delete/add descriptions without having to alt-tab between the windows and fuck with the bookmark properties.

6) bulk editing with actual functionality

7) oooh, there's a history feature. I am weak for those.

8) the people person who runs it seems to have a sense of humor and is fandom-friendly. The popular+fandom filter they set up pleases me. Let's hope the honeymoon lasts.

Sheesh, why did I wait so long?

...Well, okay, tl;dr discussion of my bookmarking philosophy )

Anyway. I'm excited about Pinboard! Let me know if you're on the site, I want to explore the subscription and network features some more.

For those of you who made it through the babble, have some animation-related recs:

Up inspired floating house built by National Geographic. Look at the little mailbox!

Stunning artwork of Disney Princesses in accurate period costume. I have no idea how actually accurate these are, but gee, they're pretty. Check out the artist's website, too, where she has Tiana in an awesome flapper dress and some Doctor Who art and a BAMF Harley Quinn costume redesign.
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FUCK YEAH ALL MY USER NAMES MATCH NOW. (It only took nine years for LJ to purge that never-used journal, sheesh.)

I was going to post a long thing about February still being my least favorite month and how I have now moved out of my parents's house at long last, but [personal profile] drunkoffthestars is a magical slavedriver who somehow broke my writer's block by sitting at a table and fixing her harddrive while [livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown mocked me from the couch and now I am verrah tired.


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