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spatz ([personal profile] spatz) wrote2014-09-12 04:37 pm

a very merry unbirthday

Doing this a little early today, since we're throwing a party later and I fully expect to be drunk until the wee hours:

1) Picked up my pull-list at the local comics store. My favorite cashier was sadly not there to check me out -- she is an adorable gawky button of a human being -- but another lady with purple hair took care of me. We agreed that Kamala Khan is The Best, and pondered the question of why Wolverine is always teamed up with teenaged girls. If you're not reading Ms. Marvel, YOU REALLY SHOULD because Kamala and Wolverine fought a giant gator in the sewers together and bonded over healing factors; it was the best day ever. And then in the latest issue, she gains a gigantic teleporting pseudo-bulldog sidekick -- which sounds (and in fact *is*) very cracky, but the series does an AMAZING job of doing cracky comics things in hilarious, human ways. So when this bulldog comes charging down the sidewalk and everyone else runs in terror... Kamala stands her ground and gives Lockjaw a big, cooing hug. Ugh, god, I love her so much.

I also lost my shit over the Big Bad turning out to be Thomas Edison's half-cockatiel clone because a) Edison was a complete ass and b) AHAHAHAHA BIRDFACE VILLAIN. Except he really is quite creepy despite that, and his robot monsters looks so cool and junky/pieced together. The art is amazing all around, especially the tiny background text jokes: just in #8, there was the Pedantic Monthly article they get assigned for homework, a "Blerf Alley Boxes" logo on a box in an alley, "Beware of Racoons" sign, a hilariously mislabeled classroom map, and a shirt that reads "Keep Calm, I am Persian Like The Cat". And that's in addition to the fabulous character work. ♥

Which reminds me, is anyone else reading She-Hulk? I was trepidatious when Javier Pulido took over as series artist because I hated his work on Hawkeye, but his style works really well on She-Hulk. Bizarre! And I find it interesting to see the contrast between Clint and Jennifer's approaches to their non-superhero work: where Clint is pathologically incapable of asking for help, Jennifer is constantly networking and calling in old friends and doing favors. At first I thought it was just making for some great cameos, but a few have turned plot-relevant and it looks to be a series trend. I'm VERY curious to see how this case with Steve turns out, for instance, although I can't believe Jen didn't realize Matt was opposing council after that phone call.


2) Lindsey's Miss Fisher Blu-rays came in the mail today. Everyone's faces in extreme high-def! :D

3) Om nom nom half-birthday cake made of deliciousness and fudge. I've managed to resist eating any before the party, but it sure *smells* good....