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spatz ([personal profile] spatz) wrote2014-09-03 12:44 pm

I've got a little list

So apparently half my flist likes Lewis, even though I have never seen any of ya'll talking about it. Adding it to the queue!

Three things for today:

1) I got a massage tonight after my shift ended. Mmmm, best employee discount ever.

2) Wrote about 700 words of a fluffy Jack/Phryne story which immediately headed into PWP territory, because Leupagus has been bewailing the lack of porn in the fandom and I was moved by her pleas. Hopefully the sex won't suck when I finish writing it; at least I'm fairly confident that the banter is up to par. :)

3) [personal profile] philomytha wrote Blessings, a Peter/Nightingale mpreg story for Rivers of London -- yes, you read that right. Mpreg is absolutely not a trope I normally enjoy, but it's [personal profile] philomytha so I dove straight in regardless. The story had me muffling my hysterical laughter on a break at work, and features a fertility goddess with a remarkably pragmatic direct approach and Nightingale being unflappable. SO GREAT.
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[personal profile] philomytha 2014-09-04 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Lewis doesn't inspire huge fannishness in me, though I've read hedda62's fics for it. But it's on my don't-miss list when it's showing. It's got a great score as well as the scenery and so forth, too.

And aww, I'm glad my story amused you :-)
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Hee, I think I've mentioned Lewis once or twice, but I don't feel any particular need to write long posts about it. But if you watch it I will be happy to talk about it with you!

Yay fluffy porny Miss Fisher's fic! \o/