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When [ profile] inmyriadbits gleefully abandoned me for her vacation, I sent her off with some of the fluffier end of Avengers/Captain America fandom, since she's been avoiding the angst fest in favor of Les Mis fandom. IRONIC I KNOW. But that fandom's all about the denial AUs, apparently. I don't judge, but I do try to kidnap her back into my current addiction. Because that's what sisters do, right?

Post-Winter Soldier stories

Clint Barton’s Home for Wayward Mind Wiped Assassins (gen)
In which Clint rents one of his apartments to a guy who's clearly a traumatized ex-assassin trying to go straight, but fails to connect him to Steve's missing friend Bucky. If it was any other Marvel character, this would not work, but Clint's unique mix of being a good guy and being painfully clueless at human relationships makes it perfect. It's also not cracky, as I initially thought - Bucky doesn't just show up at Clint's by coincidence, and the story deals with both of the boys' grief and trauma quietly and well - but it is funny and sweet as hell. (ETA: there's now a second chapter that is a little cliffhanger-y and abrupt? avoid as your taste desires)

Oasis (gen)
In which Bucky takes up rooftop gardening at Stark Tower. Oh my god, I need a million more stories where Bucky and Pepper make friends over being involuntarily experimented on, and choosing to create things instead of destroying them.

Bucky And Mister Rogers (gen)
Bucky accidentally becomes a surrogate brother to half the neighborhood, purely via the power of PBS. Right in my Bucky-as-protector feels, plus I know how most of ya'll feel about well-written small children.

Strike (gen)
Steve, Bucky and Sam take a break on their roadtrip to the Grand Canyon to go bowling. Any fic that takes sniper!Bucky and defies-the-laws-of-physics-regularly!Steve and applies both of them to bowling is just comic genius to start with, but it's also got a hysterically funny and perceptive Sam POV.

AUs of adorable

The Coffee Bandits of Greater Manhattan (Clint/Coulson)
I often get bored reading AUs where everyone has normal jobs, but this one has the great twist of Clint and Natasha being rogue unlicensed food truck operators in NYC, being chased by food inspector Phil Coulson, who really really believes in heroes good food. Adorable and well-written with some fun use of the background ensemble (Tony as high-tech parking mogul and coffee patron particularly kills me), and the Clint-Natasha friendship is just as important as the slash, which is important to me.

You Were Standing There (Steve/Bucky)
PTSD-suffering vet!Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk, and meets Steve Rogers, Natasha's seemingly-perfect neighbor. Hit right in the sweet spot of 'Bucky thinks he's worthless' and 'Steve is quietly fucked up' for me. Plus, the writing is vivid and atmospheric without being out of character for Bucky. (This annoys me a lot in the CATWS fandom, when people shovel their lyricism onto a character who's traumatized and has a lot of depth, but is fundamentally a practical, direct sort of person. It's that all-important distinction between 'observant sniper' and 'sounds like a hipster poet'. YMMV.)


And a couple of utterly adorable Leverage vids, since I just re-watched the series and know some of ya'll are also enjoying the whole shebang being up on Netflix now. Spoilery for the whole run of the show, FYI:

Long After You're Gone (team)
Team vid of delight and warm fuzzies, with just a touch of OT3. Some uncut diegetic sound in a couple of places -- technical issues? deliberate choice? It's annoying but minimal, anyway. And I love how it encompasses the relationships, the competence and con shenanigans, *and* the failboat dorkiness of the characters, plus a dash of meta at the end. ♥

Parachute (OT3)
OMG YES. The song is perfect (can any other show match I don't need a parachute, baby, if I've got you to so many actual clips of people jumping off things and having trust moments? I think not), plus fantastic editing, structure, and full of delight. Ugh, I love their faces, Parker/Hardison/Eliot is the best fictional threesome, hands down. I will fight you. (Don/Cosmo/Kathy from Singin' in the Rain are a close runner-up, but they're not word-of-god canon)

CA2 recs

Apr. 10th, 2014 01:27 am
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I posted some recs on Tumblr for [personal profile] marthawells, and realized I might want to mirror them here:

chasing things that we should run from by callicokitten
Post-movie h/c, in which Bucky is a metaphorical alley cat and Steve is patient. Sweet and very satisfying.

this is a back alley by Febricant
Long, meaty post-movie story where they find each other in Brooklyn, looking for answers. Loved the POV in this and the use of 2nd person for Bucky; loved how it’s harsh and hopeful at the same time.

Next New Message by fabrega
Hilarious, short explanation for where Clint was during the movie.

On Your Right by thingswithwings
Sweet, funny post-movie Sam/Steve, with pitch-perfect Sam POV and guest starring the rest of the Avengers.

but the fires are coming by stitchingatthecircuitboard: in which Bucky runs and stays lost for a while, until Natasha finds him.

Gravitation by Odsbodkins: Steve/Bucky growing up. Slightly jossed by the movie’s reveal that they weren’t in an orphanage, but still excellent. Warning for internalized homophobia.

How To Win Friends and Influence People by igrockspock: Maria’s job interview at Stark Industries. Funny, and then kind of awesomely wrenching, which is impressive in less than 800 words.
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So, [ profile] ardentintoxication suggested doing a DVD commentary for Learning Curve. I've always wanted to do one, and because the story is inspired by The Goat's Back universe and I clearly have a lot of feels, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then it got long. And then [personal profile] inmyriadbits wanted to play. And then it got a little longer. /o\

Learning Curve DVD commentary: spatz in yellow, inmyriadbits in purple )

Also! If you are still here, you are clearly a fan of this 'verse, and should check out Double the Dose by [ profile] casspeach! Because more SES-verse is always a good idea, and it's got some lovely Clint and Steve and Natasha dialogue. :)
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As some of you might have guessed from my last post, I fell face-first back into Avengers fandom recently (hahaha, typoed that as 'feel face-first', also accurate). Partially, this is an attempt to finish a WIP that's been sitting around since May 2012 and partially because I was getting a little crazy about Person of Interest. (I broke down in insane tears of frustration over something very stupid involving codecs, and decided to take a break. Basically.)

Tonight, I spent literally an hour trawling through Samuel L. Jackson's IMDB page to play six degrees of separation with the Avengers cast and every other comics movie ever. I was having so much fun that I did not even realize it was taking that long until I looked at the clock.


....But for the record, Samuel L. Jackson is totally in the lead in that game.

yes, this

Nov. 15th, 2013 12:48 am
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Steve Rogers Isn't Just Any Hero
There’s nothing “revisionist” or “politically correct” about portraying Steve Rogers as an explicitly progressive superhero. Without that, he wouldn’t be Captain America.
Long, detailed historical/canonical rundown of why Steve is not the forties conservative jingoistically patriotic stereotype fandom sometimes thinks he is, complete with fucking footnotes. THANK YOU.

Ugh, people writing Steve as anything less than open-minded and progressive drives me crazy. We have plenty of canonical evidence in both comics and the movies that he is neither sexist nor racist (the Howling Commandoes, Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff, Sharon Carter, Sam Wilson, Nick Fury, etc, etc, etc), his best friend in the comics growing up was not Bucky but a gay kid named Arnie Roth, he's canonically crossdressed about a billion times in the comics, and also all the points in that article above.

Do I think Steve would be confused and/or awkward when confronted by things like transgenderism or modern sexual mores or Helicarrier electronics panels? Yes. Do I think he would then ask for an explanation in plain English, listen when someone explained, and also continue treating everyone like a human being (granted they are not trying to do something evil at the time)? FUCKING YES.

Steve is a stubborn, reckless, smartass, insubordinate control freak of a human being, and about 70 years behind culturally, but he is NOT CONSERVATIVE OR PREJUDICED. ARGH.
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Back in April, I got a wee bit obsessed with The Goat's Back and its prequel and sequel. This puppy's not going to make much sense without at least the first story, and most of the sequel. So many thanks to [ profile] arsenicjade for creating the universe, inspiring me to write more, and letting me play in it. ♥

Learning Curve
team, gen; Steve/Natasha, explicit

Warnings )

Six times the team learned something about Steve, and one time they already knew. )
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Yuletide! \o! Whoo, assignments! I finally posted my Yuletide letter, and I matched on something that I'm excited about, and I'm about to start doing canon review. Right now it feels like we have so long, though I'm sure the delusion will quickly fade.

Other fannish things:

1) A dude named Derek Wolf is STILL on backorder at the call center where I work. Poor Derek Hale, doomed to never catch a break. Maybe he should have used a better alias.

I am also constantly amused by things like:
-people who live in Waverly, IA
-massage clients who happen to be named Clint
-callers who are named Watson

2) Missed two anniversaries in October: my 9 year LJ-versary, and my 12 year fandom anniversary. Unlike many people, I can actually date it to a specific night: the premiere of Dark Angel on October 3, 2000. I wandered in on the last bit, involving two very pretty people smoking up the screen in leather and a wheelchair respectively, whilst wandering around a dystopian cityscape and kicking ass (all things I am still easy for, btw), and went online to track down a recap of the episode.

I found the recap, and screencaps, and transcripts, and then a forum, and started talking to people who had no idea I was 13 and therefore treated me as the adult I could write like, and then fanfic and friends and Firefly and LJ and the continuing adventures of everything.

Good times.

3) For my reference more than anything, the trope meme ficlets I wrote back in late September, one of which turned into a full story:
(Avengers) Clint/Coulson telepathy not!fic for [personal profile] ignipes
(B13) Damien/Leito secretly-a-virgin speculation for [ profile] inmyriadbits
(Avengers) All Elbows for [ profile] neery, Clint/Coulson 'forced to share a bed'

4) Pretty sure I've read all the Clint/Coulson fic at this point. Like, ALL of it. Even the bad stuff. I'm so desperate for decent fic that I've started re-reading my own stories, which is a course of action that can only end in tears, and I've started to lose perspective on what is good, which is making my writing stagnate. Time to step away for a bit. Or try, anyway.

Yuletide review: just the ticket!
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An article:
Mitt Romney Is Dolores Umbridge: a 9-year-old watches the presidential debates

A rec:
Captain America is not a Republican
Because I am absolutely easy for stories in which Steve is a) devious, b) thoughtfully progressive, and c) politely kicks ass.

And a meme:
If you could remix one of my stories, which one would it be and how'd you do it?
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....Yeah, no one is surprised. But everyone is happy! *twirls*
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Wow, two stories posted in just over a week. That's a record.

All Elbows
Written as [ profile] neery's trope meme response, for the prompt 'Clint/Coulson, forced to share a bed'. Thanks as always to [ profile] inmyriadbits for the beta.

Clint tossed his bag on the right side of the bed, and Coulson...twitched. There was really no other word for it. )
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So a few months ago, [ profile] arsenicjade was wanting Clint h/c, and [personal profile] ignipes posted about Steve Rogers: Earth's Mightiest Cuddler, and then this happened. ...Obviously it took me a while to finish. Sorry, y'all! Thanks to [ profile] inmyriadbits for the beta and [ profile] ersatzemma for some research help.

Also, I finally managed to title something with Empires lyrics, yay! (....the silent struggles of my life, revealed.)

The Things Underneath Our Hearts
Warnings: mild onscreen violence, offscreen torture, vomit, graphic description of a dead animal, nightmares, and homophobic/sexually threatening language used by a bad guy.

Read more... )
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Thanks for the multiple recommendations for Dropbox on my last post, ya'll! I just had to reinstall Windows last night (I think my harddrive is actually dying, but I'm hoping it's just the OS *fingers crossed*), so once I have all my files loaded back on tonight I'll take a swing at it.

In the meantime, I am bored at work (shocking!), so let's play:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing/characters and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write).

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin Damien/Leito for inmyriadbits
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed Clint/Coulson for neery
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. presumed dead/fix-it
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy Clint/Coulson for ignipes
15. High School / College AU

(with a substitution for 12 because the idea of writing kidfic is just...I have no idea where I would even start! I literally cannot remember a single plotbunny I've had involving children, now that I think of it....)
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Over on Tumblr, This discussion of Natasha and what it means to be a superhero got me thinking tangentially about Natasha and her relationship to the organizations and people she feels a duty towards.

For me, it leads back to a story I've been trying to write for awhile now, which is that there's a difference between being a superhero and identifying as one. Those six people who fought in New York are the Avengers now in the public's eye and in ours, but who among them actually thinks of themselves that way, as heroes or as a team? Tony, I think, is the only one: planning apartments for everyone, challenging Bruce, dragging everyone to schwarma. But he is also at the end of a three-movie heroic arc that got him there. He chose to be Iron Man, chose again to be a hero instead of letting his ego rule, and chose to fight with (and name) Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Thor )

Steve )

Natasha )

Bruce )

Clint )

Aaaaand, now it's 4 AM, so I have to sleep, but please come talk about these ridiculous people with me.


Aug. 14th, 2012 02:31 pm
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Just realized I spent my entire lunch break with my chapstick visibly tucked inside my bra.

Not quite as bad as the day of mismatched shoes, but.... Yeah.

If anyone wants to make me feel better by letting me talk about something I *don't* completely fail at, I'm still taking DVD commentary meme requests. I had fun talking about my Yuletide fic Precession (which...I never posted here, just on AO3. Oops.), and I will be desperately bored at my non-massage job for the next four hours and twenty minutes.


ETA: So naturally, LJ goes down. Seriously, Tuesday, what did I do to you? Hah! Victory!

ETA2: And now I have to stay late. *sigh* Boooooored.

ETA3: Seriously, so bored I am contemplating how to typo the Avengers's names inappropriately. Mostly because I've seen multiple typos of 'Clint' as 'Clit'. Other possibilities:
Tony -> Toy
Steve -> Stave
Bucky -> ...yeah, that one's obvious
Pepper -> Peeper
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I'm happy that Avengers fandom has finally hit the point when it starts backlashing against its own fanon - at least, the this-characterization-is-completely-unrecognizable stuff. I've linked Things That Would Surprise Captain America before, and a tiny Coulson/paperwork rant (seriously, I have nothing against paperwork, but there are so many other things he can do).

Anyway: Why Thor is Not A Fucking Idiot (A Comprehensive Post)

Amazing, funny, and includes this hysterical and completely accurate digression about Steve Rogers:
Here’s what Steve probably remembers from the 1940’s: His desegregated military squad. His squad in the midst of an escape picking up Tesseract-charged weapons and being all LOL WHAT DOES THIS DO and IDK BRO TRY SHOOTING IT and OH WOW THAT WORKS I GUESS and not a single one of them standing around clutching at their pearls and crying OH MY LAWD, I DON’T RECOGNIZE THIS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY.
IDK BRO TRY SHOOTING IT. *dies* I can never watch that scene again with a straight face.

But yes, can we all remember that Thor is a semi-competent dude and a grownup superhero, not a frat boy moron? Please and thank you. Just because Loki tricked him along with EVERYONE ELSE does not mean he thinks gullible is written on the ceiling.

(...actually, he probably would fall for that. But only once, and it would be hilarious.)
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Apparently, I cannot resist Avengers kissing memes now. The party's mostly died down over at [personal profile] such_heights's journal, but I ended up posting three fills, which rather startled me.

Pepper/Tony, bubbly )

Natasha/Thor, friendship )

Rhodey/Tony, suits )
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So yeah. This happened. Let no one say my devotion to Renner's ass is not profound. It took a ridiculous amount of time to find a photo that was not a GIF from that angle.

...My life, so hard.

here without context, for posterity )
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I went to see Avengers (again), which prompted me to upload even more shiny icons. I don't think I've ever had this many from a single fandom uploaded at once before - I'm usually much more multifannish. I, in fact, went back to a paid account for LJ just so I could put up all the ones I wanted. *facepalm*

Anyway, the movie about superheroic friends with very nice butts is still my favorite. Some observations from Round 3 )

I...have not run out of things to say about this movie, actually. I may never run out of things to say about this movie. I just need to sleep at some point.
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I should really stop saying I don't like things, because then I inevitably end up wearing pink, or reading RPF, or writing fic where two characters played by Jeremy Renner are actually the same person. *facepalm*

I don't even LIKE this movie, wtf. I just got pissed that they killed off the only likeable and intelligent character in the movie, and, combined with my firm belief that Coulson would never let a zombie apocalypse happen on his watch, wound up writing fix-it fic.

(Jeremy Renner in tactical gear had absolutely nothing to do with that decison. Noooo.)

...Um, anyone interested in doing a beta? Preferably someone who has seen 28 Weeks Later recently?

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