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[personal profile] inmyriadbits and I have been catching up on Nikita finally. We were supposed to finish off the last season tonight, but Linds wussed out at midnight because, idk, she has to work at normal people hours tomorrow, or something. Pfft. :P

profound thoughts, really )
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-Kathryn Joosten, aka Mrs. Landingham in my heart forever, passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, awesome lady.

-I keep waiting for someone on Tumblr to post an image of Bucky with the lyrics to the little soldier boy song from Tales of Ba Sing Se, and thereby utterly break me.

-I think one of my favorite (other favorite? ALL THE FAVORITE) things about A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer is that after Coulson takes out the robbers, he pulls the donuts out of his pockets. Like, he put them there in advance. He sees guys with guns, sighs, and makes sure to stow his snacks so he doesn't have to go back for them. Now *that's* efficiency. ♥

-There are three Chris Hemsworth movies out in theaters right now: Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, and Snow White & the Huntsman. I should go see those other ones. Or maybe Avengers again.

-Oh, Tim/Kon, my old dear love. Have they even met yet in the New 52 reboot, or is Kon still wandering around fresh from his cloning tube?

-ARGH I AM SO BORED. This list was going to have ten things, and then I got bored, that's how bored I am. *sigh*
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Catching up on comics via Wikipedia is sort of like catching up with people via Facebook...crossed with a high school reunion. There's a lot of "when did that happen?!?" and "they're doing *what* now?" and "Awww, they finally got together!" and "oooh, nice outfit!" (or "LOL, what were they thinking") and "I remember that!"

Except with 100% more resurrections and saving the world in spandex. Yay comics!
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AHAHAHA. I've been bookmarking some saved fic to Delicious, and I tagged a few Tim/Kon stories (the third Robin & Superboy, for those of you less familiar with DC Comics) and noticed something bizarre: ALL of them had my "fakerelationship" tag, which I use when characters are pretending to be involved when they're not, or are in a relationship under false pretenses (i.e., undercover, fake identity, lying, etc). Three in a row! Hilariously, this is *not* a coincidence, because it's just *such* a Tim thing to do.

I'm not really surprised, it just makes me go: AHAHAHAHA TIM DRAKE. Warped from a young age by Batman, that one. Devious, canonically voyeuristic, and faily at human interaction when he's not undercover as someone else.

I love him so. ♥
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Happy birthday, [ profile] marinarusalka! You have the same birthday as my grandmother, which is awesome, although she is 89 and you are considerably younger ;)

[ profile] inmyriadbits posted a funny(/awful) story from our granny's birthday lunch before I could beat her to it.


Via [ profile] dotfic, I learned that a minor DC comics character that I was fond of got fridged. (warning: TV Tropes link!) cut for spoilers as I think it's a recent issue )

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I'm back from backpacking with only minor injuries (hurray!) and I have skinny dipping pictures of [ profile] inmyriadbits at 11000 ft that I can't show anyone, because she has skinny dipping pictures of *me* at 11000 ft.

Hmmph. This blackmailing business is hard.


I seem to have missed wishing [ profile] liketheroad happy birthday, but I hope you had a lovely day, and will have an awesome week and month and year, because you give other people so much happiness and these things should balance out. <3

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] marthawells! I'm on time for this one, happily. May the Texas sun be not-so-scorching for you today, and may you have a wonderful time. I'm going to celebrate by re-reading bits of your awesome Ile-Rien series. Er, again.

(If anyone on my flist hasn't read Martha's books, she writes awesome female characters in fast-paced, plotty fantasy with really cool world-building and plenty of humor, so why *haven't* you read them yet?)


In the past couple of days, I've read so many awesome crossovers that I have to rec some. If I didn't know better, I'd say the internet missed me.

This River's Full of Lost Sharks (SPN/Veronica Mars): Dean and Sam go to Neptune at Missouri's urging, and find zombies and tiny blonde trouble. Solid casefile that digs up a lot of past issues (on *both* sides) in a subtle, interesting way, top-notch banter and good use of both casts. (the author's style is *so* familiar, too, and it's driving me crazy that I can't place them. Grrr, anonymity.)

This Bitter Earth (SPN/Criminal Minds): The BAU team and the Winchesters investigate a series of murders on a southern plantation. Worth the price of admission for Hotch's interrogation of Dean alone.

Vertigo (MCR/Batman): Opens with Bob dangling off a building with a bomb attached to his ankle, while Batman tries to save him. AWESOME. Also, good follow-up on Bob's emotional state afterwards, and ends with cuddling.

Write A New Apocalypse (SPN/Good Omens): Castiel goes to Aziraphale for advice on avoiding apocalypses. Smoothest merging of these universes I've seen yet, and interesting insights on Cas by Aziraphale.

That Kind of Crazy (Iron Man/West Wing): In which Pepper is friends with Donna, and she rants about Tony. Adorable, with Perry's usual insight and humor.

Ghost in the Machine (and sequel, linked at bottom) (SPN/Iron Man): Ahahaha, how did I miss this? Hilarious story where Dean and Sam help exorcise the suit.
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1) I have watched eight movies this week (one of which I've seen before), plus about 3 hours of short films from 1895-1906ish. I feel like my eyes are going to turn into movie reels if this keeps up. Once my Silent Cinema class hits feature films, I will be watching a MINIMUM of 7 movies a week. Yeaargh.

2) I found an old meme from my old computer (I've been going through my files and ruthlessly organizing them. I'm starting to feel a little OCD.), and wanted to post it. I'm particularly amused by the last item, which was clearly written before winter break:
Fandom Fling meme, gender-neutralized for your viewing pleasure )

3) My brain keeps composing parts of a Criminal Minds 5 things fic while I'm not paying attention. The thing is, there must be plenty of fics out there that posit alternate fates for the BAU team, right? It's an on-going subtext on the show that our profilers are only separated from the unsubs by a thin line of circumstance and choice, yet I haven't *seen* any around. Have any of ya'll spotted them? Am I just looking in the wrong places?


Dec. 1st, 2006 01:14 am
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Today, I ate an entire 24 ounce jar of applesauce (in two sittings) and did not start my film paper at all. Do you think the first balances out the second?

Also, the guy I work with at the computer helpdesk was watching Justice League on his computer, which I figured out by recognizing Green Lantern's voice. From across the room. (J'onn, meanwhile, sounds like a hybrid of James Earl Jones and Michael Dorn from afar) I even figured out it was Metamorphosis from Season 1. *headdesk* Why does my brain store useless information like this?
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First of all: I turn 19 today! Happy birthday, [ profile] inmyriadbits! Soon, I shall be in NY, and the city will tremble in fear....

Reason #2023 I Love My Westerns Film Course: While writing an essay on High Noon, I get to write, "The conflict set up at the beginning, however, requires Kane to chose to fight evil in the form of Frank Miller...."
Which is waaaay funnier if you are familiar with DC Comics and who these men are in relation to Batman, but if you don't know, I'm not revealing the depths of my nerdiness.

In music news, (I know, Lindsey, I have music news! *gasp*) I won a free CD through the power of Google. This group called The 35th Parallel came to Wes for a concert, and I signed up for their mailing list. They held a competition to see who could figure out the source of their new CD title, Crossing Painted Islands. It has to do with road markings, actually, but I got a free CD and I like their music, so: sweet! (Happy birthday to me ;) )

Also, I went to a Tuvan throat singing concert. Very cool.
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Okay, I was slightly mistaken about the sleep thing. But only because I'm an idiot. Does anyone have Justice League fic recs? Please?
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If this article on Stargate: Atlantis is accurate, then I am irritated. The way they are describing the characters looks like they smushed SG-1 into a ball and divided it randomly into new characters. Ugh.


Justice League is horribly, wonderfully addictive. At least Lindsey has once again bowed to my superior TV taste and is getting addicted with me ;) I think the only show we currently watch that she heard about/wanted to watch first was Alias; the rest are mineminemine! Bwahahahaaaa!!!!

Er, maybe I'm taking this sibling rivalry thing too far...


I got my PSAT scores back, and I did so much better than I had hoped. Bright part of a sucky, over-worked week. BTW, much thanks to [ profile] jrose for helping me with my writing project. *smooches*

Okay, must sleep. Recovery from all-nighter is needed.
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To all of those people on my friends list who watch Justice League: you sucked me into another fandom, damnit! I thank hate you! Evil seductresses, the lot of ya, especially Bexless. I should just give up all hope for a life right. now.

Another minion of the Forces of Fandom Addiction is, which kind enough to give me information on new shows months before they are released, so I can get hooked on things like this. )

*sigh* Forgive me, I'm feeling unforgivably bratty today.

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