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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

I am SO sorry for putting this up late! You are clearly an awesome person who shares the same love for the same tiny fandom(s) as me, so I'm extra embarrassed. Hopefully this letter will be helpful to you, however belated!

My one cast iron squick is incest. I really can't read it at all. I also have a strong dislike for adultery and in-story amputation (past amputation is fine, apparently, like Bucky Barnes or Furiosa, idk why), but that's more flexible.

The list of things I love is much longer and more varied:
-competence. I LOVE characters who are good/the best at what they do.
-complex friendships and work partnerships
-complex friendships and partnerships that turn into romances
-broccoli/drift compatibility
-teams and found families
-epistolary fic
-trust issues
-outsider POV
-cons & heists
-how-they-met backstory
-people getting falsely accused and/or going on the run to Prove Their Innocence
-MPDJK/presumed dead

I am open to pretty much anything in regards to (a)sexualities, kinks, and relationships, excluding incest as mentioned above. I genuinely love gen, so while I do have a few ships in various of the fandoms I requested, please don't feel obligated to include any ships or relationships you don't feel the same way about just because I squee about them. Optional details are optional!

Banlieue 13
characters: any

My love for these ridiculous movies is vast. I have requested it every year for Yuletide since I started. It's one of those worlds where the actual filmic portrayal wasn't always well-thought-out, but there's so much potential there for fic.

I love the antagonistic relationship between Damien and Leito, and how it turns into rock-solid trust. Whether you view it as gen or slash, that shit is gold. I love how passionate they are, about their principles and their jobs (official or self-assigned, respectively) and the people they love. I love how they challenge each other because of the way their ideals are so different, but still have that foundational goodness that keeps them turning back to each other.

If we matched on one of the female characters (Sonya got nominated this year! That's a first!), they seriously did not get enough screentime in the movies and I would love to know more - what did Lola do after the first movie? how did Tao end up running the Triad in B13? how the heck did Sonya and Damien meet, since he's clearly married to his job most of the time?

The Goblin Emperor
characters: Csevet Aisava

Remember how I mentioned I loved competence and loyalty? Csevet hits those buttons real hard for me. I'd love to see things from his perspective, either before, during or after the events of the books -- s our POV character in the book, Maia is quite ignorant of how court life works and terribly isolated, whereas Csevet is the complete opposite, with all the details and a huge network of servants to draw upon. Also, his relationship with Maia is arguably just as intimate and affectionate and fraught as his friendship with his nohecharei, but wasn't explicitly resolved in the book in the same way, so that would be awesome to see.

I just want to know more, *anything* about him. How did he adjust from being a regular courier to being the Emperor's secretary? How did it affect his friendships, to suddenly have that much power? How did his view of Maia change over the events of the book? Why was he the one sent to Edonomee in the first place? Plus the vast h/c possibilities of what happened with Tethimar. *chinhands*

The Martian
characters: Mark Watney

Oh, Mark. I love this asshole so very much. I love his passion for science and exploration even in the worst possible circumstances, his care for his team, the way he hides his fear and loneliness in wisecracking, his intelligence and ingenuity (competence kink!).

I debated requesting the book vs the movie pretty heavily before going with the book, because there's a deeper well of scientific and character detail to draw on and I prefer the way the final sequence and his injuries play out in the book, but if you want to mix and match, go for it. I just want some Mark feels. Post-rescue cuddle piles and h/c would be ideal, but Mars missing scenes or Earth fallout stuff or pre-mission character studies or whatever, it's all good.

The adultery squick definitely applies to this fandom, fyi - since all of the other Ares crew are married or in a committed relationship, if you want to ship Mark with someone, just make sure everyone's consenting and informed, etc. Polyamory is great, adultery is not. I do have a particular soft spot for Mark/Beck/Johanssen (banter! teasing! failboat nerds! medical h/c!) if that's how you roll, but I'm equally fond of gen team/family goodness.

Back to the Future
characters: Doc Brown, Marty McFly

I saw the trilogy for the first time this summer (I know, I know!), and totally adored the friendship between these two guys. The way they connected each time despite living the whole thing out of order and despite being very different delighted me. Also, I'm terribly curious how Marty ended up working for Doc before the first movie -- given the givens, it must have been pretty hilarious.

I really don't ship it (adultery squick applies, plus it just doesn't read that way to me), so please keep things gen.

Edward Gorey's PBS Mystery Intro
characters: any

So, confession: my sister [ profile] inmyriadbits nominated this fandom, and I just had to request it after we were talking about it so long. I grew up watching Mystery! and this weird, wonderful animated sequence imprinted itself on my brain. Like any good mystery, it makes you go 'WTF IS GOING ON?!?' I've always been terrible at figuring the answer to that out myself, so you get to do it for me :)

This is a fun Yuletide fandom because you could come up with a whole plot involving this whacky bunch, or a bunch of short vignettes, or pick your favorites and discard the red herrings, or imagine up a whole bizarre alternate world where magical fans and women fainting on crumbling rooftops in the rain is just a normal thing that happens. *chinhands* I'm here for any of it!

Good luck, author anon! Thank you for writing for me, and have fun!