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I was excited about watching Fringe live, but work called me in to close after my massage internship. *sigh* I would really like a day off that doesn't involve a) being sick or b) Labor Day.

So now I'm killing time waiting to *ahem* Fringe by reading all about Inspector Spacetime! (I blame my classmates - somehow, the only three people in the kitchen this afternoon all loved it and therefore we had to have a long discussion about New Who vs Old Who and how Tom Baker was also Puddleglum.)

*laughs endlessly* Oh, fandom. We will probably have turned a 20-second parody clip into a completely recapped canon by Christmas. Inspector Spacetime is a totally-ripped-off-by-Doctor-Who! imaginary TV show that appeared briefly in an episode of Community, and now has the following:

-a TV Tropes page

-a theme song (classic and eighties)

-t-shirts (....I kinda want one.)

-a forum

-a Post Secret-esque tumblr


-people wanting to request it for Yuletide

For a more coherent explaination of the phenomenon fandom, go here. For extra laughs, check out the TV Tropes recap page, which has a complete listing of episode titles which bear a suspicious and occasionally snarky connection to DW titles (like "Good Lamb" and "Return of the Revenge of the Blorgons" and, of course, "Stare")
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I think if Donna Moss, Donna Noble, and Donna from Suits ever happened to be in the same room, the universe might just explode from sheer awesome.

After being ruthlessly organized, put back on schedule, and cowed into submission, of course.
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Okay, every year I decide I'm going to keep up with Doctor Who as it airs, and I always end up getting sidetracked and marathoning it after the season ends.

I have decided this is actually a good thing, because this season would have given me a HEART ATTACK.

spoilers for Doctor Who S5 )

I cannot wait for next season. \o/!
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Happy San Jacinto Day, Texans! Here, have some miscellaneous links that have been piling up in my notes:

The Broccoli Test returns
A revival of the classic meme (an explanation is linked if you're unfamiliar) with analysis of three newer slash couples - Dean/Castiel, Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, and Arthur/Merlin.

conversation I had with Lindsey about Damien Lewis and Doctor Who

Tomorrow When the War Began trailer
OMFG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE. (Basically: Australia is invaded and a group of teenagers who were camping at the time fight a guerilla campaign against the invaders.) And fandom should be excited, too! If the filmmakers even *vaguely* follow the books, they'll star an intelligent, brave, unbelievably (but believably) tough girl who blows shit up in creative ways, falls in love and lust in the middle of fighting a guerrilla war, and manages to keep her friends together and fighting through it all. Ellie is a fucking badass, y'all.

Speaking of awesome ladies, a gorgeous, sweeping female character picspam
The ladies herein are amazing - not just kickass, but flawed, intelligent, complex, cheerful, strong, funny, sexy, ambitious, kind. I recognized most of them, but ended up wanting to meet the ones I didn't. Let's just say my Netflix queue grew a bit the day I saw this post ;)
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Home safe from the wilds of New York! I successfully shepherded the twin through her thesis-writing, visited my old roommates, and had a lovely fannish dinner with [ profile] dotfic, followed by an intrepid hike through last weekend's blizzard.

I did not, alas, send any postcards. But I will when I go back after New Year's! I promise!

Also, Lindsey managed to hook me on Fringe. (How does she do these things? Am I just that easy?)



I was skimming the latest LJ news announcement, and stumbled across this unfortunate sell line:

FYI, an annual subscription costs less than a large pizza with everything on it, PLUS it's rumored to make you lose weight in your sleep!

All I could think was: I don't want to make alien fat babies!

Yes. Anyway. Another reason to defect to Dreamwidth, if I ever bother to set up my account there properly.
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This week's [ profile] fannish5:
Name 5 characters whose wardrobe you would love to have.

1) Penelope Garcia: Do I really need to justify this? *pervs on Kristen Vangsness*
2) Morgana: Rowr, gowns with pretty bodices and clean lines. (Though I expect Gwen's wardrobe would fit me better)
3) Sydney Bristow: All the wigs and stilettos I never knew I wanted to wear.
4) The Doctor: Fashion from across time and space, enough to fill a spiral staircase storage area. *wistful sigh*
5) Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief

Doctor Who

Apr. 15th, 2007 08:52 pm
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I am over the moon about Doctor Who's third season. I tried to love the Tenth Doctor last year, and I did love the way Tennant played him at odd moments, but he and Rose were driving me nuts with the smugness and the superiority and the way they were hardly ever serious, even when they should've been.

But this season has been totally awesome, I'm head over heels all over again. New New New Doctor, as it were. general spoilers for season three )

spoilers for Gridlock )
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At this hour in the morning, one would have expected me to have 1) finished my paper or 2) gone to bed. But no, I go on IMDB and look up past Doctor Who actors.

This activity, however puerile, did inform me that Tom Baker, who played the 4th Doctor with the scarf that everyone (apparently) knows best, was Puddleglum in the BBC's The Silver Chair. *squee* OMG, he was fantastic in that movie! Damnit, I do not need to go searching for 40-year-old television seasons, I really don't....

Book meme

Nov. 20th, 2005 07:07 pm
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So, Jenny's been sending me Doctor Who episodes, and I'm in the middle of a two-parter when Gmail locks down my account for "Unusual Usage." *screams* *throws tantrum*

I don't handle fannish deprivation very well. The episode is within minutes of my grasp, and I'm being denied. Very childish of me, but that's the way it is.

To distract me: The Guardian's Top Twenty Geek Novels, gacked from [ profile] marag:
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