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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing fic in this tiny fandom for me! Here's some information about me, my general likes/dislikes, and specific ramblings and prompts for my requested fandoms if that will help you.

incest - this is absolute, I can't read it at all
amputation - I'm fine with past amputation/amputees (Bucky, Furiosa, Granby, etc), I just find it very distressing to read about the actual event in a story, so please avoid!
adultery - I know it exists, obvs, but please don't write it for any requested characters, because I can't really respect them after betraying a trust/commitment like that

friendship (especially complex, difficult, or between female characters)
teams/found families
banter & good dialogue
cons, heists, and spy shenanigans (c.f. my competence kink)

I genuinely have no preference between gen and shippy stories, and love any range of (a)sexuality, kinks, and relationship types that seem in-character. If I do ship something (mentioned in the fandom details below), please don't feel obliged to write it if you don't ship it - I will genuinely enjoy gen for any of these characters just as much, and you should get to write a story you love, too. Optional details are optional!


characters: Jane Roland, Lady Allendale

I recently fell back into this fannish rabbit hole, and after careful consideration I picked these two as the story I really want but haven't seen told yet. There's only a few mentions of the two women interact, but they're all doozies, and sound hilarious, and I WANT IT. I want Jane being competent and blunt and bulldozing her way through the London power structure, and I want Lady Allendale planning dinner parties like military campaigns and advising Jane on where she should compromise (like the house and the ball) and where she should give no fucks, I want them awkwardly not!talking about Laurence (or talking about it, for hilarity's sake, because Jane totally would). I'm not requesting Emily or Mrs. Pemberton, but if you wanted to write about how they interact, that's another facet of the aviators vs polite society dynamic and Jane and Lady's Allendale's different styles of motherhood that would be great. Tell me about that first dinner party, or recruiting society women into the Corps, or setting up Jane's house! Tell me about Emily's extremely reluctant come-out ball! Tell me about Lady Allendale meeting Excidium! There's so much to explore.

characters: Kim Moonho, Kang Minjae

Boy, did I love this drama. My only dissatisfaction was not getting more resolution on the relationship between these two. Minjae is definitely going to have questions about Chae Youngshin, and will probably have to meet Choi Myunghee at some point and get politely interrogated over dinner, and god knows how she ends up meeting Junghoo, but it's bound to be hilarious. I would also find backstory for them interesting, if that floats your boat.

Banlieue 13
characters: any

Ah, B13, my beloved constant Yuletide companion. This will be my seventh year requesting this fandom, and I will literally be happy with anything. I ship Damien/Leito, like pretty much everyone with eyes, I love Lola and Tao and their strength, I love the challenging relationships between all of them, and I love the weird dystopian world, and the hope of fixing it.

A Cat in Paris
characters: any

This is such a charming, weird little movie with surprising depth in how it shows Jeanne and Zoe grieving, and I am also weak for competent thieves with hearts of gold. I desperately want fic after the ending, with the four of them as a little found family. Happy for it to be either gen or Jeanne/Nico.

Midnight Special
characters: any

While I was totally emotionally satisfied with the ending, obviously there is SO MUCH left to explore. I'd love to read about the fallout for any of the nominated characters, or the reactions of the people who witnessed the other world, or the wider implications for humanity. Does Alton ever make contact again? How did Sarah leave the church? How does Paul help Roy? What happened to Lucas? I'm interested in any of it.