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spatz ([personal profile] spatz) wrote2014-09-03 01:28 am

name three things

[personal profile] ignipes tagged me for this meme: The rules: during the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

I meant to do this before midnight, so let's just pretend it's still Tuesday:

1) As I discovered on my way to work. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks! I was very well-caffeinated today.

2) I have several clients tell me how they were feeling better from my massages -- long-term, not just the usual staggering out of the room looking blissed out, which is also nice but much more common. Massage is a very rewarding job. :)

3) Watched the second episode of Endeavour with [personal profile] inmyriadbits, which was recced to us by a friend when Lindsey pimped Miss Fisher at her this weekend (said friend has been binge-watching period BBC dramas, apparently). Morse continues to be an endearingly awkward turtle with deadly cheekbones, full of obscure nerdery and occasional indignation that overcomes his quietness -- exactly how I like my detectives. His mentorship by Thursday is so great and gruff, and I could listen to Thursday's lovely resonant voice for ages. Plus, there are massive quantities of Oxford rooftop cinematography porn. I am easy.

Wondering a bit if I should check out Lewis, since I remember that having a tiny fandom recently. Anyone of ya'll watch that?

ETA: whoops, forgot to tag people. Um, [personal profile] inmyriadbits, [personal profile] philomytha, and [personal profile] icepixie!
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I shall consider myself tagged!

Lewis is fun, imo more fun than Endeavour which is a bit darker in tone. And if you like gruff down-to-earth mentors coping with long-limbed intellectual subordinates with emotional issues, Oxford scenery porn and ridiculously complicated murder mysteries, it's great. Though watching either show if you know Oxford is hilarious because people have a tendency to walk into one building and walk out of a completely different one (they set an episode in my old college, and it was My College As Designed By M Escher where you go up the library steps and find yourself in the dining hall, and go out of the dining hall and wind up outside the principal's office, and so on. The murder took place downstairs of my second-year room, too).
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Yay for satisfied clients!

I really like Lewis. It's all about a wonderful mentor-mentee friendship, plus all the usual solving murders about snotty academics who have been harboring resentments toward other snotty academics for decades and Oxford having a murder rate approximately 1000x its real-life crime rate. :)

I haven't watched Endeavour yet, but I grew up watching the original Morse--my dad and I still quote it at each other sometimes--so I should probably get around to that soon!
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