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I have been noticing a lot of characters named Daniel who end up dead on the shows I watch. To wit:

1) Daniel Meade (Ugly Betty)
2) Danny Williams (H50)
3) Daniel Jackson (Stargate) (ETA)

1) Danny (Alias)
2) Daniel Monroe (Nikita)
3) Daniel Jackson (Stargate)

....The final example is going to screw the stats on this one, huh.
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TITLE: Guidance
FANDOM: Austin Powers/Alias
NOTES: I found this in my WIP folder, and realized it's actually complete, albeit completely cracky. Enjoy! (also at AO3)

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This week's [ profile] fannish5:
Name 5 characters whose wardrobe you would love to have.

1) Penelope Garcia: Do I really need to justify this? *pervs on Kristen Vangsness*
2) Morgana: Rowr, gowns with pretty bodices and clean lines. (Though I expect Gwen's wardrobe would fit me better)
3) Sydney Bristow: All the wigs and stilettos I never knew I wanted to wear.
4) The Doctor: Fashion from across time and space, enough to fill a spiral staircase storage area. *wistful sigh*
5) Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief
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1) I have watched eight movies this week (one of which I've seen before), plus about 3 hours of short films from 1895-1906ish. I feel like my eyes are going to turn into movie reels if this keeps up. Once my Silent Cinema class hits feature films, I will be watching a MINIMUM of 7 movies a week. Yeaargh.

2) I found an old meme from my old computer (I've been going through my files and ruthlessly organizing them. I'm starting to feel a little OCD.), and wanted to post it. I'm particularly amused by the last item, which was clearly written before winter break:
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3) My brain keeps composing parts of a Criminal Minds 5 things fic while I'm not paying attention. The thing is, there must be plenty of fics out there that posit alternate fates for the BAU team, right? It's an on-going subtext on the show that our profilers are only separated from the unsubs by a thin line of circumstance and choice, yet I haven't *seen* any around. Have any of ya'll spotted them? Am I just looking in the wrong places?
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Oh, wow. Alias is back to being REALLY evil again. I can't believe that I actually missed these cliffhangers- must have been temporary dementia...

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