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It's almost Halloween, y'all!

There are a few things I regret about my time in bandom, but the number of times I watched this video and laughed my ass off is NOT one of them. ♥

ETA: oh, man, Brendon Urie. I forgot how gumbyish his face could be. Can we just stick him in a room with Dylan O'Brien and make them *face* at each other, and record the results? I really think humanity would benefit.
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Some days, you just want to read bakery AUs. Have some recs.

The Stars & Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop (Dresden Files) (also, 1/6 - the header lies)
Hallelujah, the WIP is complete! I never thought I'd like a normal-life AU for this fandom so much, but it's incredibly charming and deals with Harry's issues in a realistic, h/c awesome way, with the full ensemble as background. Plus, good Harry/Marcone is hard to find....

New Beautiful Things Come (XMFC)
In which Erik runs a kosher bakery and Charles is an activist, but not in the way you think. Gorgeously atmospheric (made me miss New England falls something fierce. Not the winters, though *g*), and does interesting things with the mutation-as-metaphor-for-minorities trope.

I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (Inception)
Pretty sure the entire fandom has read this now, but who can resist Arthur twisting himself into knots of denial and Eames soothing his pain with massive amounts of espresso? Hilarious and heartfelt, often in the same breath, and such a comfort re-read.

Buy Handmade (bandom/MCR)
Warm, lyrical, and set in the early days of Etsy, Frank decides to make a career change from tech support to baker. My heeeeeart. Especially lovely to read it again as someone who just spent a year in massage school while working at a call center.

..and what the hell, a couple of stories where people play Never Have I Ever. (if you ever meet me while drunk and want to make me happy, suggest playing this game. I am so weak for it.)

I Never (comics!Avengers)
In which a bunch of sleep-deprived Avengers drink diet soda and mock each other. ♥

An Ancient and Noble Game (The Eagle)
In which Marcus and Esca play the game in the very traditional mode of 'trying to figure out if your crush likes you'. Also, *smoking* hot.
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So apparently Brendon Urie is getting married? And announced it on Twitter via a soundclip from The Princess Bride? To a girl who is wearing a skeleton t-shirt in her Twitter picture? Ahahaha, that boy. Best of luck to both of them. ♥
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There's been an uptick in bandom activity lately - more fic being posted, more Twitter/pic squee, with corresponding blog posts/music releases - but I appear to have drifted out of primary fannishness without noticing. I'll read flist fic and recs, but I don't go out looking for stories anymore. I dunno, new albums might spin me back into the fervent heights of fannishness, but the first blush is gone.

It lasted a good year and a half, though! Starting when Lindsey showed me the video for But It's Better If You Do and tempted me into reading Forever, Now and Star Shaped back in January 2008. I've met scads of cool people, in RL (*waves to Texas crew*) and online, and how could I ever regret Gerard Way? ;)

The end of an era is always a little sad, though.


Lindsey is at a bartending job and I don't want to wash dishes, so have some links while I procrastinate and catch up on LJ:

Discussion about female masturbation: I am a big fan, both of the act and the talking about it ;)

Houston elects openly gay mayor: yay Texans!

Leverage 2.5 promo: can I just say spoilers )

Holy shit! When I was younger, I read this wonderful pair of books that was both an Arthurian legend twist and a post-apocalyptic setting (on reflection, my love for Dark Angel and Merlin make more sense). APPARENTLY THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! Dude, 20-years-later-sequels are to be respected.

AND! A movie version of another childhood favorite (with awesome explosive-guerilla-warfare and teen drama), Tomorrow, When the War Began is being released next year! As a bonus, one of the main characters is being played by Rachel Hurd-Wood, who was Wendy in Peter Pan. ([ profile] gingerwall, we are going to see this together. You cannot escape.)
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I'm back from backpacking with only minor injuries (hurray!) and I have skinny dipping pictures of [ profile] inmyriadbits at 11000 ft that I can't show anyone, because she has skinny dipping pictures of *me* at 11000 ft.

Hmmph. This blackmailing business is hard.


I seem to have missed wishing [ profile] liketheroad happy birthday, but I hope you had a lovely day, and will have an awesome week and month and year, because you give other people so much happiness and these things should balance out. <3

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] marthawells! I'm on time for this one, happily. May the Texas sun be not-so-scorching for you today, and may you have a wonderful time. I'm going to celebrate by re-reading bits of your awesome Ile-Rien series. Er, again.

(If anyone on my flist hasn't read Martha's books, she writes awesome female characters in fast-paced, plotty fantasy with really cool world-building and plenty of humor, so why *haven't* you read them yet?)


In the past couple of days, I've read so many awesome crossovers that I have to rec some. If I didn't know better, I'd say the internet missed me.

This River's Full of Lost Sharks (SPN/Veronica Mars): Dean and Sam go to Neptune at Missouri's urging, and find zombies and tiny blonde trouble. Solid casefile that digs up a lot of past issues (on *both* sides) in a subtle, interesting way, top-notch banter and good use of both casts. (the author's style is *so* familiar, too, and it's driving me crazy that I can't place them. Grrr, anonymity.)

This Bitter Earth (SPN/Criminal Minds): The BAU team and the Winchesters investigate a series of murders on a southern plantation. Worth the price of admission for Hotch's interrogation of Dean alone.

Vertigo (MCR/Batman): Opens with Bob dangling off a building with a bomb attached to his ankle, while Batman tries to save him. AWESOME. Also, good follow-up on Bob's emotional state afterwards, and ends with cuddling.

Write A New Apocalypse (SPN/Good Omens): Castiel goes to Aziraphale for advice on avoiding apocalypses. Smoothest merging of these universes I've seen yet, and interesting insights on Cas by Aziraphale.

That Kind of Crazy (Iron Man/West Wing): In which Pepper is friends with Donna, and she rants about Tony. Adorable, with Perry's usual insight and humor.

Ghost in the Machine (and sequel, linked at bottom) (SPN/Iron Man): Ahahaha, how did I miss this? Hilarious story where Dean and Sam help exorcise the suit.
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I constantly mistype Bob Bryar as "Bob Bryay." I can't decide if it's a Freudian slip or just infinitely appropriate.

In other news, all the buzz about the MCR shows in LA is just making my raging desire to see them live shoot through the roof. *covets* If you could wear out MP3s, my copy of The Black Parade would be totally gone.


Jul. 30th, 2009 01:21 am
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Panic (or, I guess it's Panic! again) is apparently taking Ian Crawford on tour with them? WHY ARE THEY NOT COMING ANYWHERE NEAR AUSTIN?!? Life is so cruel....
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This appears to be one of the Jonas Brothers dancing to "Single Ladies". In spandex. And HIGH HEELS.

Dammit, I might have to like them now. Just on general, fellow-dork principle. Also, Joe has nice legs.
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I have to watch a movie called Simple Men for this paper, and one of the leads, Bill Sage, has a freakish resemblance to Mikey Way. Like, REALLY freaky. They have the same bone structure. The same mouth. The same pointy nose. The same monotone and :| face, for crying out loud! (it's one of the director's trademarks for the period) It doesn't help that he's playing a younger brother of a family from New York.

If you don't believe me, the movie is availableon Netflix Instant Viewing. I want to post pictures, but I don't have anywhere to upload them.

ETA: picture linked in comments!
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I have been hiding from real life by reading massive quantities of Magnificent Seven fic. Some of it was deeply, deeply bad, but I cannot stop myself.

However, I have a compelling list of reasons for hiding.
1) On Wednesday, a student at my school was shot and killed at her job in the campus bookstore. The shooter was at large until late last night, and the campus was on lockdown because they thought he might go after more Wesleyan students. I didn't know her, and I really don't know how I feel right now - it's still so surreal. I've barely left the house for a week.

2) I have three papers left to write. One is days late, and the other two are due on Monday. I have not written a single page. I am soooo fucked, and I'm having trouble caring.

3) I am graduating from college. My only current solid plan is going to the Bahamas for two weeks in June.

Some things that have made me smile recently:
1) Ryan Ross playing with animal horns (not like that!) and Brendon Urie quoting 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
2) Maine legalizing same-sex marriage. If New Hampshire joins, we'll have New England almost covered. Let's hope it spreads, like a zombie plague of awesome.
3) The shenanigans over at XKCD. I am frequently irked at how media and fiction portray fans as crazy in a bad way; Randall Munroe is one of us, and pokes fun at Firefly/general fandom in a way that neatly avoids any irkage on my part. Plus, there's a perfect dig at FOX, which I ALWAYS love.
4) Picturing the ATF-verse Mag7 meeting the Leverage gang. I mean, aside from imagining Ezra and Sophie's delightful verbal duels when they meet undercover, or how badly Parker would scare Buck, I like to picture Vin and Eliot in the same room, and all the separated-at-birth jokes that might follow.
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(Seriously, Twitter is turning into one of those monsters that eats everyone in fandom! Next, the world.)

BUT. My actual point was that I think Brendon Urie finally got a Twitter, and I am amused. And, between all the blogging and the Twitter explosion and watching movies involving voyeurism for class, I feel increasingly stalkerish.

Someday, I will give in and get an account just so I can tell Mikey Way that he should see Best Worst Movie when it gets distribution.
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1) Comment to this and I will give you three people. (Any fandom listed in my profile; please state whether you want boys, girls, or both)
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of the three people I give you.
4) Label which you would shag, marry, and throw off a cliff.

[ profile] elucreh gave me Greta Salpeter, Severus Snape, and Rodney McKay.
My answers )
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The opening drum bits of "Geronimo" by Phantom Planet and "Invincible" by OKGo are very similar, and I was very confused by my iPod earlier when they played back to back. I just thought ya'll should know that.

I have a 12 page research paper due Monday, and it's not going well. It's still at that place where I know a lot of random bits of information and what I want to argue, but I still have to go through microfilm to find reviews and box office stats. I HATE microfilm in all its unwieldy non-glory. Books have similar access issues, but at least they are charming and fully indexed and smell nice.

Ahhh, why do I never work on things ahead of time? At least I'm interested in the material. It's not everyday you get to compare Roger Corman to John Cassavetes.
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1) I have watched eight movies this week (one of which I've seen before), plus about 3 hours of short films from 1895-1906ish. I feel like my eyes are going to turn into movie reels if this keeps up. Once my Silent Cinema class hits feature films, I will be watching a MINIMUM of 7 movies a week. Yeaargh.

2) I found an old meme from my old computer (I've been going through my files and ruthlessly organizing them. I'm starting to feel a little OCD.), and wanted to post it. I'm particularly amused by the last item, which was clearly written before winter break:
Fandom Fling meme, gender-neutralized for your viewing pleasure )

3) My brain keeps composing parts of a Criminal Minds 5 things fic while I'm not paying attention. The thing is, there must be plenty of fics out there that posit alternate fates for the BAU team, right? It's an on-going subtext on the show that our profilers are only separated from the unsubs by a thin line of circumstance and choice, yet I haven't *seen* any around. Have any of ya'll spotted them? Am I just looking in the wrong places?
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Oh, Ryan Ross, how so awesome? Fanboying Let the Right One In, dissing Twilight, and apologizing for Elton John, all in the same post. *draws hearts* Now if only Gerard Way would post about it, my life would be complete....

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