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I should so very much be asleep, but I'm mourning the delay of Fringe so I just spent like 2 hours on Tumblr and watching the Novation promos over and over again. Have some links! (images spoilery for individual moments/scenes, but not plot arcs)

Olivia: researching, grinning, getting blown up, floating in an immersion tank, post-coital, grieving, angry and ethereal - and that's just the pilot!

Olivia's idea of dressing up

Their jobs are so weird

Walter ships Olivia/Peter

Remember that time they spoiled the Star Trek reboot 3 whole days before it was out in theaters and no one noticed? Good times.

And now for something completely different: pumpkin Appa! All he needs now is a little Aang figurine on his head and a little recording saying "yip yip!"
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I love watching people's reactions to Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time.

I generally see one of two reactions:
1) they love it immediately
2) they tried the pilot/first few/saw a couple episodes randomly/whatever, but didn't really click, and then a devoted fan got them to start again and by the time they hit the mid-season 1 they were die-hard converts

I've never seen anyone hate the show. Ever.

The latter category's progress is deeply amusing to watch: first, the casual mention of maybe trying the show again. Then, the huh-this-is-better-than-I-remember reaction. Right around mid-to-late S1, they start flailing around in a fit of squee, proclaiming passionate love forever and ever, OMG. And then they pass S2 and 3 in a blur of "Toph! Zuko! Azula! Appa! Iroh! Sokka! Aang! Katara! OMG awesome fight scenes/awesome ladies/awesome story arc/worldbuilding/themes/art/EVERYTHING!"

As they should. ;)

My Yuletide recipient was one of the latter - I was worried she hadn't liked the fic because she took so long to respond, but I tracked down her Twitter and saw, dated Dec 26th:

So I just finished my two-day Avatar marathoning. DO NOT REGRET. AMAZING SERIES IS AMAZING.

and went, "Ohhhhhh."

I did the exact same thing with the first two seasons - though I loved the show instantly and stayed up 26 hours straight [thankfully it was summertime. Hilariously, I got hooked via a discussion of TV's biggest woobies. The poster claimed Zuko had even bigger daddy issues than Dean Winchester, and I went 'Not possible!' But it was too late, I was already curious. For the record: I was so, so wrong. Zuko wins the father trauma contest. All of them. Forever.]

This post is brought to you by [personal profile] sdwolfpup, who recently discovered the show and is making promising vidbunny noises, and drew me to watch the last 40 minutes of the series again with hearts in my eyes.

Is it time for Legend of Korra yet?
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I have to say, the bad reviews of The Last Airbender have reached such *epic* levels of scorn that I'm almost tempted to sneak into a screening with my flask and a drinking game, just for the LOLs.

Then I remember I have the whole series on DVD, and that life is too short to watch bad CGI, and sanity returns.
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Observations from catching up at ?skip=400:

1 - feministhulk is AWESOME.

2 - [ profile] cherryice made an Appa vid! I just about died of glee! (Yumin, you need to watch this right now)

Even if you haven't seen Avater: The Last Airbender, you will enjoy watching this: Appa is a giant, six-legged fluffy white flying buffalo made of adorable, unless you threaten his people, in which case he will stomp you. ♥

3 - There's been an explosion of Doctor Who posts on my flist. Guess it's a sign I should catch up on that, huh?

4 - There is so much (fic) bingo on my friends page that I am beginning to suspect you lot are all secretly retirees.

5 - I've always skimmed past my flist's discussion of sports events, so it's weird now to be excited about the World Cup, and therefore talking about it online.
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[ profile] fannish5
List the 5 series (tv, book, or movies) that best kept their quality, from beginning to end.

I didn't let myself consider any TV still on-air in case I jinxed it, so this is what I ended up with:

1) Avatar: The Last Airbender
Far and away the TV show that never let me down

2) Vorkosigan saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Let me tell you how much I love this series and how it shaped me as a person. No, it is too much, let me sum up: MADE OF AWESOME.

3) Due South
So awesome it still has an active and recruiting fandom after two cancellations, a lead actor switcheroo, and 15 years gone

4) The Thief series - Megan Whalen Turner
Not only is the world fascinating and the characters human and complex, but each book pulls off some sort of insane narrative innovation on top of an amazing plot.

5) Ouran High School Host Club
A delightful little gem of cracktastic adorable, all the way through.

Hmmm. It's interesting that 2 of the 3 TV shows I chose are animated. I wonder if that has to do with the amount of preplanning that animation requires, and how it effects the continuity of the show.
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First of all, I haven't been getting some of my comments and replies - has anyone else had this problem?

The first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender is streaming on Netflix, if any of ya'll haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I really can't stress how much I love this show - it's this wonderful, epic, delightful thing that spends three seasons telling exactly the story it set out to tell, and doing so many things right along the way - awesome characters that are both heroic and still children, kickass female characters, incredible world-building and continuity, beautiful animation.

Animator Vs Animation: An utterly hilarious and creative Flash animation, in which a stick figure and cursor do epic battle in Paintshop Pro. Laugh-out-loud funny, and make sure to turn the sound on.

I've been craving good Holmes/Watson/Mary fic since I saw Sherlock Holmes, and I finally found some I like. recessional on Dreamwidth has been writing prompt table responses and her Mary is most excellent, and the balance of the three in the relationship is pitch-perfect.

Is there HTML code to link to DW users from LJ? I feel like I've seen it somewhere, but I can't recall how to do it.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, I've been reading a book about Victorian London, which, hilariously, starts with a chapter called "Smells", describing the sewage situation in the mid-1800s. There's a map of the sewer system used to drain and upgrade the old lines, and I was tickled pink to see that if a boat was heading downstream from the Houses of Parliament, there is in fact a major sewer line crossing the river's edge just past the bridge, port side, approximately 100 yards. See?
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Fannish Friday 5
Who are your 5 favorite non-humanoid characters?

1. Diefenbaker (Due South)
2. Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes)
3. Appa (Avatar)
4. Pilot (Farscape)
5. Bernard & Bianca (The Rescuers)

This was more difficult than I originally thought, because I realized non-humanoid is not the same thing as non-human, which rules out 99% of Star Trek, Star Wars, and other aliens & monsters. The first three spots were easy, but competitors for the last two included Elda (Dark Lord of Derkholm), Bunnicula, the Disreputable Dog & Mogget (Abhorsen books), Faithful/Pounce (Tortall books), Aslan (Narnia), Kazul (Enchanted Forest Chronicles), the Cowardly Lion (Oz books), and the Beaver (I Want to Go Home!).
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It's always terribly disconcerting to find that favorite fictional characters are younger than you.

For instance, Elizabeth Bennett was 20 in Pride and Prejudice. Miles Vorkosigan was 23 in Brothers in Arms when he managed to talk his clone out of 17 years of assassin training (bless his heart). Veronica Mars was 16/17 when her best friend was murdered, Aang is 12 and expected to save the world in less than a year with almost no training, Smallville's Clark Kent started out as a 14 year-old who just found out he was a super-powered alien, reboot Jim Kirk is barely 25 and captain of a starship with hundreds of people in his care, Buffy was 16 and knew she was going to die, Harry Potter willingly sacrifices himself at 17.

When you're a teenager, all this seems quite natural and fun, and it's often not unbelievable as an adult, but it takes on certain wistful, heartbreaking aspect when you're 22 and comparing life stories.
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I'm breaking more than a year's worth of radio silence because I am PISSED OFF.

Casting for the movie version of Avatar: The Last Airbender was announced recently. Wanna guess how many of the lead roles went to non-white actors? Oh, yeah, NONE.

Leaving aside my liberal distaste at the sidelining of ethnic actors in the Hollywood system (INCOHERENT RAGE) and my doubts about the acting abilities of Jesse McCartney (yeesh), this is just a HORRIBLY STUPID choice as a filmmaker. It is a betrayal of the show's rich world-building, which is heavily inspired by Asian and Inuit cultures, both visually and philosophically. It makes a betrayal of the show's themes of diversity. It makes a mockery of a story where a group of kids from vastly different cultures and backgrounds become close friends and change the world -- not just because they are talented, but because they learn from each other, change each other, and work together to achieve their goals.


I fucking loved this show, and I am writing an angry letter. A polite one, but angry nonetheless. Anyone want to join me?

ETA: additional places to write to here.

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