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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! You share one of these tiny fandoms with me, so I already like you and will be delighted by whatever you choose to write for me -- but if you like knowing more about my tastes or the particular things I like/want for these fandoms, read on! (or, if you've hit the 'oh god what have I done' stage of getting your assignment, I've included some plot bunnies to kick your brain out of the panic zone ♥)

An incomplete list of things I like:
-people getting falsely accused and/or going on the run to Prove Their Innocence
-competence. I LOVE characters who are good/the best at what they do.
-complex friendships and partnerships
-friendships and work partnerships that turn into romances
-teams and found families
-epistolary fic
-trust issues
-outsider POV
-cons & heists
-how-they-met backstory

I enjoy gen, slash, het, threesome/polyamorous fic, BDSM and other kinks, genderqueer fic, etc, etc. I am very omnivorous with regards to sex or lack thereof.

Things I cannot read:
-character bashing

Things I don't always like, but will enjoy under the right circumstances:
-crossovers (just for Yuletide - unless it's with another YT fandom, then it's great)
-character death (unless it's MPDJK, which I love)

Banlieue 13
characters: any
I am delighted by literally anything for this fandom. I have a slight preference for Damien/Leito but gen is also amazing, and there is just not enough Lola or Tao to be had. But if you feel a great need to write about, idk, Taha's rise to power or the POV of the new postal workers after B13:U or something, I will also read it fourteen times. If you want more specifics/plot bunnies/excited ramblings, see my Dear Yuletide Author letter! No incest, please.
My love for this tiny ridiculous fandom is vast. I have requested it every year for Yuletide. It's one of those worlds where the actual filmic portrayal wasn't always well-thought-out, but there's so much potential there for fic. Plus, I love the antagonistic relationship between Damien and Leito, and how it turns into rock-solid trust. Whether you view it as gen or slash, that shit is gold.

Some additional plot bunnies from previous years:
-where was Lola in the second movie? How did she cope with the aftermath of being held by Taha?
-outsider POV on the boys because most people definitely don't operate on their unique wavelength of 'shitballs crazy and badass and idealistic'
-something domestic with the boys (like cooking, or sparring [shut up, that's totally domestic for them])
-Damien telling stories about his insane undercover shenanigans over wine
-Tao backstory: how ruthless must she be to rule the Triad in B13 as a woman? What's the story behind the hair blade?
-outsider POV of Gassman's secretary from the second movie
-What do the other cops think when Damien and Leito start sparring at the new police station?
-How did Leito get started with parkour?
-Super extra bonus points if you want to write an Attack the Block fusion where they fight off aliens who land in B13

Political Animals
characters: T.J. Hammond
Dear god, my kingdom for a happy ending for TJ. Somehow - I know that's a tricky proposition for how things stood at the end of the show. But if you need OCs, crossovers, transdimensional portals, or, idek, amnesia to accomplish that -- whatever it takes! Just please, a happy ending.
Seriously. HAPPY ENDING FOR TJ. I neeeed it. I...honestly don't have many ideas for how to accomplish that, or I'd be writing it myself, but presumably it would involve TJ getting clean, getting over Sean, and getting to some kind of emotional stability regarding his massive (and justified) family issues. I'd love to see him getting back to music somehow -- volunteering? starting to write again? teaching? I'm also interested in his relationship to Douglas -- I'm a twin myself -- and with Annie as well. If you also adore Susan and want to toss her into the mix to stir up trouble, I am super up for that.

Another thing about TJ: while I love his stupid face to a ridiculous degree, I also love that he is kinda fucked up and capable of being manipulative and ruthless, particularly when his addiction is driving him. But his *ability* to manipulate people comes from a place of intelligence and perceptiveness -- the same thing that makes him hypersensitive to what people think of him -- which means he can use it for good, too. IDK, I'm kinda rambling now, but I like TJ's flaws and complexities, not just his woobiness. He's a fascinating guy.

Books of the Raksura
characters: Selis
Anything about Selis! Her life after she leaves the Cordans, outsider POV on Moon/how she figured out he was a shifter, backstory about fleeing the Fell, futurefic where she shows up at Indigo Cloud as a trader -- anything!
Awww, Selis. For a relatively minor character, I'm disproportionately fond of her grumpy face. I think it's because underneath the crankiness is a competent, outspoken woman who survived the violent destruction of her society by shifters, and came out the other side with enough compassion and moxie to keep Moon's secret, help him and Jade, and strike out on her own. I'd love to see her browbeating some traders and running her own business like a BAMF, or adjusting to being on her own and living a life of her choice, or running into the Raksura again.

characters: Tenzing Tharkay
I already had a weakness for highly competent, inscrutable characters with a gift for sarcasm, and then Blood of Tyrants happened and gave me even MORE feels about Tharkay. Anything about him would be great, though I admit a certain partiality to Laurence and Tharkay's relationship (as a friendship or romance).
When I requested this last year, I described this character type as: "the very loyal, very principled character who ends up betrayed and jaded and hides their idealism under a prickly shield of assholery and snark. (see also: Clint Barton, Leito, Moon, John Reese, Dani Reese, etc, etc) But I guess the really fun part is when someone makes it through their defensive lines, romantically or otherwise." So I am interested in his relationship with Laurence, but also in how he got there, and what he gets up to on his own. Blood of Tyrants h/c would also be amaaaaazing.

Rivers of London
characters: Sahra Guleed
I don't have a specific want for this request, I just think it's a tragedy that there's no fic about Sahra Guleed yet. Any other characters also welcome, but I think a woman who self-describes as a "Muslim ninja" and can hold her own in sarcastic cop banter with Peter deserves all the fic.
...not much to add here? I just think she's great. But if you get super stuck on the lack of canon for her, I'm equally fond of all the assholes in these books.

You're Next
characters: Erin
Post-movie fic would be awesome (I mean, does she go to prison unfairly for the whole mess? Does she have to hide from a unwanted media storm? And how do you move on from something like that?), or backstory about Erin's life growing up.
As I may have mentioned, I have a huge thing for competent characters, and Erin pretty much instantly won me over forever in that regard. But I loved that her competence was paired with an emotional lack of confidence and a history of isolation -- she just felt very human and real to me, despite being in a slasher film. So I am invested in what happened to her after the movie, but I'm also curious about how she got there.

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