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spatz ([personal profile] spatz) wrote2015-03-01 12:22 pm


Hey everyone! I'm alive, the surgery went well, I'm healing, etc. I'm still sleeping more hours than I'm awake and feeling pretty fuzzy -- it's a little disconcerting how tired I get at the drop of a hat -- so I don't know how much I'll be around for the next while. The stitches are coming out on Tuesday, so maybe after that.

Thanks to everyone who sent me well-wishes -- I really appreciated them all. ♥
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Glad it all went well!
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Ouch, I hope it gets easier soon. I've had to do PT for my knees before and it was a real hassle.
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Glad it went well! (What did you have done?) Hope you continue improving.
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Yikes! I hope those nerve problems go away soon, That sounds frightening. But glad to hear the surgery went well otherwise.
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*hugs* Glad everything went well!